The Vampire Teacher's Pet

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Chapter 4

Once we reached my house I felt this weird feeling towards Mr Hamilton and it was so wrong. “Thank you Mr Hamilton for the ride. Between me and you let’s just forget yesterday. Especially my little stripping session.” I awkwardly laughed as he joined in.

“I will try.” I saw a flash of a different colour in his eyes but I couldn’t pick it up quick enough. “Welp goodnight sir! See ya monday.” I said before I began walking towards my house. “Wait!” I felt an electric spark erupt up my arms when Mr Hamilton touched my arm, I stopped dead in my tracks. “What was that?!” I turned around towards Mr Hamilton and we both stared into each other trying to figure out what the hell just happened. “Fuck no.” Was all he could muster before he sped off down the road leaving me standing there confused. “Okay...then?” I spoke before a sudden wave of sadness and emptiness came over me. “What is happening?” I walked towards my house on the brink of tears but did not understand why. Once in my house I broke down in tears, unable to stop them from flowling.

“What is wrong with me? Why can’t I stop crying?” By now Dexter was by my side keeping me sane as I cried my heart out, after a while I stopped crying and just sat there doing nothing, I felt empty. “This only began once Mr Hamilton touched my arm, this has something to do with him.” I was now filled with rage ‘What did he do to me?’ I sprinted upstairs leaving Dexter utterly confused but I was determined to find out what was happening to me and why Mr Hamilton left like he did. I flipped open my laptop and began searching. “Electric spark sensation up arm when touched by someone you like.” there was a lot of random stuff about static electricity and what not but then I came across a website. “Mates and how to tell.” “Mates - this is a term used to describe two soulmates. People who are meant to be.” I read deeper into the sight till I found what I was looking for. “How you might find your soulmate is through touch. Once your mate has touched you, you will get an electric like shock going through wherever you are touched.” “Generally soulmates or mates tend to be two of the same species but sometimes the Gods choose different paths for some people. For example, a wolf and a vampire or a vampire and a human. It is not impossible but it is very rare.” “Once the pair have touched their feelings for one another are heightened. You will feel lost without them. You will feel happy with them etc etc. ” I went so pale. Everything just started to make sense.

“This cannot be happening.” I felt my breath begin to speed up “I can not have a mate. I’m not even ready for a mate.” I was now hyperventilating, I was constantly thinking the whole night how I was going to get over this bump in my path. I was not ready for this kind of responsibility, I was only 18 at the time. I shouldn’t have found my mate just yet, actually I shouldn’t have had a mate since I was only a human. My world was crashing down on top of me and that was only the beginning of the madness. I must have fallen asleep at one point because I woke up in the arms of someone I thought I did not know.

I tried to move my head around to find the face of the unknown person, to say I was scared was an understatement. ‘Who is this? Are they going to kill me? What is that smell?’ Then I recognised the smell of pine and fresh grass. I jumped out of bed as quicker than Usain Bolt “What the hell are you doing here?! And how the fuck did you get in?!” He grumbled an unknown sentence before he turned away from me. “Get up you ass!” I growled as I threw one of my pillows at him. “Ugh! Would you quit it! I was trying to-” I threw another pillow at him ” -that was uncalled for.” I tried to run to my bedroom door but was blocked by a bare chest. “Get out before I call the police.” I threatened, I didn’t dare look at him but I knew he felt a little sad at my reaction. “Why are you here?” I whispered, still not looking at him.

I could feel his chest rise and fall as I waited for his answer “I couldn’t get this guilty feeling out of my stomach when I left yesterday. So I came back at eleven to apologize and explain but when I got here you were asleep. I also saw what you were searching so I guess you already have a clue what is going on.” I just wanted to cry right there and then, I wasn’t ready for mates but I was faced with mine. “I don’t want this. This isn’t right. How could this happen? What did I do wrong Gods and Goddesses? Did I not worship you enough?” I was beginning to break again, I could feel the tears breaking free as I sobbed into my teacher’s bare chest as he stroked my hair comforting me.

“I’m sorry.” He lifted my head forcing me to look into his eyes. “I have not been the best mate nor the best teacher but I promise you I will treat you like a queen. I will bring no more harm to you. You are my one and only. We may not be the best to be paired but we will make it through this.”

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