The Vampire Teacher's Pet

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Chapter 23

“Agh!” I screamed as Jamie tended to my raw wounds, she cleaned and dressed them while I laid topless on top of my bed. In front of the door that led to Hayden, Hope snarled and barked. “Emily please let me in.” He begged. I glared at the door while Jamie continued her work, “I beg of you.” Jamie huffed and got off the bed, dropping a few items on the floor as she went. She clutched onto the handle and opened the door an inch, “Sorry Sir, would you please leave my Mistress alone. She needs rest and NO stress.” Before Hayden could answer, Jamie slammed the door on his face and strutted her way towards me. “Men.” She muttered and tended to my wounds again. I was now really glad to have a lady-in-waiting.

“Why is every person I fall for always trouble in the end?” I huffed as tears bubbled in the corners of my eyes. “It will get better, Mistress.” Jamie had finally finished with my back and passed me a black baggy top, I looked at this top and recognised it. “How did this get here?” I asked, Jamie looked at me funny and slightly laughed. Her slight laugh quickly disappeared when she noticed my serious expression, “It came with your stuff Mam, is it not yours?” I shook my head and pulled it up to my nose, it still smelled like him. “Would you like me to dispose of it?” Jamie went to grab the top but I snatched it away, she shook her head looking like she was trying to put something together. Then she must have clicked , “Is it Mason’s Mam?”

I gazed at her and nodded, I don’t know why I had this or why I wanted to smell it but I’m glad it was there. The smell of Ginger and blood was nauseating compared to his smell. “Mam, why is it that you are so attached to the demon? If you don’t mind me asking.” I gazed at her again and really thought about it, I mean I know the reason but I didn’t want it to be true. I wanted it to be just Mason playing with my mind, especially after that night at Merrills. A quiet “Mam?” and a touch to the shoulder brought me back, Jamie looked worried while I held Mason’s top close to my chest. “Sorry I drifted. What was the question?” I asked, Jamie shook her head and muttered something. “It’s alright Jamie you can ask it.” I spoke softly.

She looked between me and the door, then sighed heavily. “Why do you care for the Demon?” Jamie spoke bluntly but also very aware of her tone, not that I would have cared for her attitude. “From what I have been told it’s because of an incident that happened, to make it short, me and Mason ended up sharing blood then we woke up sorta accidentally mated.” Jamie looked utterly baffled by...well...everything, I laughed a little but quickly stopped when I could feel my freshly scabbed skin tare. “How do you accidentally get blood bonded? Who forced who?” She blurted out, her skin turned a blossom colour and again muttered something. “Don’t be scared to ask questions Jamie. To answer you, technically it was me who initiated it, when I cut my wrist open and fed it to him, but I didn’t know about the blood bound till like a week ago so really it was Mason who decided to finish it, by giving me his blood when I fainted in my room.” I responded, when I looked back at Jamie she looked a little annoyed at me.

I turned my head to the side and gave her a questioning look before she opened her mouth, “Not to speak out of turn mistress, but you do realise that by you cutting your skin and forcing or letting him drink from your wound means he has to finish the bond.” I held my confused look but turned my head upright, “Mistress, If he didn’t give you his blood you would have died. By giving a vampire or demon your blood instead of letting them feed, you are basically giving them half of your soul. If he chose not to give you his blood, he would have taken half of your soul with him, inevitably leading to your death. No one cannot live without a whole soul.” I was gobsmacked and realised how utterly clueless I was, ‘Why the fuck did I not listen in class?’ I whined as I slammed myself back onto my bed. I cried out as my back tared open again, “Shit.” I cursed as I sat back up and waited for it to heal again. Once I knew it was scabbed over enough I put Mason’s top on and slowly got into bed. Hope quickly climbed to my side and snuggled in. “Goodnight mistress, Hope.” With that she disappeared into the darkness that filled the room like water.

Once the moon’s light hit the end of my feet I was in a deep slumber and I had the strangest dream.

I woke up in a forest, it was dark and gloomy. There was no sign of life but the sound of twigs snapping from all around me. “Who lurks in the darkness?” I shouted as I spun slowly round. The twig snapping gradually got closer and closer, until the shadow was breathing down my neck. It was panting, really hard, and digging its unknown number of eyes into the back of my head. “Who or what are you?” I questioned, I prevented myself from turning back and looking at whatever was behind me. However, an intoxicating pine smell hit my nostrils as it stepped further towards me. “Turn around and find out.” The familiar husky voice breathed, I slowly moved my feet in a semicircle direction to face this things.

It was his eyes that hit me first, the familiar deep blue bell blue that watched me as the equal-prey. “Mason?” His sharp features hadn’t changed and he looked much healthier, less battered almost. “It’s been too long,” He pushed his arm forwards forcing his hand to lay just beneath my chin. “Oh how you have changed.” He whispered, I think that was kind of a backhanded compliment, I cringed away from his arctic hand and created an invisible barrier by moving a few feet away. Mason’s eyes saddened a little but shifted to his hard exterior, “How are you here?!” I demanded. His lips curled upwards and twisted into a smirk, “I am still YOUR demon my love.” He bragged as I mentally slapped myself, ‘Where is my memory when I need it?’

“I forgot…” I mumbled. I could feel an amusement rumble from him as I stood awkwardly, “Why are you here?” Mason just studied me from head to toe, probably trying to avoid my question. Getting sick of his pervertedness, I gave him a loud warning growl catching him off guard. “I am not yours to look at anymore, I have a mate now!” The temperature in the forest immediately dropped. Mason’s face was cold, colder than the snow that was falling from the sky. “Do you mean the bastard that smiled as he beat you with a silver whip?” My eyelids rose up as the snow began to fall faster and thicker. “You have to be joking?!” He jested, I could feel my cheeks flood red. “The next time I see that so-called Prince, I will rip him limb from limb.”

“You won’t touch a hair on his body.” I snarled, Mason laughed and pointed dragging my confidence through the dirt. His laughter soon died down and a furious scowl took its place, “Well Ladies and Gentlemen, here we have a perfect example of the Mate bond! No matter how toxic it is, ‘love’ will always force them together.” I was red and flustered, I mean he was right...but also wrong. “How dare you criticize My Mate. It’s not like you can actually know what it’s like- Oh wait! You were given a chance but you screwed it up!” His face did not twist or turn, he just smirked. I need to know what he was thinking.

“Oh Baby, I wasn’t given the chance. The chance was forced upon me when you stupidly cut your wrist for me, you should have just walked away from me. Then you, who’s in MY top, and I wouldn’t be in this situation.” I wrapped my hands around my torso as the snow grabbed at my feet, it was silent for a while. The sounds of baby birds filled the air while the Sun’s kiss touched Mason’s forehead, “I must go. See you soon My Love.” His body boiled and burned as the sun swallowed him whole, a pile of ash mimicked his figure and exploded into nothing. A quiet voice echoed through the sun, it sounded familiar.




I jolted awake and head butted Jamie, leaving a nice red circle on our heads. We momentarily groaned then a low giggle erupted from both of us, “Sorry Jamie.”

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