The Vampire Teacher's Pet

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Chapter 2

“Come out, come out wherever you are little one.” The mysterious voice chuckled into the dark woods, my three-year-old self-was shaking from the cold and hiding because poor her life depended on it.

“Found you.” It’s wine red eyes looking into my own as it’s canines visible through the darkness of the forest, my breathing heightened as the head of the creature was lodged above my neck. Inches from death some would say.

“Mmmmmh you smell so good.” The creature breathed onto my neck.

“leave me alone, beast!” I finally spoke, but my words only made it chuckle.

“You humour me little one, maybe I should keep you alive..” the creature thought.

“Nah you smell too good!” It admitted, the creature dug its fangs into my neck causing pain to erupt all around my body while I screamed in pain.

I jolted out of bed with beads of sweat running down my forehead, I frantically checked my neck for bite marks. “Where am I?” All I remember was blacking out on the classroom floor and with the new history teacher calling my name, my first name. I looked around quickly and realised I was at home “But how?” Dexter jumped on top of me, licking me like he would never be able to lick again. I laughed at his antics as I looked at my alarm clock, it was 6:00am. “So I blacked out from a bite, ended up back at home AND! Slept through the rest of yesterday. That does not just happen normally.” I so badly tried to wrap my head around how this was all possible. Then I looked down, I was changed. Someone had taken me home and changed me. I went so red and prayed it wasn’t the history teacher “This getting wrong on so many levels.”

Much time later, I brush my hair and teeth then got changed and put on a lazy day outfit but also school appropriate. Yesterday’s events replayed in my mind “I got to find out what happened after I blacked out.” I looked at my wrist and it looked like nothing had happened, my skin was clear from any bite mark or any self inflicted damage from the mug. It was like magic. The problem was that feeding off a person under the age of 21 is highly illegal and being caught doing so will end up with a terrible punishment but there are loopholes such as mates, blood banks, and if it’s the only source available. Anyways, I did my usual thing. I grabbed breakfast, fed Dexter and finished homework before I left for school. I was not going to let this ruin my day.


I arrived at school, and I was on time for once, I checked my timetable and mumbled to myself “So I have English first, French second, Religious studies before lunch and then I have a great lesson of double history.” I say sarcastically and walk to my first class. The day went pretty fast until after lunch when I had two hours with that teacher. As I was walking to History, a group of vampire barbies blocked my way “Oh look, girls, it’s the blood whore.” She chuckled as her two sidekicks joined in.

“Excuse me.” I said, I was shocked and caught off guard by the usual comments. “You heard me Blood whore.” She chuckled once again.

“Don’t call me that.” I responded timidly as I tried to move on and passed them. The next thing I knew I was thrown across the hallway and kicked into some lockers but she wasn’t done there. She kept constantly kicking me in the stomach with her bright pink stiletto heels as pain ran through my body like a wave after each kick, 12 to be exact, but what I did next caught her off guard. I grabbed her foot and pulled her down causing her to fall on her back and a groan erupted from her mouth, she then just got back up and called her side barbies “Give this pathetic human a lesson in respect.”

Then the Barbie leader left to go to her class while her friends “taught me a lesson”.

When they finally got bored of me, they left for the next period leaving me laying in agony on the floor with bruises and cuts covering me while blood dribbled down my lip and nose. I tried to get up but failed, I tried a few more times then I succeeded. I headed straight for the nurse’s office, luckily it was nearby. “Oh my.” was the only thing she said to me as she patched up all my cuts, she tried to persuade me to go to the principal’s office to report them but I just resurred her I was fine and that it would happen even if they weren’t here. Once she gave the go a head I went to history class. As I walked in everyone’s eyes were on me. People whispered and giggled but Mr history teacher, on the other hand, he looked confused but I just shrugged it off and made my way over to my desk being seen but not heard.

Half an hour later Mr History teacher walks over to me “Miss Lakeman I need to talk to you outside please.” He says in a stern and commanding voice, I could only nod in response as I slowly made my way out of the classroom. I noticed the person who did this and I stared at her with pure hatred and fear, and in return she showed off her pearly white fangs. ‘Bitch’

Mr Hamilton closed the classroom door behind him and gave me a worried expression as if he actually cared “Do you have a note for you being late?” He asked. I handed him the nurse’s note and only sighed

“Okay this seems legit.” He spoke before he tried to walk back in the classroom.

I grabbed his arm “What happened when I blacked out?” I looked deep into his amber eyes, I was only asking for the truth. “I don’t know what you mean.” He tried to walk away again but I stopped him, I was not having this today. “What happened yesterday?” I put on a stern voice to show him I was not letting this go. “Sir, you need to tell me. I woke up in my own bed with no memory of what happened after I blacked out and I had different clothes on. That is not something anyone wants to wake up to and I think the school board would love to hear about it. So I will ask again, what happened yesterday?” I held a more threatening tone with hidden threats under each word. “First of all stop calling me sir it’s Mr Hamilton. secondly, you have no right to threaten me, you cut your wrist and put it near my mouth. You knew what you were getting yourself into. Thirdly, no one will believe you because if you look at your wrist there is nothing for them to put against me. No blood. No cuts. No proof.” He walked away, I was furious. ‘He is not getting away with this.’

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