The Vampire Teacher's Pet

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Chapter 5

We spent the weekend getting to know each other as mates and he kept to his promise, he treated me very well and we didn’t argue at all but something just didn’t feel or seem right. I couldn’t get past this odd feeling that this shouldn’t be happening, like something bad was coming. More pain? Probably. Nothing good ever happened to me and the people upstairs never let me forget it. Anyways, it was Monday morning and I wasn’t sure how to face his class and became very conscious of what I was wearing. “What am I doing? Since when do I care about how people perceive me? This mate bond really sucks ass sometimes.” Bang! I fell straight on the floor tripping over a random box in my room, Karma. “Okay, I take it back!” I shout. “I love this stup-” Clash! “Amazing bond with my teacher!” I waited a minute for any further threats to my existence, I sighed heavily and mumbled about the ruthless Gods and Goddesses as I got ready for school.

Once I had finished my daily routine I went to walk out the door, “Bye Dexter!” I shouted. “Hello, are you Emily Lakeman?” I jumped as the random stranger spoke at my doorstep. “Yes, how can I help you?” I stared at him warily as I grabbed my rape alarm on my bag, he stood about a foot or two above me. He had crystal blue eyes, short dark brown wavy hair, lanky build, and he had the sense of style of a jock. “I’m from the Blue river pack not far from here, I was sent to get you, I’m your brother.” I was left speechless ‘What...?’

“You must be mistaken. I don’t have any siblings. Nor am I a were-wolf.” I spoke as I tried to walk past.

He looked at me confused, “Are you the daughter of Opal and Mark Lakeman?” I stopped in my tracks, ‘No way.’ I turned back to the stranger with utter disbelief. “How is this possible? I was told I was the only child.” The stranger walked up to me and brought me in their embrace. “I’m so sorry I left you for so long. We had to wait for you till you came of age because it was highly dangerous at the pack when you were born. Please believe me.” The stranger begged, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. How could my parents be werewolves? Let alone Alpha and Luna? This was like a dream, but a terrible one. “Please tell me that you are joking right now. Please tell me my parents haven’t left me all these years because I was born human. Discarded so they could take care of their wolf born son. You are wolf born, right?” He nodded as I moved a fair distance away from him, this made the situation hurt more.

“This isn’t a joke Emily. Every wolf is born human but once they reach the age of 18 they turn for the first time. There was trouble in our pack when you were born, we got threats from other Packs and supernatural kind over some prophecy this stupid witch was foretold by the Gods and Goddesses.” I instantly became drawn to this prophecy , I wanted to know. I mean it was about me why shouldn’t I know about it.

“Okay so let me get this straight we are the children of the Alpha and Luna of the Blue River pack. I will possibly be turning into a wolf in a week. And! There was some stupid prophecy made by a witch who is responsible for the amount of people that are either scared of me or hate me which is also the reason I have only seen my parents like once a month since I was about 16. Lets not forget I am being asked to go back to this pack by my unknown brother, who I don’t know the name of, instead of my parents. Great. Just what I wanted today.” He went a little pale at my response and I could definitely see sweat beginning to build up. “Yes that is the basics and my name is Harlow” This was a lot to take in. It had only been about a week that I had been a senior in highschool and I was already having life troubles. First it was that stupid vampire teacher. Now it was learning all of that information.

“What makes it safe for me to come back to the pack now?” I queried, he looked like he was expecting this question but didn’t know how to answer it. “Because we have been able to gain the trust of other surrounding packs to help protect you as best as we can. The witch is now long dead and we have heard anything about this prophecy since. We believe it is safe for you to come home now.” I was only going by words not actual proof, there was nothing to say the witch was actually dead nor that the other packs didn’t plan to kill once I was in the pack. This was a difficult decision but I knew what I had to do. “Look I will go back. But I need proof of all you have said to me.” He nodded happily as he began to walk back from where he came. “I need Dexter. Can’t be arsed with school today.” I mumbled as I went back inside.

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