The Vampire Teacher's Pet

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Chapter 22

“Mistress, it’s time for dinner.” Jamie poked at my body waking Hope, I could feel her body shift and a weird wet sensation on my face. “Er...Mistress.” Then, I realised what was happening. “Hopeeeee. Quit it!” I laughed, jamie quietly giggled at us and handed me a simple summer dress and flats. I sat up in my bed waiting for Jamie to leave, it took her a while to realise before she left. “I’m done!” I called from my bed, Jamie walked in slowly looking for something or someone. “Jamie, what’s wro-.” Then I saw Hope ready to pounce under my chair, “Let me just grab her.” We laughed for a moment as Hope wanted to jump all over Jamie, not in a malicious way though; More as ‘I just want to play but I don’t understand people so I think everyone wants to play’ way. “Come on mistress. Hope must stay here while you dine.” I nodded as I put Hope down and told her to ‘stay put’. When we closed the door, loud whining echoed out of it along with constant scratching. “Don’t worry Mistress, while you eat, a servant will come in to feed and walk her.” Jamie said as we walked in a familiar direction. My dress swayed as we moved through different corridors and rooms, I drifted into my thoughts and Jamie went on about something.

“Here we are. I will be behind this door once you have finished to take you back to your room or anywhere else you want to go within the castle.” I smiled and nodded. Walking into the room I noticed a very large long table. The room was a very deep red shade with red and gold fabric dangled from the ceiling. At the table was Hayden one side and the King sat on the big chair on the end, typical seating arrangement. “Ah Emily, come sit here.” The King patted to the seat next to him and opposite Hayden, I didn’t really want to sit away from him but I did not want to be rude. “My dear, may I point out how beautiful you look this evening.” The King complimented, Hayden held a vicious glare at his direction. “Thank you, you two are both looking rather handsome.” I tried, I could feel my embarrassment plaster my cheeks in the form of a red tint. The food was quickly placed in front of us, it was steak. The King and Hayden’s was very rare, almost raw in my opinion, whereas mine was very well done. Thick crimson red liquid was poured into their glasses, all the possibilities of how they obtained that made me sick to the stomach.

“So Emily, I heard about what happened with you and Mason. A very unpleasant thing to experience.” The King started, Hayden and I glanced at each other unsure of the direction of this conversation. “Yes it was, but I would much rather not talk about it honestly.” The King studied me with curious eyes, or maybe suspicious. “So you must have heard what I have done.” I could feel Hayden’s anger being placed above the fire. “Yes, Your Highness. I heard you’re trying to tame him.” I knew he wanted to talk about it, about how he achieved to tame the untamable. My beast started to get into defence mode as he continued on, “Good girl. So you understand that by taming this creature I could protect my Kingdom from threats.” He stated in a proud tone, I nodded hesitantly and looked to Hayden for comfort. But he gave none, too concentrated on the anger that was just simmering. “When he’s bad I punish him. I beat him with a blessed silver chain, helping the punishment really sink in. Cause him as much pain as possible.” I felt my fingers wrap tightly around the silverware. “Everytime he gets punished, which is a lot, I always do one extra for you. That one always hurts him the most, it surprised me at first but I guess when the monster falls in love with a beauty, it would hurt.”

I was ready to jump the old man there and then, just something about hurting Mason was setting me off. I knew it was wrong for me to feel this way but at the same time he didn’t choose this life, neither did me or Hayden. We are just the main character’s in this game, we just followed the code so to speak. “I got a lot of personal stuff out of him, especially about Emily.” I felt my body get tense. Hayden looked at The King with the same vicious glare, “Like how Emily gave Mason her blood and ‘accidentally’ paired them, almost like a mate bond.” I wanted to snap his neck so bad, it was like a thirst. I looked at The King confused, he smirked at me and Hayden. “Oh my dear, did you seriously not know that. Did you not listen to your lessons?” I shook my head embarrassed and felt extremely dumb. “Demons are like Vampires, only they have stronger powers than us. We aren’t as lucky as my son over here when having a mate, some of us do, but most of us don’t. The rest of us that don’t, we can choose in a way, but there still has to be chemistry otherwise the blood sharing won’t work. In short, you gave blood to Mason then he gave you his when you passed out.” I looked to my wrists and only realised until now, I never questioned how my wrist were healed, I was so stupid. If I had known then, I would have never given him my blood.

