The Vampire Teacher's Pet

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Chapter 21

“What is it going to take to get you to move in with me?! I miss having your presence around in the castle everytime you visit. ” Hayden whined as we walked up the stairs, I laughed lightly and really thought about it. I had left the hospital about 8 months ago and Hayden has been by my side the whole time, like my loyal puppy, begging me to move in. He says it’s to ‘keep an eye’ on me but I think it’s more of the mate bond that swirls between us. “If I move in, will you shut up?” I snapped in a joking manner, his eyes shone bright with hope as he nodded eagerly. “Fine.” With his eyes wider than the gap between the uk and france, he grabbed my hand and tugged me up the stairs. “Let’s get packing!” Hayden sang.

“Woah there Mr! Let me just talk to my parents first.” Hayden shook his head and laughed. “Don’t worry about them, they already know.” He spoke with a toothy grin. I sighed softly as I kinda figured that would be the case, “Of course.” In a blink of an eye we were in my room but, to my surprise, the room was already packed a raring to go. It was like everyone knew I was going to say yes or was going to force me otherwise, I didn’t know which one was more concerning. “So I guess everyone expected my answer.” I laughed, Hayden nodded in response. Hayden looked at my furrowed expression as I glanced around the room, “I’m sorry if this seems pushy but I want you by my side at all costs. I can’t lose my mate nor future queen.” I gulped at the responsabilites the divine beings had thrown at me as I picked up the first box.

One by one, the room began to get rather empty; the hidden anxiety started to surface along with my dread. “Babe It’s time to go!” Hayden called up the stairs. I took one last look at my room and left, kind of my ritual for saying goodbye. Talking about goodbye rituals: My mother, father, and Harlow stood right next to the door, all with happy smiles. “So the day has finally come. My only daughter is leaving us way before her older brother.” My father teased, Harlow glared while Hayden and my mother snickered. “No but seriously, this house will be quiet without you.” My father pulled me into a tight hug and not long after that Harlow and my mother joined in, one big Lakeman family hug, the first and most likely the last of its kind. “I’m going to miss you guys so much. It feels so sudden, maybe I shouldn’t go.”

My mother rapidly shook her head and put her hands on my cheeks, flashbacks of that night flashed through again. “You and I know that it is not good for you to stay here any longer, especially after that night.” Her eyes shadowed a ghostly feeling. I pulled away from her palms and waved them goodbye as Hayden walked with me out of the door and into a small, dark red car. “Where is all my stuff?” I questioned, Hayden looked at me for a second and smirked. “They are already on their way to the castle, vampire speed is very useful when you have a whole army of it.” I nodded with a straight smile as I slightly expected this to happen. I walked to the passenger side of the car and sat staring at my family quickly conversing to Hayden, they handed him my medication and a piece of green paper, probably the repeat prescription. At the back of my mind there was really one thing making me doubt everything, Hayden had finally stopped talking and waved my family goodbye. Then, we were off on the road. The trees followed us in a blur as the car moved so perfectly through the woodland lanes, “So are you excited or nervous?” Hayden asked as he put his hand on my inner thigh in a comforting manner.

“Excited.” I said in an unsure tone, I knew Hayden heard it because of his little frown that ghostly sat on his lips. “You’re not having second thoughts, are you? We can go back if you like.” I stopped Hayden with a reassuring pat to his hand and a happy smile, well sort of happy. “It’s not that. It’s just one thing that worries me, that’s all. But, I know it’s irrational so don’t even worry about it. I know I’m just overthinking it and that I just need to think realistically.” I spluttered, Hayden soothingly rubbed my thumb on my thigh and calmed me instantly. He breathed in so I breathed in, He breathed out so I breathed out. We did this for a good 3 minutes as he still drove perfectly on the road. “What happened to Mason?” I queried. Hayden stayed quiet for a few moments as he thought, “My Father has pardoned him for any charges, he believes that Mason can be good if he is trained well. If you ask me, father just wants to use him as his secret weapon or his little pet. But that’s my father for you, King John The Demon Tamer.” Hayden’s hand grew a little tighter on my thigh but I didn’t mind, it didn’t hurt.

