The Vampire Teacher's Pet

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Chapter 25

“My Little Pet.”

This boy was not well in the head, Selene must have been preventing me from going any further with Hayden this whole time. But why? She couldn’t have known about him, could she? “I will never be yours.” I spat, Hayden’s eyes clouded with fury and pain. He grabbed both my wrists in one hand and my waist in another, our noses were on the verge of touching as my back pressed against the wall mount and clip. I let out a little whimper as the clip sizzled against my back, “Believe me, you will. After the things I have in store for you Pet, you will be begging me to continue.” He purred, disgust flooded through as he pressed his lips to the vein on my neck.

“Now get some sleep, I have work to get on with.” He let go of me and calmly strolled to his dimly lit desk. A tiny squeak released from the spinny chair as the mad man got on with his work, I laid down on the almost hay-like blanket and closed my eyes. I dreamt of nothing that night, it was just a pool of abyss that led to the bleak and lonely depth of nothing. It was probably a side effect of the rejection that was forcefully shoved down and into my body like a pill. How Ironic that Mason was the demon in front of me and yet it was the devil I was kissing. Soon enough, the sun’s overly joyed raise clawed at my face. I rumbled around in my ‘nest’ and fluttered my heavy eyelids, “Morning sleepy head. Ready for your first day as a royal pet?” His revolting voice sang with the innocent bird outside, I let out a quiet snarl but I hoped to the Divines he didn’t hear. Luck just so happened to side with him. Straight across my colourful jaw was plastered with a fearsome handprint that tingled just that little bit, disgust reversed to regret as he cupped my burning cheek. “Oh my love, I’m so sorry. I slipped. Please forgive me.” Hayden whined, I pulled away from his grip and cowered in my bed.

A low sigh emptied out of his lips as he dropped his head. He got up and grabbed something off the bed, I couldn’t focus on the sparkly thing at first. It was like the sun was taken from the sky and placed into his hands, it wasn’t until one of his hands ushered me closer that I realized what it was. “I refuse to wear that.” I croaked, a smirk filled his lips as he shook his head disapprovingly. “You don’t get a damn choice Pet, Now, get here before I force you over here.” He commanded, like any sane person, I moved towards him but kept our touching to an absolute minimum. He noticed this and slammed me onto his lap, “There we go.” He smiled, I tried to wriggle out of his titan grasp. One of his large hands landed on my bare thigh with a warning look daring me to keep trying, my cheeks glowed an awkward red as I realised why. “Sorry,” I mumbled, his other hand pulled up the leather collar. The collar was an ocean blue with red rubies dotted in a zigzag pattern and silver prongs lining the inside, it was a beautifully deadly sign of ownership. The silver prongs were manageable as long as Mr Sadistic didn’t pull on the silver leash.

Once everything was in place I jumped off his lap, big mistake. The prongs were the first to give away an unsure mistake, they weren’t sharp enough to pierce my skin but enough to cause large amounts of pain. “Now, don’t be quick to run before your Master says so.” He purred but hints of aggression swirled beneath it. “Here are the rules, little one. If you follow your Masters every word you will get rewarded, however, if you disobey you will be severely punished.” He glared, I nodded hesitantly. “Great now let’s move. We have a meeting to attend.” He jumped to his feet dragging the lead along with him, a yelp escaped my lips as the silver prongs scraped my skin once again. A sly smirk hid on the side of his mouth as he stopped to let me recover. “Ass.” I muttered as we began walking out of the room. The hallway was weirdly quiet, it was normally buzzing with life but today it was like a ghost town. Not even Hayden’s maid person was in view.

I just shrugged it off and continued to walk behind Hayden, plans of escape crossed my mind more than once but the only problem was the collar. The silver prongs were preventing me from shifting, it’s weird that I was never told of this pathetic weakness. I only realised that we had stopped when I could feel Hayden’s jacket on my face, I quickly pulled away. “Right, before we go in you must be silent. If you even make a tiny sound I will punish you.” He threatened, I nodded hesitantly again as my fear took control. I mean there was nothing I could do to fight back, I was powerless with this stupid collar on. The big brown doors opened and presented a hall of men and women. They were all dressed up nice and tidy like Hayden, they held stone-cold faces with each of them having their own stacks of papers. It wasn’t until we sat down that I saw the pets standing beside many of the vampires in this room, just by the smell I could tell they were a mixture of human and werewolf. I was taught about human slavery among vampires but nothing about werewolves, I was surprised by just how many werewolves in this room.

“Let us begin.” Hayden bellowed as he sat down in his seat at the end of the table, the fear coming off of all the slaves was suffocating; Especially the little human boy that was sitting right next to me. He was owned by the King himself, the dirty bastard only like the purest of blood.

