The Vampire Teacher's Pet

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Chapter 28

“Mom!” Nathan yelled into my ears, I grumbled as I pulled the covers closer to my body. “MOM! I have school and you’re going to be late for work.” He spoke as he pulled my eyelids open, only just releasing what he said, I sprung upright and chucked the covers over him. I could hear him giggle as I rushed to get my work clothes on, “Come on Nathan, were going to be late.” I ran into the kitchen and grabbed the orange juice from the fridge, his cute giggling continued on. I looked at his attire and stopped mid-slurp, “Why you little…it’s Saturday, isn’t it?!” His giggles turned into full-on howling, I chased him around the apartment as he screamed. Once I was close enough, I wrapped my hands around his, still tiny, body, and tickled him. His giggling started again as he begged me to stop while barely getting any air. I pulled away and sat crossed legged away from him, “Learned your lesson?” I breathed.

While still laughing he nodded and copied my position, “Seriously though, I still have work tonight so the babysitter should be here later on today. For now! You will go get your butt in the shower and brush your teeth.” I commanded as I pulled us off the ground, with a little grumble he went off into the bathroom and did as he was told. I light-heartedly shook my head and went back into the kitchen, on the floor was my orange juice shaping into the same puddles we struggled through when we left that hell hole. His growl was still ingrained in my mind along with Mason, ever since we left I couldn’t get that Demon out of my head. He was in my dreams, haunting more than Hayden was. “MOM! We ran out of toilet paper again!” Nathan yelled.


“Right it’s the same as before, he is to go to bed at 9 and no treat before bed, please. There is Pizza money and what I owe you from tonight and last time, don’t be having too much fun.” I spoke, Sherly, the babysitter, nodded along and ushered Nathan back into the front room. She assured me that Nathan would be safe in her care and nothing bad would happen, Sherly knew little bits about our situation but not enough to put her in danger either. I was thankful for her kindness, without her Nathan wouldn’t have had the chance to go to school and nor would I have had a job. “Off you go now, you don’t want to be late now.” She ushered again but this time aimed at me, the door slammed behind me, and the sound of the traffic-filled my ears. ‘He will be fine.’ My beast soothed. Dropping my shoulders, I let myself relax and let my trust take control. I hadn’t got my driver's license yet so I had no access to a car so, as a substitute, I shifted and ran around the outskirts of the city. However, I could only shift on my night shifts as it was dark making it easier to sneak into the city centre. Otherwise, I would take the bus with all the nasty smells, that was a pro and con of being a werewolf.

A familiar smell hit my noses as I made it to the back of my work, “You know the bus doesn’t smell that bad at night.” She laughed. ‘Merrill!’ My beast jumped right on top of her and nuzzled against the side of her face, I could feel her laughter rumble underneath us. “Come on shift back.” In one swift movement, I was human again, I gathered my work clothes from behind the bins and changed. Once done, I walked back to Merrill and my mind was racing with questions. Why was she here? How has she stayed hidden from Hayden? Does she know where my parents are? Merrill’s gentle touch brought me to reality, “How have you been?” She started.

Frazzled, I spoke. “I- Um...We have been surviving.” Merrill looked at me confused and mouthed ‘we’. It took me a few moments to figure out her confusion then it clicked, “Oh sorry, my son. Well, technically not my son but close enough! He was King John’s blood bag, he helped me escape.” A smile filled her wrinkly lips as she realised who I was talking about but I glint of sorrow did simmer in her eyes. “Why don’t you come in and eat something, it should be quiet anyways.” I offered, hesitantly agreed as I showed through the kitchen with her wooden stick tapping along. Philip, the diner chef, gazed at me weirdly as we passed but I tried not to focus on it too much. The main dining area was your typical 50’s diner with the red leather booths and stalls stood at the front, lights hung above in a lined pattern, and famous people from the past littered the walls. “Come, sit on this stall. Drink? Food?” I gushed.

Merrill waved her hands disapprovingly, “Don’t fuss over me dear, I’ll just have a small coke.” With a simple nod, I flipped a half-pint onto the counter and cracked open a glass bottle of coke. The dark liquid fizzed and sloshed aggressively into the glass, “Here ya go.” I gently passed the glass to her and leaned against the back wall. “Yo Jessica, is that lady your Grandma?” Philip questioned, I nodded unsure and played along with it. “Yeah, she just came for a visit.” No questions, he just went back into the kitchen like it was normal. “So, what brings you here?” I direct to Merrill. Her face showed nothing and I had no clue whether to be calm or scared shitless, “Emi- Jessica, my dear, you have been gone six months. Lots have happened since we last spoke. Iris has been telling me all about it.” I could feel the heat leave my face as she filled my head, It had been around a year since that happened. I had blocked out that grief for so long that I had almost forgotten about her. I lifted myself off the wall and created a strong mask, “Is she safe?” Relief tickled me when Merrill nodded with a small smile. “Good.”

Silence filled the gap between us until she wiggled her finger towards me as she scanned the area around us, I lowered down towards her and made sure I was in earshot. “Emily the real reason I’m here is to warn you, he is coming.”

Third Person P.O.V

It had been too long for, far too long for his liking. He had to have back what was rightfully his and he was going to do anything to get her back, ‘She is mine, I must have her.’ He thought as he stomped through the empty halls like a bratty child. Three weeks after his pet had escaped with that blood bag, his father got terribly ill and was bedridden. After about a week, his father had died so forth handing down the crown on Hayden’s head. It was whispered through the land that Hayden had got the Mosley Madness, I guess they were right, it was told so much that many people were beheaded in New York. Hayden threw open the throne room doors, “Is he ready?” He bellowed to his right-hand man. “Yes sir, he is your obedient servant,” Ivan spoke as he walked his King to the throne.

“Good,” Hayden draped himself over the throne, “Bring him to me.” Ivan signaled to his soldier brethren, the clanking of chains echoed outside the door but with the absence of growling and bellowing of many sins. His body was now toned and pierced through his clothing like thick knives while his back sprouted putrid red wings. Large canines edged out of the top of his lips, he was the perfect soldier. “I have a special task for you Demon, do you accept?” His pointy ears stuck up and his head rose to meet Hayden’s. “Good. I want you to find my Pet, she has been sighted in a city in Canada somewhere in Alberta.” A disgruntled look filled Mason’s sharp facial features, Hayden thought this might have been a problem. “Well Demon, either YOU bring her to me or I will get all my lonely soldiers to find her. They will give her a real good time.” Mason pulled against the restraints and growled furiously. “So we have a deal?” Mason calmed himself down and nodded with his head low. The guards went to take his restraints off, “Wait!”

In a blink of an eye, Hayden had Mason in a chokehold. Mason spluttered and scratched at Hayden as he laughed, “Remember Demon, I have more years than you. So, don’t try anything stupid.” Mason was slammed to the floor while Hayden walked out of the room.

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