The Vampire Teacher's Pet

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Chapter 17

My mother visited week after week while I trained myself and my beast. It was very brutal, Merrill would create shadow opponents and everytime they would beat my ass. We didn’t do just physical training, we did mental training too. We were trying to figure out ways to protect my mind from the demon’s powers, but it wasn’t 100% sure if it would work or not. My mother would bring snacks and news from time to time, to cover up my disappearance. My parents claimed that I was safe at an undisclosed location for personal reasons but everyone else had different theories. Me, my mother and Iris would laugh at some of the ridiculous ones. For example, some people believe I have been kidnapped by a Goblin. No clue where that one started. But sometimes people would get close, too close. “There are some suspicions that you are hiding from someone and some even say you are hiding from your mate. They are starting to get pretty close, I’m worried people will find out. You are going to have to come back soon.” My mother sounded like she more wished I’d come than being forced to come home due to rumours, close rumours at that. “Mason has gone back to his home now, you could come home. It’s safe.” My mother pleaded but I shook my head.

“And what if he comes back? What will I do then? The safest place for me is here, he can’t find me here.” Her eyes dropped and tears began to roll. “I know, I just want my baby back. I miss having you around, I don’t want to lose you again.” She sobbed as I pulled her into a tight hug, I knew this would be hard on her but I underestimated how hard. “I promise that once I’m strong enough. I will come back home and I will be by your side till one of us dies.” I held out my pinky in front of hers, she did the same with hers and then we linked them together. “Till one of us dies.” She repeated as I snuggled into her shoulder. We were like this till the sun had set and the moon had begun to show it’s smile. I said my goodbye to my mother and watched her walk down back into the town. I walked back up to the shrine and sat on the derelict steps, “Are you there Iris?” Poof! She was by my side as I looked to the full moon. “Do you think Selene enjoys this game? I say this because, so much pain and suffering comes out of it, and yet she just continues it on with the rest of them.”

Iris was taken back at my words and fumbled a bit when trying to find the right words, “To be honest with you Emily, she used to but then something switched one day.” I glanced at Iris and questioned her words, “What do you mean?” Iris turned her gaze to me and sighed, she looked uncomfortable. “The last game before this one, something happened. Something which was thought to never be able to happen. The Demon had won and she destroyed almost everything. Humans had become slaves and every other supernatural creature had to go into hiding, it was nothing but pure chaos. The humans were cattle to the demons, they were bred and slaughtered for years. Selene was horrified at what she had taken part in, the one time she didn’t keep her eyes on the chosen one. Luckily, her chosen one was still alive but barely. She gave the chosen one many powers to defeat the Demon and bring everyone to peace. The chosen one convinced everyone to fight against the Demon, so they did. It was a blood bath for three years straight but it was worth it. By the end of the third year, the chosen one had infiltrated in the Demon’s home and killed her in her sleep. The Chosen one was given the chance to be crowned the ruler of this new world but they gave it to their best friend. Selene from then on, tried her hardest to keep the demon from winning.”

With that Iris got up and looked down at me, “ Goodnight Emily.” She quickly unmanifested and I was left to my imagination. “That was unexpected.” I huffed as I went back to the cottage. Snap! A tree branch came herdlIng towards me, I swiftly dodged it and switched into defence mode. “Had a nice chat with your guardian.” The familiar voice snapped, I knew exactly who it was, once I latched on to those threatening, glowing plum eyes. “What do you want Mason?” I snarled as I watched his figure be lit up by the moonlight, he circled the borderline powder as he went. “I want what’s mine, it seemed to have ran away that night at the ball.” He insulted me with his objective pronouns. “I’m not an object you can just control, you have no power over me!” I yelled, hoping to get either Merrill or Iris’ attention, but to no avail.

