The Vampire Teacher's Pet

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Chapter 6

It wasn’t even three hours into my ‘sick’ day before Harlow came back with all the proof I needed, he even came back with both of our birth certificates to prove he was my brother. I mean got to give him the applause for the dedication. “Okay, I will go back with you but I need to pack my stuff first.” I spoke as I went back inside.

“Need help?” Harlow asked from outside, I obviously hesitated at first before I said yes. He quickly packed up everything I needed faster than I could say the alphabet, it was astonishing how fast he could move. By about one in the afternoon, everything was packed in his truck and I had to say goodbye to my house. Dexter looked rather happy to leave the house, he gave no confused expressions as we moved everything out and got him in the truck. It’s a new adventure for both of us. Once we were done Me and Harlow got in the truck and began our journey home, to think the pack house was home was a new feeling not sure if I liked it or not. “Emily, I wasn’t going to say it in the house just in case I worried you but you are aware your house is drenched in a vampire’s scent.” I felt all the colour drain from me. I had completely forgotten to mention Mason Hamilton. “Ah. About that. I may have found my mate andddd he could possibly be a vampire...” The truck came to a very hard stop sending me and Dexter flying forward. “You what?!” I could feel the anger radiating off him, I probably should have mentioned it sooner. “Why didn’t you say you found your mate? Especially since they are a vampire! That is actually quite important information you so kindly didn’t mention earlier.” I lowered my head as I felt embarrassed by my lack of knowledge. “I didn’t think that would be important.”

Harlow sighed “Where are they right now?” I stayed silent as I tried to think under the heavy pressure. “He would be at school right now.” Harlow nodded and turned the truck around heading to my high school. It was about a 15 minute drive of silence until we pulled up to my school, I could feel the pull get stronger and the butterflies more restless. “Which class would he be in right now?” I quietly said history as we entered the school. I could feel the students look in my direction as they gawked over my brother, I could hear the whispers erupting from everywhere. I hated this attention. “Right here. He’s in here. His name is Mason Hamilton.” I told Harlow as he opened the door.

“I’ll be right back. Please finish the work I set you.” I could hear the annoyance in his voice as he was taken from his teaching. He hated when he was interrupted. Harlow looked at me shocked, something told me he was expecting a student. “The teacher!” Harlow whispered, I laughed awkwardly as Mason approached us. “Is this going to take lon-” Our eyes met. “Emily my love. I was told you called in sick. Who is this mongrel?” Mason grunted towards Harlow.

I took a deep breath “This mongrel is my brother, Harlow. He is taking me back to my pack and it’s a long story to explain. To be honest I don’t know why we are here.” He looked a little embarrassed and I could feel my last words hurting him. “We are here because we need you to come back with us. Unfortunately you are my little sisters mate and by wolf law we cannot split mates up no matter the species.” Harlow sounded rather annoyed and I could see the hatred these two had for each other. Mason looked a bit taken back but understood, “Does this mean you’re a were-wolf?” I shrugged at him not knowing for sure myself. “We won’t find out till next week on my birthday.”

Told us to wait there as he went to grab his things, “Class I have an important thing I need to do. Class is dismissed for this week. Good luck.” The class cheered as they filed out of the classroom eager to get the best hiding spots in the library. “Lets go.” Mason grabbed my hand, I blushed at this action while my brother glared at our close proximity. “You can sit in the trunk Mason.” He growled, I was about to protest but Mason agreed, shocking both of us. The ride was quiet and I felt rather empty without Mason next to me, I constantly kept looking at the back to see if he was okay. We passed through beautiful woods, I could see the Sky scraping pine trees towering us as they were barely giving the sun a chance to shine through.Then, log houses kept popping up here and there. Soon groups of log houses and one large house stood proud, and came into view, this was the pack village. “Were here.” My brother clipped on Dexter’s lead and began walking towards the large house. I sat in the truck for a minute taking in the beauty of the house and my surroundings. “Okay I can do this.” I breathed as I got out of the truck and met up with Mason. “Are you ready? I mean this is going to be the first time you learn the truth.” I nodded but I wasn’t actually ready just trying to put on a brave face.

We walked into the house and I was taken back by the sheer size of it, you could probably house the whole pack into the place, “Wow.” Harlow smiled at my reaction and steered us towards, what I believed, was the living room. “Stay here while I go get Mother and Father.” We nodded as we set down. I looked around me and landed on two girls in the kitchen talking as another woman was cooking, they were pointing and giggling in our direction. Well more like Mason’s Direction. I definitely felt my jealousy set in as these girls swooned for MY mate, I looked up towards Mason who was staring right at the older girl, she looked to be about 20. She was gorgeous. She had raven black hair, her eyes were two different colours, one being green and one brown, and her body was ten times better then mine. She was just everything and more compared to me. Mason held this lust full look in his eyes as he took in the girl’s body, I felt my heart tear a little at my unfaithful mate. I was confused why my mate would do this to me, why he would look at someone else while I sat right next to him. I was furious and hurt as he continued to look at this girl like he was, ‘Thought he said he would never hurt me.’ I wanted to punch him and destroy her or the other way around. Not sure.

“Emily!” My mother wrestled me into a hug, taking me out of my thoughts. I masked my feelings and laughed as I hugged her back “I missed you so much.” to which she repeated with an ‘As well’. I loved my mother to bits and I don’t know what I would do without her, between her and my father, she contacted me the most so I was quite attached to her even if I don’t physically see her alot. “Who is this Man?” She questioned, I fell rather quiet as I wasn’t in the mood to give him any more attention. Luckily my brother kinda sensed the uncomfortableness and did the honours, “Father. Mother. This is Emily’s mate, Mason Hamilton.” Mason nodded respectfully to my parents as they both took turns to shake his hand. “It is very nice to meet you two. I hope my species doesn’t affect your opinion on me too much.” Mason spoke.

They both looked at each other and kinda laughed a little “Oh my dear. We are very welcoming to your kind and many others so don’t worry.” My mother was always kind and caring to everyone, it was probably a shock to her when everyone she was kind to went against her over me and a prophecy. “I’m glad to hear Alpha Mark and Luna Opal.” Mason smiled as he tried to take my hand but I pulled it away, I didn’t question why he knew their names. “Lets get on to why we are here. I want answers.” I spoke as we all sat down.

“Okay let’s just start from the beginning with the prophecy.”

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