The Vampire Teacher's Pet

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Chapter 3

I knew I needed an answer and I was going to get them no matter what they took. I sat back in my seat glaring at Mr Hamilton as he continued his lesson and ever so often I would get a little glare back from him, it soon became a glare off. “I will win this.” I whispered, he held a little smirk. I knew him and only him could hear me because everyone was too focused on his “Angelic” voice or so they say. Once I got bored of this game, I just stuck my headphones in and continued my work. He didn’t like winning this way. “Headphones.” A hand appeared in front of my work like it was begging for something, a little smile graced my face as I looked up. “I’m sorry SIR. Am I bothering you or this class with my music? Because I can turn it down but you can’t take them away as they help me work to my best abilities and I get special permission from the principal to use them.” I say as I get my note out, he was speechless. “I would like to get back to work if that’s alright SIR.” Him and I knew I won this battle. Lets just say my smile got bigger.

It was the end of the class and I wanted my answers, and luckily for him he gave me detention yesterday. “Sir?” His eyes snapped towards me. ‘Got you.’ “What happened yesterday?” I repeated ‘He has got to give in now.’

He sighed heavily “You’re not going to give this up, are you?” I shook my head, he sighed once again. “Fine, are you sure you want to know?” I was confused and a bit scared. “Yeah, why wouldn’t I want to?” He laughed a little and said something along the lines of Oh boy. ‘What happened?’ was the only thing that I could think about. “Okay here it goes.” He took a deep breath. “Basically. You were covered in your own blood and unconscious so I had to carry you back to my car but as I was walking you woke up but you were in a drunk like state which is normal. However, you started saying how I was too cold and you tried to turn over a few times to find a warm side. I ended up almost dropping you” I was going a deeeeeeep shade of red now. “Once I got you strapped into my car you calmed down a bit and talked to about where you lived, which was incredibly helpful. Anyways, once we got to your house you asked me to help you out and into the house. I was reluctant at first but I went in because it was dangerous to leave you in that state.” I began to think this was rather innocent.

“But how did I get changed?” I questioned, he looked at me with a shade of light pink filling his cheeks. “Well...we had passed Dexter, giving him some kisses and cuddles as you went. Then, we went up stairs. As we went up, you told me about how you think I’m a stupidly attractive vampire and that I’m arrogant and self centred. I think you were being a bit harsh-” I cut him off with a dry laugh. “Harsh my ass.” He rolled his eyes.

“Continuing on! Once we got to your room, I told you to go change and pass me the clothes so I could wash them for you. But you tried to change in front of me and let just me say I know what bra you were wearing.” I slapped him over the back of the head.

“How could you watch me do that you pervert!” I raged as I felt violated by my own lack of self respect and Mr Hamilton’s perverted eyes. “No! It just happened so fast that I didn’t have time to comprehend what happened.” He tried to defend, I tried not to believe that he wasn’t some perverted teacher but my gut was like ‘he’s telling the truth.’ I think it was the part that I could remember weirdly. “I believe you. I think.” I grumbled as I glared at him with distrust. “Anyways that’s the story you threatened my job over.”

“Oh.” I felt guilty. “I’m sorry. If only you had just drank before lesson then maybe we would be having a different conversation right now.” I told him, I mean it was his fault that he didn’t drink. “Can’t blame me for everything.” He sighed once again.

“I guess you’re right.” I looked into his eyes again, flashes of his cerise red eyes came into my head. ‘His eyes were a weird shade for hunger though. Normally it’s like a dark red, not as light as his were.’ “Your eyes don’t go normal shades for vampires. Why is that?” I question as I sit upon one of the desks at the front. “I have a birth defect. My eyes go all weird shades when I’m feeling certain things. I guess you could say I’m a rare species of vampire.” I nodded at his answer but I felt unsatisfied and something he was saying sounded off. I looked at the clock on the wall and noticed the time “Oh! its way over the end of detention. I missed the last bus!” I groaned as I felt eyes still hooked on me. “What?” His eyes now a weird shade of green. ‘What does this mean?’, he shook his head rapidly. “Would you like a ride home?” I was caught off guard by his question but also kinda hoping he would ask it deep inside. “That would be great. Thank you.”

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