The Vampire Teacher's Pet

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Chapter 19

His sweet smell hit my nose as I felt his chest rising and falling slowly, it was so peaceful. I opened my eyes and stared at his features, I was so jealous; he was truly built by the Gods and Goddesses. “Staring is rude.” He smiled as he pulled me closer, I laughed happily as he locked our lips together. I pulled away with a smile as we just stared at each other, “How was your sleep?” He questioned, I stopped and looked at him weird. “Fine?” I questioned, honestly I had no clue when I had even fallen asleep. It’s all blank. “What’s wrong my love?” He spoke in a soft tone but also worried, like he was hiding something. “It’s just I don’t remember when I went to sleep or when you came in for a matter of fact.” I quickly sat up and then everything came slamming back. “For fuck sake!” I picked up my pillow and slammed it on top of him, his evil laugh made the bed rumble.

“You slipped out of that a lot slower than I thought you would. I really thought the kiss would take you out of it.” He snickered, I picked up another thing this time. A book. As soon as he took the pillow from his face, the book slammed straight into his private area. “I will find my mate! No matter how many fucking times you make me forget, you can’t keep preventing me. It will happen.” I cursed as he groaned in a little ball of pain, I smiled happily at his pathetic state. “You deserve that you know. I wish I could do so much more but-” His hand cut me off as another sickening smile filled his lips. “I didn’t know Selene would send a little guardian angel to protect her chosen one. Iris is truly interesting.” He smirked as my mouth dropped, ‘Iris are you okay?’ but I didn’t get anything. I couldn’t feel her anymore, It was like I was blind and deaf in my own mind. “What did you do?” I raged.

He gave a breathy laugh and locked our eyes, “Let’s just say I sent her back to Selene with a little message, but don’t worry Iris isn’t coming back. I made sure of that.” I could feel everything inside me just go numb, it was like I had just lost part of me. Part of an empty shell. “Oh by the way, I made sure she suffered badly as she was forcefully ripped from your head.” He bragged as I glared at him with what emotions I had left. I just wanted to kill him right then and there but something was telling me not to, it was too early. “I will make sure you pay for this.” I growled, he laughed at me. “You try and then Dexter won’t be the only one dead.”

“He’s what…?” Mason was pulling as many threads as possible to drive me over the edge. “Oh don’t worry I didn’t stick to my promise, lucky for him that mutt died of unknown causes the same day I was going to peel him. But, just think about how kind your divine beings are, to kill an innocent creature before evil takes its toll because you let your mother find out. It’s all your fault he’s dead and for the future deaths to come.” I fell off my bed as everything crashed on top of me, I just wanted to curl into a ball and die before anything else bad happens. I didn’t even notice him leave the room until he slammed the door shut. I layed on the floor for god knows how long, it wasn’t until my mother came barging with another woman. The other woman picked me up off the ground and handed me a glass of water, I slowly drank the water. “Are you alright?” My mother soothed, I nodded trying to regain anything I had left. “Okay well the guests have arrived. This is Margaret, she is going to help you get ready.” I nodded again.

My mother took one glance at me and left, I guess she didn’t know what to do. On the other hand, Margret made it look like nothing had happened. She cleaned me up, put me in something nice, did my hair and make up. My outside shell was ready for whoever was coming. “Whatever happened before we came in must stay in here.” I looked at her confused and angry. How dare a random woman come in here, with no knowledge of what happened, and say I wasn’t allowed to speak about what happened. I mean it wasn’t like I was going to but still, “Margaret was it? Well please refrain from telling me what I can and can’t talk about before I do something rather drastic. I have just found out some very upsetting things and I would much rather that you fucking stay out of how I do shit. Got it?!” The woman cowered at my glare and hesitantly nodded. “Good. Now get the fuck out of my room.” If I had clicked my fingers at that moment, she would have been gone faster than that.

