The Vampire Teacher's Pet

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Chapter 24

“Miss Lakeman, your presence is requested in the Prince’s study.” A petite red-headed maid said as she did her daily rounds, Jamie and I shared an annoyed look. Jamie promptly showed me the way and not forgetting to curse the Prince to the high hell, “I mean it has been a week or so but still, not once since then have we seen a glimpse of his sorry ass.” She whispered, I smiled as she expressed her dislike for my mate but at the same time I wanted to rip her throat out for being so disrespectful. “Here we are, Mistress. Good luck.” She breathed and strolled off in a different direction.

I let my muscles relax and I put up a metaphorical mask, “Your highness.” I knocked. A quiet voice urged me inside along with his pine scent, stupid bond. “You called for me Sir.” Hayden winced at the formalities and arose from his desk. “No need to be like that love.” A quiet British accent swirled between his words starting a little flame in my torso, he walked around his desk and lent on the front of it tightening the shirt that just barely clung to him. Trying to focus on his eyes, I speak. “What business do you call me here for?” I could feel my cheeks redden as his eyes roamed, It both disgusted me and drove me crazy. Hayden sighs, “Love, I am your mate. Please treat me as such.” He commanded.

“When you have earned it...Your highness.” A growl ripped through his throat as he slammed his fist on his desk, sending chunks of wood to my feet. His eyes shifted a lilac purples when our eyes clashed again. ‘What are you thinking?’ I thought as he picked up his hand and waved his finger at me, “You know something...” He picked himself off the desk and stalked towards me. “I could change your mind, twist it in ways similar to the demon.” Pointy white fangs poked out of the bottom of his lips, sending fear rattling down my spine. Like the flash, His breath fanned behind me as he grazed those fangs along my neck. “But, I don’t need special abilities to do so.” He spoke as I stood very still, trying my best to ignore the sparks filtering between us. Eventually, Hayden gently raised his hand. One by one, his fingers drew toxic lines down my right arm.

“If I start here.” He purred as his nose slowly rubbed the arch of my neck while his fingers moved to my collar bone. Out of instinct, I moved my head to the side giving him more access, Hayden quickly took it as an invitation and began kissing my neck, dousing the fire within me with gasoline. I bit my lip to suppress the moans that were begging to be released, my body was betraying me in so many ways. Hayden moved his lips to my wrists as he kissed the veins that pumped furiously, “Come on love, just let go.” My lips curled upwards as my body shivered and released sweet ecstasy into my bloodstream, one kiss on my sweet spot and that was game for me. I let out a breathy moan, Hayden smiled against my skin and switched our positions. I was slammed against the nearest wall and my lips were claimed instantly. His hands gradually trailed into places that were so new to me. I even yelped slightly when he found my secret sweet spot that, “Hold on.” He breathed as he wrapped my legs around his waist.

One minute we’re in his office then the next I’m dropped onto a bed smelling like pine. I gawk as Hayden takes off his shirt exposing his toned body and deep v-line, “Like what you see?” He smirked, my cheeks definitely went red but I was quick to the gun, “Eh, their average.” I professed. Hayden let out another growl and claimed my lips once more, his hands messed with the hems of my shorts. Bang! Bang!. “Sire! The King requests your presence in the throne room.” We both groan in frustration and the highs die down, reality hits me in 3,2,1. I look at Hayden who apologises while he puts his shirt back on, he kisses my lips and promises to finish this later. As soon as he leaves the room, I finally freak out. “What the fuck just happened?!” I whispered loudly. My mind was freaking out but my body is yearning for his touch once more and my heart...well that’s another story on its own, it was very exhausting. “I need to talk to Jamie.” I spluttered.


“You did what!” Jamie was astonished, I mean if I found out my friend did that with someone that beat her or him with a silver whip I would be the same. “You haven’t forgiven him, have you?” She spoke sternly. “No no, I haven’t but that’s not really what I’m fixated on. Jamie it was like living on cloud nine, he just knew all my spots even some that I didn’t even know. And his stamina, don’t even get me started. if I ever do forgive him, I don’t know how I will keep up.” We laughed and talked for ages like teenage girls, it was refreshing to have a friend. It’s been a very long time since I had friends, almost too long. “Wonder what it’s like with a demon,” Jamie spoke, I glanced at her with an unsure expression. “Sorry Mistress but I mean you have got to wonder at some point.” Jamie giggled in her embarrassed state.