“Did you expect me to let him just slaughter the next person that walked through the room?” I whispered, I kept my eyes on my wrists ignoring his fight for dominance against Hayden. “If you paid attention to what you just said, he gave me the blood when I passed out. So! If you’re trying to make out that I purposely paired myself with him, you’re dead wrong and if I were you I would stop.” I heard The King’s chair screech against the old wooden floor, my beast scratched against the walls of my mind begging me to let it out. “Are you threatening me girl?” My head whipped his way and in the reflection of his fearful eyes I could see my own, they were pure black. “Would you like it to be?” Fear continued to swarm his eyes as he backed away from me, Hayden’s hands went up in defence as he tried to calm the situation. “All three of you are alike, Monsters!” The King blabbered, I could feel rage boil and pop.

“Look who’s talking, the amount of children you drain every month because you are a perverted freak! Even if we have grandchildren I can not fucking guarantee you will be in their lives.” I exploded, The King was now just as furious as me. “If I were you I would back down.” He growled as he slammed his fist on the table, I glared at him with such hatred that would have burned him there and then if I had lazers. “Emily, just listen to him. He’s still The King, remember. Anything you do to him, no matter my mate, you will still go to prison or get beheaded.” Hayden reminded me, if it wasn’t for him The King would have been dead. “This dinner is over.” I commanded as I stormed out with Jamie and Hayden in tow. I swung my door open and slammed it shut on Hayden and Jamie, Hope jumped to my side as I seethed. Hayden came through the other door, “Emily, I am so sorry, if I had known that he was going to behave like that I would not have invited him.” I paced around the room as Hope tugged at my dress.

“He has been so nice all the other times but as soon as I move in it’s like I’m the enemy, and how dare he say or do anything in my name!” I raged, Hayden tried to touch my shoulder but I pushed away. “How come you were quiet?! You were vocal earlier.” Hayden looked down ashamed but then looked at me again. “It wasn’t my place to get vocal about your business.” I was gobsmacked, I didn’t want to believe what he was saying to me right then. “My business? Are you kidding me right now?! Your pathetic father was saying I purposely paired myself with Mason when in actual fact I fucking didn’t, why didn’t you say that I wouldn’t do that or something!” Hayden looked away again, “Right I see.”

Hayden pulled me into his embrace, I thrashed about as he held me tight. “Let me go!” But he didn’t. “Damn it I said let go!” This was the one time I hated the electric sensation, it calmed me so easily. “I’m sorry.” He whispered, I just wanted to sleep in his arms. “My father is a real jerk and I’m sorry what you’re going to have to do tomorrow.” I pulled away and glared at him, ‘What the fuck does he mean?’ I questioned the emptiness of my mind. Hayden sighed heavily and pulled us apart, “Tomorrow you are going to apologize and say you were wrong to act like you did.” I was lost for words and, moreover, furious. Hayden quickly sensed my anger and grabbed my shoulders, and it’s possible my eyes went black again. “Let go of me!” I tried to shove against him, trying my best to ignore the stupid electric shocks. “I will not apologise to that two faced, snobby, snake! He did that on purpose to upset me, he should be the one to apologise!” I bellowed, hopefully loud enough so The King could hear. It was too late though, the electric shocks had embedded into my skin and I was calm. I had lost all of my raging energy to him. “Please.” He begged as I leant into his chest. “Fine...but it doesn’t mean I will mean anything I say…” Hayden let out a relieved breath and laid me down on the bed, he kissed my forehead and whispered a little goodnight, placing Hope beside me.