I looked at myself in the mirror and breathed, I could see the pain in my eyes but my face looked like it was full of life. “What has this woman done?” I snapped bitterly, I sighed and put my head in my hands. I wanted to cry so badly but I knew that if I did I would regret it, it would look like he had won this one but he hadn’t or at least I wouldn’t let him know it. Another maid came rushing in and finished everything up, she was able to finally drag me out of my bedroom. My mother greeted me with a warm smile and happy eyes, I tried my best to mimic her but, by the way her smile dropped, I think I failed. “Are you okay?” I ignored her. I was done with this shit already and, if it wasn’t for a familiar voice, I would have ran back into my room. “She’s fine, I woke her up from a nightmare earlier. I think it really affects her.” Mason soothed as he placed his hand on my back, my mother didn’t look convinced but did quickly drop it. “Okay everyone, they are here so be on your best behaviour.” My father commanded.

We all made our way down stairs to the living room and stood waiting for these mysterious guests to arrive. “Alpha Mark and Luna Opal. May I present to you, King James Mosley and his son, Prince Hayden Alexander Mosley.” Once they entered the room, the ritual of shaking hands began. My father and mother shook hands with the King and his son, then his son came over and talked to Mason. “Hey Cus, it’s good to see you. I see you found our little runaway.” I felt my cheeks run red as his piercing ivory eyes dug into mine. ‘It was him that I saw at the ball.’ I was shocked and happy, I could have just found my mate. “Yes, turns out she was visiting her Grandmother after a little psychotic break down.” Mason lied, I dug my nails deep into my hand as I was being painted as something I wasn’t. I could feel the blood dripping from my hand as I kept digging and digging. “…” Hayden and Mason’s eyes kept shifting different colours, it was scary how badly my blood was affecting them. “Mason you must go speak with my father. He has been dreadfully worried about you.” Mason looked at Hayden with an unsure glare but went anyways.

Me and Hayden stood awkwardly as everyone around us spoke to the King, “You scared me last time we spoke little lamb.” He finally spoke, I blushed once more at the little name he gave me. “1. Please refrain from calling me little lamb, it’s a little ironic since I’m a werewolf. 2. I’m sorry about that my…” I couldn’t do it anymore, I couldn’t keep lying that he was my mate. It disgusted me just to think of it. “...Mason was right. I have been taking these pills and they kinda make you go loopy you see.” He nodded but also noticing my change in words, I could see the confusion in his eyes. “Would you like to go on a walk?” He held out his arm, I hesitated at first and looked towards my mother. She nodded happily and put a thumbs up, “Sure.” Mason looked towards our direction and pure rage covered his eyes, the same plum shade. I gave Mason a quick fuck you before I strolled off towards the gardens.

“I noticed blood that seems to have appeared on your hands.” He hesitated. I picked up my hands and gazed at the deep crescent shaped cuts painted symmetrically on both of my hands. “Would you like me to possibly heal them?” His face fanned over a little bit of a red tint on his cheeks as he asked, I knew they would heal quicker than an average human but I was curious how someone of his kind heals people like they do. “Okay sure. I mean as long as you don’t hurt me, I’ve had enough of that.” I mumbled the last part and hoped he didn’t hear me, he nodded almost happily. Hayden grabbed my hands into his own and lifted them to his lips, slowly he licked each cresent one by one. It was a strange sensation, everytime he would lick one I would get a shot of electricity. It was almost intoxicating. Once he was finished, my hands looked like nothing had even happened, but you could tell something happen because of Hayden’s crimson red eyes. “Please excuse me, I have not fed today.” He tried to walk away, clutched onto his arm and before I knew it I was thrown against a wall with Hayden’s face inches from mine, his breath fanned my face. More electricity shot between us, it was like a raging storm of emotions. “You don’t realise how much I want to kiss you and feed from you.” I felt my heart skip a million miles an hour as his hands moved to my sides. “From the first time I set my eyes on you I felt this pull, and I couldn’t stop thinking about you. I fear it is something that could not be true.” I looked deeply into his eyes as he did mine, we were stuck in an endless loop of frustration but both for similar and different reasons.

“Kiss me and find out.” I breathed, he looked shocked and unsure but lowered his lips to mine anyways. “If my suspicions are wrong we must not speak of this.” He commanded, I nodded obediently. Then, our lips touched and it was pure excitsy. The electric sparks turned into fireworks as he tightened his grip on me. I felt my hands beg to rip his shirt off while he messed with the hems of my skirt. Unfortunately, he pulled away breathless and astonished. “How can this be? You have a mate...unless.”

“Unless you’re the vampire born.” I finished.

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