“Well, I’m never going to find out. So let’s just drop it.” But she was right and I couldn’t stop thinking about it, ‘What would it be like?’ I shake the thoughts out of my head, “I need a cold shower.” I confessed, we both laughed again and began to change the subject. We talked for a few hours before a knock was heard, “Mistress? Your presence is requested in the throne room.” I looked at Jamie with a questioning look and pushed myself off my bed, I thanked the messenger and went on my way. Unlike Hayden, I wasn’t deliberately avoiding The King. It seemed as if he just was either too scared to face me or he was just digested by my presence, who knew which one. I reached the big throne room doors and was ambushed by a group of guards in heavy-duty armor, “What is the meaning of this?!” I thrashed and kicked but it was no use. My feet scraped the marble floor as the guards squeezed my arms, I pictured the disgusting black and blue that were probably forming on my arms. Arrogant and snobby, King John sat on the throne with a face like he had just smelt something disgusting and beside him was Hayden; his face held a hateful mask but in his eyes it portrayed something else.

“What is the meaning of this? I have done nothing to deserve this!” I raged but John’s smile said something different, he waved over in a direction and the sounds of clanking metal filled the room. Thick heavy chains were fitted to my wrists and neck, a scream ripped through my throat as I felt a furious burning sensation. I attempted to shift but nothing happened, it was like my beast was trapped inside me. “Hayden! Please.” I cried but he just looked away with a pained expression, John just stood there smiling like a psychopath. “My dear,” He began, I could feel my tears attempting to cool my burning neck. John snatched my face as he got down to my level, “I told you that you needed to learn your place, and here we are. It has taken a while to get the right chains just for you, Aren’t I thoughtful?” I growled and spat directly into his eyes, he hissed and bellowed as many swear words as he could. “You ungrateful bitch!” His foot made contact with my jaw letting my face land on the white marble floor and colored it with a crimson red. “I will not let my son be mates with a low life such as yourself, let alone a pathetic werewolf.” The King sneered. I looked back up to Hayden, our eyes met for a brief moment and I could see hatred in his eyes. “From here on out Emily Lakeman, I decree that you will be Prince Hayden’s pet. You will no longer be able to join any group and you will forever be owned by the crown. Hayden come here.” Hayden slowly rose from his chair and made his way to us, his intoxicating pine smell hit my nostrils. I just wanted him to come and tell me everything will be okay, that this is all a bad dream. “Do it,” John commanded, Hayden, let out a deep sigh and got down to my level just like his father.

My heartbeat against my chest, he pulled off the ground and hugged me. “I am so sorry Emily.” He placed his lips upon mine but only for a quick second and rose to his feet again, I looked at him confused. “I, Hayden Alexander Mosley, reject you, Emily Pyrille Lakeman, as my mate and more. My little pet.” I could feel my heart exploding into little pieces and rip into my soul, I felt so numb. My tears dried up and the burning sensation lulled, ‘How could he?’

The chains around my wrists released but the neck wasn’t so lucky, I was roughly grappled off the ground and pulled out of the room with my ‘new leash’. Jamie with Hope stood outside with a worried expression, as soon as our eyes met, Jamie rushed to my side. “What is going on? Why is she being treated like this?! Emily.” She roared but nothing was said as she was swatted away like a fly. I barely moved along with the guards as Brought back to Hayden’s chambers, his room was very similar to mine but just with a bathroom instead. I was thrown onto the floor and told to wait. They clipped my chain onto a metal mount on the wall next to a makeshift dog bed, food and water; this was all located by the side of Hayden’s bed.

‘Why would they clip me on? I could just unclip it and run, right?’ I thought as I edged closer the clip. Once I touched it, my hand burned as I had just touched a scorching fire. I kept trying and trying until my fingers turned black but it was no use, I curled up onto the scratchy blankets and cried whatever was left of my heart. I didn’t realise I fell asleep until I could feel someone touching my bruised jaw, I snuggled closer into the hand as I took as much affection I could get from this hand before I was fully stripped from it. I finally opened my eyes and met his pathetic eyes, I pulled away from his toxic touch. “Get away from me.” I spat but he stood his ground, held a possessive glare to his lips. “You are mine, Emily.” He growled, I watched him with such hatred that if I could I would beat his ass. “I have wanted ever since I laid eyes on you at the ball, it was lucky at first that we were mates but then it became a burden. You were too strong-minded and the mate bond was making it worse, It was like something was...let’s say preventing you from loving your mate. I needed to break you down into little pieces to break down the Goddess Selene’s Protective hold on you. So you could be fully mine.”

“My Little Pet.”

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