The Vampire Teacher's Pet

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Chapter 29

My words came out as a hard whisper, “What the fuck do you mean he’s coming?!” The odd customer’s head looked towards us while Merrill tried to calm me down, I could feel my eyes shifting to their pitch-black colour. “Look, you have time. If you just leave now he might not-” Her sentence stopped and her face paled as my fist collided with the counter. Fear flooded the eyes of everyone around me, even Merrill was scared shitless of my state. “What the fuck is everyone looking at?!” I bellowed at the snaky eyes around me. Merrill’s hand laid on my right shoulder as I breathed in deep, “Calm, you’re scaring the customers. Remember the rules, home at stays home. C’mon.” Philip huffed behind me, I swiftly turned myself and rubbed my eyes together.

I quickly collected myself and turned back to Merrill, “Nathan and I are not running. We have just got settled and I do not think Nathan can handle running anymore, he is only 8.” Merrill looked at me and smiled in defeat, she let out a loud huff and pushed herself off the chair. “I knew you wouldn’t be convinced, you always were a fighter.” Merrill laughed, she threw five dollars on the counter and spoke about keeping the change, and just like the summer sun, she was gone. I let out a long sigh and tossed Merrill’s money in the tip jar, ‘What am I going to do?’

The rest of my shift was quiet, apart from the odd drunk that would appear from the club a couple of minutes away from us. I got home for about one, I walked through the main entrance of the apartment complex and found the usual passed out drunk on the couches.

I reached my front door, I could already hear the tv whispering as tiny sets of snores popped in at different intervals. I pushed my key in the lock and entered, just like normal, Nathan was passed out with popcorn covering his chest while Sherly was in the kitchen making a coffee. “Hey, how was work?” I gave her the look of ‘don’t want to talk about it’ I walked to the fridge to get leftovers. The reheated pizza fell apart in my mouth as Sherly filled me in Nathan, “He was his normal self. Though I think one of his scars is infected, I gave him some Nurofen and it did go down but I think it’s better he goes and sees someone.” I looked towards Nathan and indeed his neck did look rather red, I agreed and promised to take him tomorrow. Sherly offered to pay for the costs but I refused, I had a special savings pot just for things like this. Sherly stayed for a bit longer to help me tidy up, I thanked her and said goodnight.

I picked up Nathan and placed him on the bed, I walked back into the living room as the news started playing. “The news for all you night owls tonight, there have been more than several minor vampire attacks that started in the middle of the US all the way up North to. It looks as if this rogue is traveling up North into Canada, so as a safety procedure there has been a law passing that stops people from working after 6 pm. This includes, clubs, bars, shops…” I looked at the map they displayed and noticed the pattern or line this rogue was taking and it was the same trail we did over 6 months ago. It had to be him, it was now that I was 100% sure that Hayden had found us. “Huh? What’s that? The King is here?!” My attention instantly grasped the small tv screen, “Hi, Sorry to interrupt,” I glared at his unwanted presence as at that station fell into his charm, people swooned over him as he sat down in a chair in front of the camera.

“Hello everyone, I am just here to spread the right information. The killings that were spread all over news his evening, well, there was some misinformation given out.” It was as if the whole world went silent completely silent as Hayden took a deep breath. “The, so-called, victims of those killings were actually traitors of the crown. They have helped kidnap some people very special to me, we have been looking for six months now. We have only kept it silent until now,” He took another deep breath and stared at the camera with some intense fake hope. “As your King, I beg of you to help me find them. Being displayed next to me should be a picture of them, the female is Emily Lakemen and the boy is our son. It is very important they are brought back unharmed. If found, there will be 1 million dollars in it for whoever finds them. Their last known location was Alberta, Canada. Good luck.” Everyone in the newsroom went silent as the King left, I jumped to my feet and thundered into the bedroom.

“Nathan get up!” I threw open our closet and stuffed as much of our clothes in one rucksack and essentials in one, Nathan woke and yawned as he rubbed his eyes confused. “Mommy, what’s going on?” I threw the bags on the bed next to him, I believe he realized then. “Have they found us?” He fretted, I nodded unhappily. He threw himself out of bed as I passed him a black baggy hoodie, “I will explain everything as we run.” I spoke as I put on ugly rippable clothes, Nathan nodded as we headed towards the door. When I opened the door, Sherly’s pale face blocked our path. “I am so sorry but I really need that money.” I pulled Nathan behind me, she had a foul-smelling cloth in her grips and attempted to shove it in my face. I swiftly dodge her attacks as I somehow kept Nathan behind me, “Sherly, Please do this. You know if we go back we will be hurt.” I tried to reason with her but it was like she had gone mad, I looked behind me and noticed a glass bottle. I hastily smashed the bottle against her head and sent her hurtling towards the carpeted floor, blood puddled around her head as we fled from the apartment.

I instantaneously shifted into my beast form, she quickly slung Nathan on our back and legged it out of the city as fast we could go. We were soon into the deep woods and the only sounds of human life were the odd car that passed through the lanes that snaked through the forest. Or so we thought, Boom! “MOM!” Nathan screamed as he was thrown to the nearest tree, my beast shifted back leaving my limp body as I bled out. I coughed and sputtered as the trees started spinning and the darkness blanked my vision, as my death neared I could smell humans approaching my body. “Fuck yeah Roz you shot a shifter and her pup. These two will go for a hefty amount.”


A sharp pain erupted through my arm then throughout my body, it felt like it was destroying my insides with very strong acid. I sprung up and felt my beast shifting halfway, a loud growl erupted throughout the moving room. My senses came back in full as I looked around, I was in the back of a moving white lorry and my arms and legs were held down with, what felt like, the same material from the castle but a bit weaker. “Where am I? Where is Nathan?” I spoke drowsily, a redneck looking man toothless grinned at me as he injected me again. “Don’t worry pretty. Your little human boy is safe, he is being sent back to the castle where you stole him from. But you on the other hand,” He gave me a disgusting look as he continued one “will sell for a very nice price.” My eyes went wide, I frantically pulled against the restraints. The man tried his best to calm me down as he injected more and more of that stuff into my system but it was only making me worse. I didn’t care how much the metal hurt, I was determined to get Nathan back.

I could feel the effect of the metal wearing off as it bent against my force, “That isn’t possible they are real silver, you shouldn’t be able to fucking bend them.” Fear filled his eyes as he finally looked into my eyes, I already knew the colour. My body quickly shifted once the metal straps broke open, my body felt different than before though; I was stronger, bigger even. “Oh shi-” and before either of us knew it, my beast was ripping him to shreds. Blood splattered the walls of the van while body parts landed everywhere, we licked our muzzle tasting the crimson liquid’s metallic taste. Before we could escape to find Nathan, the van swerved off the road and toppled onto its side, as we laid on the van wall, the side facing us was ripped open as his deep blue eyes filled my vision. ’Mason.

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