We sat in silence for the rest of the drive, the music whispered through the speakers as towns went by like clouds. In the distance I could see the castle growing bigger and bigger until it stood in front of me, proud and tall like the royals that lived inside. The outside was pretty but the inside was beautiful! History lined the walls in the forms of paintings, books, decorations and many more things. Elegant ruby red carpets covered most of the floors in the castle and delicate cream curtains draped over every single window. The Castle had so many details to mention, almost too much. “I know it’s going to be a bit much at first but hopefully you are happy here.” Hayden pushed our hands together and sent those addictive electric shocks, it felt like no matter how long we’ll be together our spark will never be blown out, I loved it. “For the first few weeks, I’m going to give you space so you can get used to your surroundings.” My head sunk to the side as I let out a confused expression. “I’m sorry I wasn’t being clear. By that I mean, we won’t share a room but I will only be in the room conjoined into yours so at least we’re close by.” He spoke, I nodded understandably as we walked into a random direction.

My room was small but cosy. It had a white double bed in one corner with a purple weighted blanket and purple feather dam pillows, ultimate comfort. There was a small white desk with a white wheelie chair to match, on top was a lamp, paper and pens. There was only one window in the room and it had a special lock that would only let it open a small amount but enough to let air in. The floor was carpeted purple and it was so fucking soft, I’m talking like cloud soft. In the corner was a white wardrobe and a brown oak door that Hayden told me led to his room. The only thing missing was a bathroom and as if he read my mind, “I had a bathroom fitted in my room so I can keep an eye on you. Also, if you shave or anything. Go down to the Maid in the washroom on the second floor, she has been instructed to give you a razor but you must hand them back in.” I felt a little upset by the bathroom arrangements but at the same time I couldn’t blame him. “I know it’s over the top but I just want to keep you safe.” I looked at him and smiled. He truly made me happy.

“I can understand. I’m not mad or upset, just a bit overwhelmed by everything. But, I can learn to live with it.” I sighed as I let go of Hayden’s hand, tingles lingered on the edge of my fingertips as I looked out of the window. The view was kinda the same for miles, just trees after trees. But, if you looked to the left a little there was a meadow, it had deers grazing and playing amongst the flowers and grass. “Maybe soon we can go to that clearing and you could let your wolf out. I heard the grass feels great on the paws.” For everyone’s information, no I had not fully forgiven Hayden for what he said to me the day we kissed, but he was trying to be more supportive of my beast side. Even if I didn’t like it myself. “Do you really mean that?” I asked as I studied his eyes. Hayden placed his lips on my forehead then attacked me with a stupid amount of kisses all over my face and neck, “Of course, I would do anything for you.” I smiled again but this time it was a real smile, an actual happy smile. “There it is.” Hayden whispered as he kissed me one last time on the lips.

“Right, so, everything is already in your wardrobe and draws. Also, in about an hour or so a maid will come and get you.” I nodded as I made my way towards my new bed. “Be ready for a surprise.” Then he was gone, leaving me hanging like a coat hanger. “What surprise?!” I bellowed to nothing, I sighed heavily as I was finally able to gather my thoughts. Somehow I was getting by without Iris, I truly missed her. I had no clue if she was alright or if she was dead, but I guess something would have told me by now. And don’t even get me started on Dexter, they had to bury him while I was in the hospital. I was distraught when I found out that they did that, but I guess he couldn’t just lay around in the kennels rotting away. I still haven’t been able to process the whole Iris and Dexter thing, I guess my mind doesn’t want to think about it. Like that, the hour was up and someone was knocking on my door, “Mistress? I was sent to come get you.”

I snapped my eyes up to her and nodded slowly, she ran up to me and helped me off the bed. I don’t know why she did that but I just put it down to worry. “I’m Jamie Highgarden. I’m going to be your lady-in-waiting.” Jamie stated, I shot her a confused look and urged her to continue. “ basically I just make or change your bed, carry messages, accompany you on visits or being entrusted with your jewels. Things like that.” I was a bit uncomfortable by all of this, I didn’t need anybody to help me. I could do it all myself. “No offence but I can do all of that by myself, I’m not that lazy.” I laughed lightly, but she didn’t join along. She almost seemed embarrassed or upset by me and my lack of want for her services. “But Mistress, a lady of the crown or of high status has a lady-in-waiting so they can get on with more pressing issues. It’s not being lazy, I am here to take meaningless tasks off your shoulder. Mistresses, you are now a lady of the crown. You have so much power and responsibilities.” I was speechless as we walked down a corridor, I could feel the pressure of the crown starting to really crush me. “I see. I guess it would be nice to have someone my age around, but I have some conditions.” Jamie nodded. “1. I want to do some of these ‘meaningless’ tasks as well. 2. You are to not tell Hayden of anything we speak of unless I tell you. Is that agreed?” She nodded again. “Good.”

