The Vampire Teacher's Pet

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Chapter 7

“It was the day of your birth Emily..”

Third person P.O.V

It was early in the evening, the sky was a bewitching coral pink as the birds talked rather delightedly. So quiet and tranquil. Voom! A Jeep Wrangler came barreling down the tiny woodland back roads disturbing everything but the sky. “Aghhh!” screamed a heavily pregnant Opal as she struggled to keep her baby from leaving just yet, with her was Mark driving recklessly towards the pack hospital. “It will be okay honey just hold on.” Mark tried to comfort her. “Mark! I know that, now will you quit it before I throw you out of the car!” Mark went very pale as he drove faster, eager to get to the hospital. Once they reached the hospital, doctors and nurses swarmed them with a wheelchair at hand, “Luna please sit down.” Opal glared at the doctor as she went on about being adamant to walk to her birthing room, Mark told them just let her do it as he knew she would not step down from her stubbornness. The birth took about 6 hours with Mark standing by her side all the way through like a loyal dog. Ironic. The cries of a newborn filled the room, “It’s a girl!” The doctor announced, everyone cheered as Opal cried happily. The nursed cleaned the little newborn off as she cried for her mother’s touch “Shhhh child.” he said gently. Once the nurse was done he handed the baby to Opal as she whispered a little thanks. “Welcome to the world Emily.” The little girl cooed happily as she rubbed her head against her mother’s chest.

A week after Emily’s birth, many packs came to bless the child. It was a wolf tradition to bless the child of an alpha as it brought prosperity to them and you, one by one the packs came and went blessing the child, and complementing on how beautiful she was. Nearing the end of the week all the packs had blessed their child and Mark thought that was the last of them until a frail old woman entered the house. “I’m Sorry Alpha Mark and Luna Opal, I know it is rude to show up uninvited. My name is Merrill Jinx, I’m a witch from the west quarter. I come to bring only blessings for your sweet child and a returning prophecy.” Opal took hold of Emily protectively as she sensed a bad aura around Merrill. “What prophecy?” Mark held a curious glint in his eyes as he eyed up the woman, ‘She seems to be of no threat.’ He thought. “May I give my blessings on your child first?” Mark looked towards Opal who glared at him aggressively daring him to try to take their child away from her, he pleaded to her through his eyes. She sighed “You may but I will hold her.” The witch made her way towards Opal and Emily. “Oh my dear child. I give you the blessings of the 7 Gods and Goddesses. May life treat you well and as an extra gift from me to you.” The witch goes into her pocket and hands a small box to Mark. “Inside is a special necklace, It will protect her from evil.” Mark and Opal looked between each other.

“Why would our daughter need a Protection spell?” Opal’s face went white as she feared for her daughters future. “I am so sorry Alpha Mark and Luna Opal. There is a returning dark prophecy foretold by a witch in the North quarter. Your daughter is in more danger than you could imagine.” Opal pulled Emily towards her again as she struggled to find her words. “What did the witch foretell?” Mark growled, his eyes now a golden colour, his wolf was beginning to surface. “There are three special people that are born during a 300 year period every 400 years. One good - wolf born, One neutral - Vampire born, One evil - Demon born. It is said that the Demon born will take over the world and drive everyone to kill each other to create a new world. But, this can be stopped in two ways: 1. They are to be killed with a silver dagger to the chest, but this is extremely difficult as the demon born cannot be found till they are fully grown when their powers are the strongest. 2. The wolf born is killed, it is said that the wolf born has an energy link with the demon. The demon can manipulate their mind and make them feel false things, do things for them, manipulate their dreams etc.” The witch stopped talking for a minute to look around the room, checking no one was listening. “But there is a way to stop the wolf born to be killed, this is where the Vampire born comes in. The vampire born is always connected to the Demon born whether that be by blood, friendship, or enemies. The vampire born is mated to the Wolf born, so the vampire must find the wolf before the wolf turns 20 otherwise the demon will mark the wolf and become unkillable by anyone but the wolf born.” Mark and Opal sat shocked by the woman’s words, Opal tried not to believe the story as there was no proof of her child being any of the three. “Why does this have anything to do with our little girl. She is not any of the three.” Opal was now red and furious at the witch, ‘How dare she come here and waste our time with a stupid story.’ Opal grumbled. “Your daughter is THE wolf born. She has the mark of Selene the Goddess of the moon on her thigh.” The witch mumbled some words and a crescent moon appeared on the little girl’s right thigh. “Keep it hidden. The demon is the only one that can see it. Once the word gets out about your daughter, you must hide her away. She is now very important to the survival of this world.” Opal and Mark were now horrified as they tried to figure out how to face this situation. “Why are you protecting our daughter?” Mark was curious as to the kindness of this woman, did she want something from them.