It actually took me about a week to bash something inside of me to pretend to apologise, “I do not think I can damage my pride enough to do this.” I fretted as we made our way to the throne room. Hayden grasped my hand and placed a light kiss on my forehead, “Like you said, you don’t have to mean a word. Just make it believable enough that he thinks you’re not actually a threat to him.” I nodded unhappily and quite uncomfortable with the whole situation but I guess it was for the best. We reached the throne room door and pushed them open to reveal The King in his Chair, looking at him then, I took back everything I said about him. He wasn’t strong, he was weak and pathetic; not like the Kings and Queens before him. It took me a while to register the slave next to him, they looked rather beaten and bruised. It wasn’t till we got a close up that I figured who it was. He had a collar wrapped tight around his throat and a long chain dangling attached to it, he looked like death. Weirdly, it riled me up more. Our eyes met and went wide, “Ah, look who’s come crawling back.” The King cackled, I felt my urge to kill him resurface. “I don’t crawl John. If it wasn’t for your son, I would have ripped your head off already.” I could hear Hayden slap his head as The King glared. While the slave, or rather Mason, was taken back by my confidence.

“No need to be disrespectful or crude. Are you acting like this because I have your toy boy on a leash?” He jested, I scowled at him as Hayden looked my way for an answer. “No...I - I couldn’t care less about him.” I hesitated, Mason’s eyes filled with pain and distress. John looked at Mason then me and noticed how we were acting, “Good! You can punish him then. Do it as an apology.” I was astonished and appalled by this man’s request, there was no way I could do this to Mason. “No, he doesn’t deserve it!” John quickly smirked then faded it to a deep frown. “If you don’t do this Emily, you are putting your life on the line. I mean it is a criminal offence to threaten Royals and it is especially worse when you threaten to kill them.” Again, I was astonished and appalled. A silver whip was tossed to my feet while Mason was thrown in front of me, I looked back to Hayden who urged me on but I shook my head. I couldn’t do this, no matter how many bad things he did to me. John sighed, “Fine then, Guards!”

About five men surrounded me and attempted to grab me, I quickly shifted into my wolf form and growled. “Wait!” Hayden’s voice echoed through the room, everyone looked at him while his father glared at him. “I’ll do it.” John was surprised but joyous all at the same time, but there had to be a catch to all of this. “Fine.” He waved for the guards to give Hayden the whip. Some more guards came and held me in place while others did the same to Mason, we both snarled and tugged against the guards. A sickly crack filled the air with each hit, Mason roared and cursed as he tried to pull away. John held an evil glint in his eyes while Hayden held something deep inside, like he enjoyed this a little too much. I even swear that I could see a smile after every hit. “Hayden stop! You’re hurting him! Damn it!” My wolf growled at Hayden and almost got loose from the men, Mason’s eyes released bloody tears that dripped and dotted the floor like tiny puddles. The last crack filled my ears and Mason was finally able to cough out the last bit of tears he could manage. Hayden dropped the bloody whip in front of his feet as he made his way towards me with a sympathetic look, I unintentionally shifted back. “Hayden, we’re not done yet.” We all looked at him confused, even the guards were unsure on what to do. “Well, either you do the same to Emily or she dies.”

“What?!” All three of us said while I tried to cover my, now, naked body. “But father-!” John waved his hand and before I knew it I was thrashing about again towards my death. Just as I was accepting everything, we stopped. “No don’t, I’ll do it.” Mason jumped up to his feet and lunged at Hayden, guards were quick to grab him. “You dare touch her and I will fucking rip you limb from limb. Both of you!” Mason spat, the two men glared between each other sending imaginary daggers. “Would you rather she dies?!” Hayden bellowed, he kept glaring at Hayden but dropped his head and mumbled something. I didn’t want to die, well at least not now. I continued to thrash before my naked body was slammed onto the arctic floor, I heard the chains rattle against each other as they were lifted from the floor. From the corner of my eye, I could see Mason looking straight at me and he just had this look of pure rage. Crack! I cried out as the cool smooth metal scraped my skin, blood gushed down my skin as it broke and cracked repeatedly. Hayden grunted each time he lifted the whip and apologized everytime it landed perfectly on my skin leaving imperfect marks. All I could do was cry and feel embarrassed as guards watched, alongside passing maids, butlers and guests. I heard many gasps and muttering while Mason just watched.

It finally ended after a very long five minutes, Jamie came running with a blanket and wrapped me up to hide whatever I had left. “Get him out of my sight.” John pointed to Mason, “And for you, mutt. I hope you learned your lesson, you are lower than me here and your kind is lowest in the chain. Learn that.” I nodded quietly with an emotionless expression.

Jamie and I completely ignored Hayden altogether as she helped me out of the room with a blood trail following closely behind.

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