As they talked about random shit that I didn’t care about, I studied this child sitting on the King’s lap. He had smooth olive skin with not a single imperfection insight. His hair was a dirty blonde which was pulled into a loose ponytail, if it wasn’t pulled out of the way I would say his hair was just to his shoulders. His eyes were a dark chocolatey brown that had flakes of fear sparkling as he shivered ever so slightly. Bite marks littered his neck along with a faint bright black and blue handprint covering his whole lower neck. I bit back my motherly instinct to kill his abuser then and there but I wanted something more painful for him. I felt a judgemental glare dig into my head, I grasped my eyes away from the boy and met his eyes. The pure evil ones that helped put me in this position, I let out a low growl as I stared at him. “I gave you the right shoes, now walk in them.” John snarled quietly, I felt the collar tug lightly as it brought me back to Hayden’s “control”.

A piece of paper ripped up, that was attached to Hayden’s hand, was held out in front of me. I snatched the paper as a boring old man was jabbering on about some rebellion in the sixth quarter. It read, ‘Remember what I said. This is your first strike.’ A quiet gulp slipped down my throat as I averted my gaze from Hayden. A happy smirk filled John’s lips, he had one this one. Throughout the meeting, I couldn’t keep my eyes off this child. It was like this feeling inside of me was telling me to save that child and run away together, I just shook it off as a motherly kind of feeling I get around kids. There was no way I could get us out of here, right? “That concludes our meeting for today. Food will be served this evening at 6 and please don’t attack my servants. I’m talking to you, Ivan! Have a good afternoon everyone.” My ears perked up and my eyes met his. ‘There was no way.’ I searched the room of vampires hoping not to see his face, ‘He was dead. He had to be dead. We buried him.’ His green eyes pierced mine as he slid out between the moving crowd towards us, Hayden smiled as he approached us.

Hayden took Ivan’s hand in his and greeted him, “Hey Ivan. What brings you to this end of the table?” He joked. A low laugh escaped from Ivan as he ignored my existence, I was glad he did though. I ducked my head and put my hair in front of my eyes, ‘He’s dead. He’s six feet under back home.’ I thought as I could feel two pairs of eyes looking down at my pathetic state on the floor. “I heard what you did with this one. Nice one mate.” Ivan praised. Everyone in close vicinity would have been able to feel how proud Hayden was with me as his catch. ‘His voice...I haven’t heard since…’

I was a Sophomore while Ivan was a Junior, we had known each other since middle school. He was a new student from the UK and I was in charge of making him feel at home, from then on we were inseparable. Our story is very typical. We were two people from very different worlds, he was very popular while I wasn’t but somehow we made it work. Both of us had working parents so we spent most of our time together is our own parents. Soon enough he wanted to share our worlds together, so we did. I gave him a slice of mine as he did the same. “Run!” Melody screeched as cops raided the party and teenagers piled out of the back door. Laughing, crying, and screaming could be heard at the now dimly lit house as we ran towards the forest hand in hand. Just Ivan and I.

We laughed as we dived into a nearby bush panting and huffing, “We have got to do this more often.” Ivan jested, I smacked him on the shoulder and laughed along with him. “No more. I do not want to be sociable again.” I chortled. Suddenly I was pulled up against his chest as one of his hands clamped over my mouth. “Nothing here! Must have been a fox.” A stranger’s voice filled my ears as their flashlights emitted the bush’s shadow onto the earth beneath our feet. The officer’s footsteps slowly faded away making Ivan loosen his grip on my mouth, “That was close.” I breathed not realising how close we truly were, I glanced up to Ivan and met his seaweed green eyes. There was something I hadn’t seen before now, something I wish I hadn’t seen. His eyes shut and his lips grazed mine, “Woah! What are you doing?” His eyes flung open as He looked confused and flustered. “I just- I thought- ” He stuttered, I pulled us a part and got to my feet.

“I’m sorry Ivan but I don’t like you like that. You’re like my brother to me.” I apologised, I could see the cogs turning in his head as his face deepened to a deep shade of red as he stood up, “I see. I’m sorry.” His eyes reddened as tears brimmed in his eyes, “I’m just going to leave.” He dashed off further into the woods, I called after him but it was useless he was much faster than me. Once I lost sight of him I started to panic, “Ivan! It’s dangerous there could be vamp- ” A loud male scream echoed through the forest. Without thinking, I ran towards the sound with the adrenaline pumping through my veins and one person on my mind. “Ivan, if you can hear me, say something!” I bellowed.

“Emily!” I barrelled towards his voice, part of me now wishes I didn’t. Blood was everywhere. The smell bubbled the feeling of nausea inside of me and poured anxiety to shake it up a bit. Just hanging on a large branch was Ivan’s body, his neck was barely anything while his wrists were hanging onto something unknown. Blood still poured out of every puncture wound. I was paralysed, stuck in the same position just staring at my best friend’s body. Bile clawed at my throat and released itself onto the bush next to me. After that, I called 9-1-1. I didn’t dare touch his body as I feared I wouldn’t let it go, but as the Coroners dragged him away I touched his face one more time.

That was the last time I saw him apart from his funeral and up until now I was repressing everything just fine, and having the knowledge that my ex-best friend was dead. Life is really mysterious. “Emily dear.” Hayden flashed his hands in front of my face and brought me out of my memory lane. Without thinking of the consequences, I looked up and met their gaze. “Meet Ivan, meet one of my favorite creations.” I let my mouth part a little as I gave him an unsure wave. He was alive...partly.

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