“Now now, you don’t want to wake up anyone. Your mother isn’t that far away.” He smirked. I could feel my rage shining through as the acidic feeling filled my veins, “Don’t touch her or my family.” That devilish smirk didn’t slide off his stupid face as he looked at my stance. “Weak.” He muttered, knocking my confidence straight to the Earth’s core. “I’m...I’m not weak. I’m much stronger now, especially to your mind tricks.” I defended, he laughed harshly with his cold eyes. “Come here and say that to me mutt.” He dared, against every thought and bone, I walked over the borderline powder and was about three feet away from him. ‘One step forward, one step back. Keep at the same distance.’ I repeated over and over after each one of his footsteps. “Too afraid to get close?” He snickered. Sneakily, he took an extra step forward, “Do I affect you so much that you must stay away?” Then another step, and another. I lost track of everything and fell to the ground like the klutz I was. Before I could even realise anything, I was up against a tree as he gripped the collar of my top with one hand and his other against the tree. “Does my presence make you want to obey?” He purred into my ear, I knew my eyes were showing all the fear I was trying to contain but it just poured out of me like an overflowing cup.

Just as my eyes poured out, his shifted to lavender shade, “I wonder.” Was all I heard before he removed his hand from my collar. Slowly, he placed his hand on my hip without letting go of eye contact. I could feel my breath get heavy as his head buried into my neck, his nose just grazing. Then, he found the pumping vein that poked out the side; I felt his lips kiss that vein and trailed downwards, ever so slowly. I let out a little moan as he reached my sweet spot where my collar bones meet.. “There it is.” He smiled against my skin as he continued, I felt like I was on cloud nine. Mason’s hand soon found its way under my top and caressed the skin under my sports bra. “Oh, how I’ve missed you.” He breathed as his other hand pulled us together. He lifted his head again and met my gaze, a sparking sensation doused my lips when he connected ours together. My hands had a mind of their own as they somehow made it to his hair, I pulled and tugged making him moan in satisfaction.

It wasn’t till I heard a little sharp voice, ‘What are you doing?!’, that I came to my senses. I shoved Mason off with all my might and gained back those three feet. Breathless, we stood looking at each other. Both Frustrated and angry. “Why did you make me do that, you freak! I will not fall for your mind tricks.” I bellowed, Mason let out another harsh laugh as his orbs swirled with lavender and plum. “Oh baby, I didn’t do any mind shit. Don’t you see?” As quick as lightning, Mason pulled our heads together; letting our noses touch. “You still love me Emily. You want me as much as I want you. We are meant to be together.” He proclaimed but I disagreed, I needed to disagree. This could not be true, I wouldn’t let it be true. “NO! You are a Demon. I won’t fall for a monster like you!” I shoved him off me once again and got into a fighting stance.

“I’m the monster? Emily look at you! You’re a fucking monster too, your kind are used to scare children just as much as I am.” He sneered, I shook my head vigorously and covered my ears as I tried not to believe his words. “I’m not a monster. I-I-I’m not like you! I don’t just go and kill people for the hell of it, and I don’t cause people pain out of spite or to be selfish.” He scoffed and closed the gap once again but he wasn’t as close. “What about the pain you caused me when you ran away from me at the ball? Huh? When you left that night, do you know why I didn’t go after you!?” He exploded. I didn’t know what to say, I just looked at him and kept my mouth shut. “Silence, Well then, It’s because I knew you had found him. The man I was trying my fucking best to not let you see, and no I’m not talking about my brother. He is now going to take away my only chance of something real, something that no one would dare to take away from me. My one last chance of happiness because we both know that once this is all over, I’m the one that’s going to die. Not you, or him, Me!” I was stunned, red liquids dripped from the corners of his eyes and stained the grass beneath him.

“Monsters like us don’t get happiness.” I whispered. His eyes grew sad but still angry, it was like he was struggling with something inside. He turned to stone and had an unreadable expression, “Then, how are you surrounded by it?” He walked towards me but not to attack, to go straight past me. I sped around trying to catch up with him, I needed to help him. “Mason!” But it was too late, he was gone and there was nothing I could do. ‘What just happened?’ Iris was astonished and partly mesmerized by Mason’s show of emotions. “He’s grieving. He has lost grip on life and doesn’t know how to handle it. Now he believes he’s lost me and he might have, but there is still a chance.” Iris gave a funny look and possibly was glaring at me, ‘What chance has that beast got?’

“To change his fate.”

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