The Vampire Teacher's Pet

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Chapter 16

The fire hissed, spat, and roared as it boiled the water until it whistled a painful tune out the spout of the kettle. The cottage was about medium size and it had different sections; In the back left of the cottage sat a potions room filled with different bottles, mystical plants, bugs, books and just about anything Merrill would need to make a spell or potion. Next to that room was Merrill’s bedroom, it was kept locked for personal reasons. Opposite her bedroom was the living area, it was both a sitting room and a kitchen. It was all very old fashioned and fairytale like. Iris and I both sat on wooden stools by the fire while Merrill was busy making me tea, Iris couldn’t physically feed in only her manifested form because it was a spirit. “I have known the identity of all three of you since the God and Goddess retold the prophecy to me in my dreams.” Merrill handed me the tea, it smelt like peppermint and honey.

“I thought a witch from the north quarter foretold the prophecy?” I asked, Merrill didn’t look me in the eyes but just sighed. “My dear, I am the witch from the north quarter. I didn’t want to say anything to your parents because I needed them to trust me, they might have thought I had just put a curse on you or something.” Then she met my eyes, I could see the guilt in her eyes and I just knew she was telling the truth. “So are you connected with the divine beings? Is that why you can see Iris?” My mind was full of questions that needed answers.

“I have a weak connection with the divine beings but Iris over here, well, she is a messenger so she can control what things can see her. Except beings who have fallen from grace.” Merrill looked at Iris and she looked to have so much love for her, like she was her own child. “Before the return of the prophecy Iris would actually visit me alot but since she was paired with you, I haven’t seen her at all.” Iris picked herself up and walked towards Merrill, they shared a long hug and Iris whispered what I assumed was her apology. It may or may not have brought a little tear to my eye. They took a while before they parted, “So what’s the plan?” Merrill asked, me and Iris looked between each other not really knowing what to say. “We don’t really know, I need to contact my mother somehow and tell her I’m alright but besides that...we don’t know.” Merrill looked dumbfounded from her chair, to say she looked shocked might have been an understatement. “So you mean to tell me you just ran away with not even a plan. You just made it up on the spot?” We nodded, unsure what to say. Merrill sighed heavily as she furrowed her eyebrows. “Okay, here’s the plan! Emily, your mother’s number is over on the table in my number book. You will tell her to pretend it was me and get her to meet you just outside the shrine this afternoon. Iris, I want you to go into the potions room and make borderline powder. Once we have met with Opal, we will start training you.” Iris and I nodded obediently as we went off to do our designated jobs.

I stopped in front of the phone book nervous and overthinking, “Merrill? What if Mason hears my voice and follows my mother?” Merrill walked over and grabbed my shoulders, squeezing them lightly. “That’s what the borderline powder is for. The powder prevents any certain beings you wish to not enter your home. In this instant, we will put bluebells in the powder which prevents demons from entering. She’s safe don’t worry. “But what about when she leaves the circle? He will hurt her, I know it.” Merrill grabbed my face and made me face her. “He will not hurt her, I promise you. Demon’s are evil creatures but they only seriously hurt or kill with reason. Good reason for that.” I gave her a sad smile as she let go of my face and went back to the kitchen. I looked down at the phone book again, taking a deep breath. “You can do this.” Dust flew off the pages as I looked for my mother’s name, then I found her. I pulled out my phone and dialed the numbers into my phone, the buzzing sound rang through my ears as I waited for the, “Hello! This is Opal Lakeman.” I let go of my breath that I was holding, ‘She’s safe.’

“Mother it’s me.” I heard my mother gasp as she held the phone tighter. “Darling I hav-” I quickly cut her off mid sentence, hoping Mason didn’t hear that. “Mother pretends I’m some relative saying that I’ve come over and not to worry. Stuff like that.” I could hear my mother’s clothes shuffle and mumble a little ‘okay’. “Is she safe? Is she coming home anytime soon? Do you know why she left the party?” I could feel a pressure building up in the back of my eye as I heard her worry tone. “I’m fine and I’m safe for now. I can’t answer your questions over the phone to the extent that I need to. Can you meet me at the temple on the west bound?”

