The Vampire Teacher's Pet

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Chapter 20

*Warning this Chapter has descriptions of serious mental health, for example self harm and suicide. Please take care. You have been warned*

“This was a mistake. I shouldn’t be mated with a wolf, it’s almost disgusting!” I felt my heart finally shatter in my chest, I tried to pick up the broken pieces but to know avail. I was numb to the core, nothing was going to repair the dark hole that protruded into my chest. “So I’m disgusting.” I whispered as dry tears welled up in my eyes. He looked taken back and hurt by my reiteration of HIS words. “No no that’s not what I meant. I just meant-” I cut him off with my hand and my numb expression. “Don’t explain yourself, I see how it is. I’m not good enough for your highness. I’m just a little wolf girl who’s had a sad lonely life! Oh and lets not forget the main word in that sentence, wolf. I’m sorry I am not a vampire or a witch or even a fucking unicorn. I’m sorry that, even though we’re mates, you find me disgusting because of my race.” He went to cup my face but I pulled away, Hayden’s eyes pined for my attention as I glared at his feet. “At least the Demon loves me for me.” I spat before I aggressively shoved past him. I swear I heard him calling out my name but I put it to my imagination, at least I wanted it to be my imagination.

I ran through the halls finally able to release the tears I have been holding onto for so long, in the distance I could hear the chatter of people. Knowing exactly who they were, I turned the opposite direction. I needed to grieve, and I wasn’t being given the space to do so, even my own thoughts wouldn’t back off. ‘No one loves you!’ ‘Your pathetic, couldn’t even protect Iris and Dexter!’ ‘Ha! Even your mate thinks you’re worthless!’ This went on and on as I walked endlessly, I felt some buried urges surface for the first time in years. ‘Do it, punish yourself! You know you deserve it.’ I ignored it but it continued. ‘Kill yourself then! The Demon won’t be able to take over the world without you at his side and your mate doesn’t love you anyways, what’s the point anymore. The longer YOU are alive, the more people you put in danger!’

‘DO IT!’ I entered my bathroom and crumpled down on the floor, I pushed my head into my knees, “NO! I can’t, I have gotten so far.” I whimpered but the voice still pushed and pushed, I wasn’t sure how long I could hold on to my senses. The voice changed it’s sound, it sounded sweet and caring like my mother’s voice. I could feel a pair of hands cling to my face, they were so soft and warm. ‘Oh my dear.’ She spoke in a kind tone as I looked up to her, it was indeed my mother, however, whenever she spoke it was in my head. ‘Just do it baby. It would be for the best.’ I was astonished and slightly hurt. “Why would you say that mother?” I question but she just stood there smiling, it’s very creepy. ‘If you did, you would be safe from the world, it’s the only way.’ She spoke as she wiped away the last set of tears with her fingers and pulled me to my feet. With one hand she broke a razor open and with the other she held onto me. “Will it still hurt?” My mother looked at me and happily shook her head. ‘No my dear.’ She handed me a singular razor and drew blue lines on my wrists, ‘It is faster here.’

The blade cut through my skin like paper and my blood was the ink writing my suicide note, I was finally going to be at peace and everybody would be safe. ‘Keep cutting deep. Make it impossible for them to save you!’ My mother nagged. I Looked down at my arm and I smiled as I saw the blood splatter onto the marble floor, it sounded like a waterfall hitting the rock bottom. Soon, the very familiar feel of my body aching for me to close my eyes and fall into a permanent slumber arose, so I quickly obeyed. “Finally I will be free.” I mumbled as someone shouted my name but that could have just been my imagination, I hoped it was.

Mason P.O.V

“Do you smell that?” The King worried, everyone looked at each other and sniffed around the air. I quickly caught it, “Blood.” I snapped. Just then Hayden rushed in, blood smothering his shirt and Emily unconscious in his hands. It looked like her arms and right hand were sliced up from what looked to be a razor. “Emily!” Her mother and father ran up hysterical as they watched their daughter bleeding to death. “I found her on the bathroom floor with blood, mumbling about being free or something.” Hayden spoke as he clung to Emily like she was his little dying pet, distress and worry clouded his eyes as he refused to let her go. “Son, you have to let go of her and get her to their pack hospital.” The King tried to convince, I agreed along with him. “Then I will take her, she is mine and I will not lose her!” He bellowed, I growled loudly at his show of affection for Emily. Everyone but Opal looked confused as me and Hayden glared at each other, “We have no time for this! Emily is dying!” Opal shrieked, she swiftly turned into her wolf form as Mark ripped Emily from Hayden and placed her on Opal’s back. They were gone in seconds leaving the rest of us in the dirt, “Fucking stay away from her Mason.” Hayden commanded me and sped after them, I growled again. “Like hell I am.”

We all reached the hospital a few minutes after Opal and Emily, they had a room all set up for Emily and blood ready to give. I went to follow after her but was halted when someone’s hand latched onto my arm, “Don’t even think about it Demon. Guards, seize him!” Silver, blessed chains were quickly attached to my wrists, burning the living crap out of them. “Let me go!” I barked as the King’s men dragged me out of the hospital. I was roughly shoved in the back of a van lined with the same blessed, silver metal. I snarled, spat, smacked as we went in the direction of the castle.

Emily’s P.O.V

I woke up to the sound of beeping monitors and the familiar sky blue that blinded me. ‘I had survived, but how?’

I looked around the room, there was no one but jackets and bags. Beside me were cards and flowers, they looked fresh and very recent. Once finished looking around, I had this feeling of unfulfillment as I realised I had failed another attempt but at the same time I was glad, I had survived twice. Not everyone is that lucky. I took a brave glance down at my arms and found they were bandaged up with not a drop of blood in site, well apart from the tube that carried blood back into my broken veins. I had partial memories of that night but it was still a blur, like last time. “You’re awake!” A familiar male voice ran to my side, I looked upon his face and felt all my bottle rage start to spill. “Oh look who decided to honour me with their presence. MR I’M-DISGUSTED-THAT-MY-MATE-IS-A-WOLF.” I mocked, I could feel our hurt radiate between us.

“I’m so sorry Emily. I was so wrong.” His eyes turned a scarlet red as he looked away in shame, “When I saw you bleeding out on the floor, I knew I couldn’t lose you. You are my mate and I would have lost the other half if you had died yesterday, especially if I was the reason. Please forgive me.” I looked at his hand on the edge of the bed and fantasized about holding it, as mates would. My inner beast yearned to comfort him, but after yesterday I couldn’t just forgive him like that, even though he saved my petty life. “Thank you for saving me from myself and I am forever grateful but, for now, I cannot forgive you. What you said truly hurt me and it will stick with me, but in time I will forgive you. You are my mate, like you said, the other half. I will not lose my chance again.” I confessed, a ghost smile played on his lips as he expected everything I had said. I lifted my hand to his face and caressed it softly, more electric shocks spread through my hand as I touched him. Everyone soon began filling into the room but there was only one face missing, “Where is Mason?”

Everyone shared the same confused and worried look towards me, I felt the air get thick and unbearable. “He’s in a special prison. He is currently under trial for quite a few charges, things like abuse and impersonation of a mate. You’re safe now, don’t worry.” Harlow reassured me, I began to panic and started pulling off all of my wires, tubes, bedding etc just about anything that restricted me from moving out of the hospital. “Woah there missy! Where do you think you’re going?” Hayden pulled me back on to the hospital bed, sending lightning bolts along my waist. “…” I had no clue, I just felt the need to find him. Like a pull of some sorts. “I don’t know.” I confessed again as I layed back down

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