We walked down a set of stairs and back to the front door of the castle, Hayden stood in the middle with something hidden in his grey jumper. “Ah my love! I’m so glad you could join us.” He turned around struggling to hold whatever was in his jumper until it popped it’s black little nose out. It sniffed away at the air as I got a little closer. Hayden couldn’t hold it any longer and dropped it onto the floor, a little black labrador puppy came darting out like the bullet from mario. “Oh my! Hayden!” The little puppy jumped onto my legs as I constantly stroked its midnight black fluffy, soft fur. I slowly made it down onto the floor as it jumped all over me, just like Dexter would. “When I saw how upset you were when they buried Dexter without you, I just knew that I had to do something. So, I got you little hope here. By the way, in no way is she a replacement for Dexter.” I picked up Hope and cuddled her into my chest, she snuggled in as I looked up to Hayden. “Thank you so much. You don’t realise how much this means to me.”

“Sire! The King requests you and your mate’s presence in the throne room.” Hayden nodded obediently while I put Hope down by my feet, “Jamie, take Hope upstairs and bring up her food and water. Along with the other accessories I had bought.” Hayden commanded. Jamie went to grab Hope but she growled and went to bite, pushed herself into my leg and refused to leave me. “ strange. I guess she’s coming with me.” I faltered as Hayden looked rather concerned by Hope’s aggression and quick attachment to me. “I guess so.” Hayden mumbled with a frown. “Just do everything else Jamie.” She nodded obediently and went on her way in some direction, while Hope and I walked after Hayden. The throne room was medium size and it had, as expected, two thrones. The first one was made of a dark oak wood and it was designed with flowers and swords, to symbolise the kindness and the ruthlessness a King is or at least should be. While the other was just a bit smaller and made of birchwood, it had roses with sharp pointy thorns poking into every direction. I think this was to symbolise the Queen as pretty and kind but if you dare try to rip it away from the bush you will get cut, so strength I think.

The King sat in his chair looking at us with a toothy grin, he looked so happy to finally see us together or it could have been Hope. “It’s great to see you two, especially you Emily. I hope you’re well.” The King smiled, I let out a small smile and thanked him. “Now all those things aside, I want to talk about grandchildren.” Hayden quickly sighed and rolled his eyes, I felt my cheeks flood with blood and emit a reddish glow. “Father! Emily has just got here. We haven’t even known each other long enough to think about that right now.”

“But son-.” Hayden cut him off with a loud growl, scaring all of us; even Hope was cowering behind me. “Father, she has just got here. We are not jumping straight into bed like that, I respect my mate far too much for that. She has gone through enough lately I do not want to push her over the edge by planting a fucking baby inside of her!” Hayden was steaming from rage while The King sat uncomfortable in his throne, the few guards in the room stood frozen but you could just tell that they feared Hayden more than the King. I thought for a moment and walked up towards The King with Hope trotting along at my side and spoke, “My King, I think your son means to say that right now is not the best time to be having children, but I promise you, you will have grandchildren after we have wed.” The King smiled at me and sat up straight, like the King he was supposed to be portraying.

“Is that all father?” Hayden questioned, The King nodded and excused us. Yes it was a waste of our time to ask for our presence but at the same time I think The King missed having a full family, especially after losing his wife to cancer. “You didn’t have to be nice like that to him. He wasted our time.” Hayden complained, I looked at him slightly annoyed and dumbfounded at the lack of respect he has for his father. “Hayden, he was just asking like any king would. We are supposed to produce the next heirs, I think he has a right to worry if his line will live on or die.” I assured him but Hayden still looked annoyed, I sighed getting put down by his negative attitude. We reached our rooms and walked straight into mine, “I would recommend you just take a nap before bed, dinner won’t be served for a while and I need to get on with some royal work.” He stated, I nodded happily as he tried to leave through his door. “Why don’t you work here? Me and Hope could do with some company.” Hayden smirked as he went to grab his stuff, I got into the covers while Hope plopped herself next to my head. “I’m going to get a trainer for Hope. I don’t need her going to the toilet everywhere or chewing anything.” I nodded as me and Hope fell into a deep sleep, I could just feel his lip press against my temples and whispear, “Goodnight my love.

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