The Vampire Teacher's Pet

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Chapter 26


The only word that could describe Ivan’s seaweed green gaze. As a matter of fact, it was so intense that my body refused to move under it. It was like being held in a laser cage, one wrong move and I would have been burnt. “So?” His eyes ditched from mine as Hayden’s head blocked my view. “Is she something or what?” Hayden spoke quite giddy, there was silence for a few seconds as Ivan sized me up. “Yeah Mate. You truly know how to pick um.” They laughed together while Hayden slapped him on the shoulder. ‘What if this isn’t Ivan, a doppelganger perhaps. It has to just be a coincidence.’ A Sharp pain exploded around my neck as Hayden moved towards the door. “So. What brings you to my domain today?” Hayden spoke as Ivan strolled through the halls nonchalantly. A shrug was his answer, “Thought I would see the lucky mutt that was chosen for ya.” Ivan smirked as we walked further through the castle, they continued their conversation while I kept my distance behind them. Maids and butlers threw a quick glance of pity at me as I walked, I even caught Jamie looking though she was told to ignore me.

Her eyes latched onto the collar and glared at the hand attached to it like she was burning him or something. A loud yelp escaped my lips as I was yanked forward, “My Pet, I told you to behave.” Ivan and I shared a confused look as Hayden glared at me, knowing more that I did. “You walk by my side, not anywhere else.” He scolded. I sent him a fierce glare as I shuffled by his side. “Good Girl.” In the corner of my eye, I could see Ivan cringing beside him. We continued walking until we reached the garden. It was beautiful, flowers of every kind stood proud and tall amongst each other as they danced slowly with the slight wind. Each one was more beautiful than the next and don’t get me started on the giant oak tree that sat smack dab in the middle. Clung tight, a swing hung on a large branch. I was in awe of nature’s beauty, and yet somehow the devil still stood next to me. “You like? I had them all planted in September so they would be ready for the Spring, just like Mother wanted.”

I studied his melancholy features as Ivan gently patted his back, “She was a good woman.” Ivan comforted. Click! I looked to Hayden as he held the leash in hand, “Do not leave me sight.” Was all he said before he pushed me towards the swing.

Hayden’s P.O.V

“What news have you got of her family?” I whispered as I walked back towards Ivan, his expression grew cold and emotionless. “Sir, the whole pack is gone. It’s like they were never there and to make it worse I think they are building an army.” Ivan paused for a moment as I processed everything. “How so? I mean who would dare go against the Royal family?” I questioned, Ivan’s face flashed an emotion as his eyes swirled with something secret. I gave him one look and he sighed, “What do you know?” He seemed conflicted at first as if something was telling otherwise, but, he sighed again and spilled. “Sir, there have been rumors that there is a certain witch up on the South Quarter that is helping them raise against us.” Wide-eyed and speechless, I looked at Ivan. I finally narrowed my eyes at the floor as my hand met my chin, “I thought we had that bitch burnt to the stake years ago. I watched her burn!” I snarled, Emily’s beautiful orbs glanced at me confused and I was instantly calmed.

“I want her found, otherwise, I will have Emily thrown to the fleshlings. We don’t want that now, do we?” I knew their past friendship.

I have known of Emily since she first moved away, I met her when she was nine. She was in class with one of my friend’s pets and one day I asked to tag along, at the time I had no sexual desire of course, but as she hit 16, I didn’t want to let her go. I watched her up until she moved back into her pack, I couldn’t constantly trespass without starting a headache of a war. Back a bit, when she first met Ivan, I wanted to rip his throat out. He was so obviously in love with what was mine, however, Emily was completely oblivious and never developed the same. The night he didn’t take a hint and tried to kiss her, I snapped. As soon as he was out of her sight, I attacked him, tearing his main arteries to pieces. I regretted it when Emily’s terrified expression flooded my eyes, having the bond made me soft. So, when I found Ivan lying on the cold steel table with life hidden just beneath his eyes, I turned him. ‘Emily!’ was the only thing he would say when he first woke up in our fleshling room. After months of gaining his trust, he finally told me his life story with my pet being his forever crush. I had my Blackmail.

“Yes Sir.”

Emily’s P.O.V

The ground was soft underneath me and the flowers tickled at my bare ankles, my hands shook violently and my face must have paled. Hayden was so oblivious to my state as him and Ivan whispered quietly, completely unaware of my heightened hearing. “I want her found, otherwise,I will have Emily thrown to the fleshlings. We don’t want that now, do we?.” He snarled. I could feel my senses numbing and the urge to escape went to the moon, a gentle tap on my shoulder sent unwanted shivers down my spine. “Come on love. Playtime’s over.” I could feel the colour returning to cheeks at full speed as I was treated like a four year old, he went to touch my forearm but I jerked it away. I kept my head low as I picked myself off the ground and shoved the dirt of my body, “I’m old enough to take care of myself.” I snapped calmly.

A breathy laugh could be heard in his direction, we walked out of the garden and back into the castle. As we walked the halls, I looked back at the once beautiful walls and grimaced. How could such a place hold such evil and look like that? It made no sense. “I have a special meeting today, so you will stay in our room tonight.” When I didn’t respond he smacked my shoulder, hard. “You will respond when I talk to you!” He exploded, I nodded quickly as I cradled my shoulder and tears pricked my eyes. He smiled approvingly and started walking again, “Good. No funny business or...well...I think you know.” He laughed.


“Pet! I’m leaving. Be good.” His voice boomed outside of the bathroom door while I cuddled my naked body on the floor as I let out a quiet okay. His footsteps soon faded away finally giving me the room to breathe. In...Out....In....Out, that’s all I could think about as I leaned on my bruised shoulder. Knock knock… “Emily?” A timid tiny voice echoed, I lifted my head off the floor and glared at the door confused. “Who is it?”

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