Nothing. It was like this for a few moments, I called my mother’s name about 30 times before she answered. “Yes, three in the afternoon would be perfect.” She said like a sweet adult talking to her doctor. Someone was in the room with her and I think I knew who it was. “Mother is everything okay?” I worried, she didn’t answer. “Mother?” The phone was still quiet but then I heard loud scuffling. “Okay just make sure she’s all fed and clothed. Thank you so much for taking her in.” The phone cut off and I was left with a beeping sound. Beep. Beep. Beep.


I looked at my phone as it displayed 15:26, I tapped my toes, unable to control my anxiety. “Emily, she will turn up.” Merrill had been standing here waiting with me and she almost looked as anxious as I was. “But what if Mason found out she knows, that is definitely a reason to kill her.” I paced up and down the front of the temple waiting for my mother’s sweet voice. Snap! My ears perked up instantly as a figure approached the temple. Merrill and I looked between each other. Her hair was the first thing to come into view and then her eyes, it was my mother. I hurried towards her and entrapped her into my arms, she giggled happily as she joined in. “Oh Emily. You’re okay.” She sighed happily, she was the first to pull away. “I brought you a basket with some essentials just in case you didn’t have any.” I took the basket and placed it beside me. Then it hit me, literally! My mother clipped the back of my head and dragged me towards Merrill. “How could you leave just like that!? You had me, your father and Harlow worried sick! We had guards looking all over town for you.” I tried to defend myself but my mother continued on. “Not to mention the fact that you didn’t tell me you met the prince! He was the one that informed me of your worrying disappearance and had guests looking for you.”

I rubbed the back of my head and not dared to look at my mother’s fiery gaze, “I’m sorry. I kinda told the Prince that Mason was dangerous or hurting me.” The look on Merrill and my mother’s faces was so astonished that you wouldn’t be able to recreate it. “You did what?!” They spluttered, I didn’t know how to explain it to them. I mean who goes around accidentally telling people of high rankings that their cousin, your supposed mate, is dangerous or is hurting you. “It was kinda of an overthinking pride moment. I found out Mason’s mother was the King sister making them cousins and, before, I said I was unfortunately mated to him. I was worried he thought I was ungrateful so I tried to explain to him in a basic manner. I found out that Mason was listening the whole time so I just fuc- ran into the forest and decided then I would be free.” They had no words or anything, It was like talking to two brick walls with faces!

Merrill soon broke free from her brick wall attitude and looked confused, “So what is it exactly you said?” I thought back trying to remember before those haunting plum eyes. “I think I said something along the lines of ‘He’s not the most loyal of mates and has caused me more trouble than anything, that is the safest way to put it.’ that’s it.” Merrill’s face relaxed and dropped all signs of worry. “So you actually didn’t make it seem like he was a dangerous person but he was still suspicious.” Merrill tapped her chin and thought for a long time, my mother and I looked between each other. Then, Merrill began uncontrollably laughing, we looked at her strangely as she continued on. “Oh my dear Emily Pryille Lakeman! In all my years of working with this torture, I have seen many wolf borns make the same or similar decision but you my dear has just changed the game completely. You might have just made this game the most interesting one yet.” She laughed as her eyes directly looked into my own.

I gazed at her confused as I read her words, “Okay, two questions. What do you mean you have helped all the wolf borns before me?! And, What do you mean I’ve made this the most interesting game?” I fumed, my mother joined in with a little ‘yeah.’ and a questioning look. Merrill snickered a little before she spoke, “Really?! You two don’t know. Like Vampires, we age very slowly after the age of 18, I have been alive for hundreds and hundreds of years. It’s done so we can teach the newer generations EVERYTHING we know so they can protect the earth after us. Plus, who doesn’t want to live forever? However, a handful of witches and wizards are picked by the Gods and Goddess to protect, and guide the chosen ones. I was one of them.” Her face dropped and became emotionless, back to the brick wall. “Okay, that’s question one. What about question two?” Merrill thought for a moment, I think she was unsure.

“Well, I don’t know whether I can actually tell you or not. I mean to be fair no wolf born has ever asked me. I guess the only way to know is to do it.” She looked to the blue sky and inaudibly whispered something. “Emily, you are the first wolf born to mess the Demon’s cover even a little bit and still live to tell the tale.” Her eyes were stocked with admiration and astonishment. I was taken back for a moment and could feel myself go numb, ‘Welp. You did say you wanted to make it interesting.’ Was all Iris could say before she disappeared to the back of my mind again. “Shut up Iris!” I snapped, My mother looked at me like I was insane.

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