“I see a hopeful future for that child. She will protect this world.”

Emily’s P.O.V

“That’s when the woman disappeared into thin air.” My father spoke, I was left very confused and shocked. ‘Well that has left me with almost nothing to work with. Does that mean Mason is the Vampire born or Demon born?’ I watched Mason wearily from the corner of my eye. ‘I’m just being silly.’ I internally laughed at myself. “Mason you must be the vampire born.” Harlow stated as Mason put his finger on his lips and thought for a minute. “So that means I know the Demon born, but it could be anyone I know of.Great.” Everyone sat in silence trying to think of what to do next, suddenly my stomach made a very loud gurgle. I grabbed myself as everyone giggled at me, “Can we go and eat something?” We stood up and made our way to the kitchen, I noticed the girl again and she was staring at Mason giving him the under the eyelashes look. She was driving me insane and I hadn’t even said hi to her yet, I pulled Mason closer to me hoping to show her that he was taken. She didn’t take the hint. “Abby please could you make sandwiches for everyone and a blood bag for Mr Hamilton here.” The girl, now known as Abby, quickly made our lunches. She passed everyone their plates and the blood bag to Mason, making sure to ‘Accidentally’ touch his hand, I was now physically glaring at this girl, ‘I swear to god.’ I was hitting my limits, ‘Next week I’m going to murder that girl. It will not be quick, nor painless.’

I gasped out loud at my murderous thoughts as Mason looked at me confused, “You alright?” He spoke softly as he looked at me with concern, I was still mad at him, I nodded while not giving him a single look as I ate my sandwich. My parents looked out at our exchange and giggled a little, “Trouble in paradise?” We both nearly choked on our food, I stared at them wide eyed. “I’m only bloody 17 remember. Now that I think about it, isn’t our relationship just a bit illegal?” My parents just shrugged their shoulders and muttered something about the mate bond overruling human laws. “You’re turning 18 next week anyways. Who cares!” My draw dropped at their response, Mason just smirked while Harlow just ignored the conversation all together. I pushed my food away and just watched Mason devour the blood bag, his eyes went his usual Cerise pink. I had to admit his eyes were always the most intriguing thing about him, they were so different. “Now let’s bring you two to your room.” My father said as he got out of his seat, we all nodded as Abby cleared our plates. “Wait, did you say rooms or - room?” I hesitated, my parents laughed again. “Room.” I went pale, I didn’t know Mason long enough to stay in the same room, to say I was nervous would have been an understatement.

Mason had a little smirk playing on his lips as he noticed my state, “It’s okay darling, I don’t bite.” I ignored him and his comment altogether, he turned his head forward acknowledging my annoyance with him and dropped his smirk. ‘He is probably going to ask later. I better prepare my answer.’ My parents chatted to Harlow about preparation to be Alpha and Luna, I assumed he found his mate and they were busy somewhere else. I don’t like prying. “Here we are. We will leave you two to settle in, then, later Emily you will come to the office on the second floor.” We nodded and made our way into the room, it was absolutely beautiful. Climbing the walls were golden flowers blooming brightly alongside wooden beams, standing tall, the floor was covered by black carpet that was soft to the touch. The walls had stars scattered all over them in random patterns and against them was a grand double bed made of dark oak wood, with white sheets spread evenly. “Wow.” It was really breathtaking and to make it better there was an ensuite bathroom, and a view that presented most of the forest. “Now we’re alone.” Mason snaked his arms around my waist, “Why have you been so cold to me since we got here.” I ripped his arms off me and felt heat begin to bubble on my cheeks. “How dare you pretend you have no clue. You had your eyes all over that Abby girl, might as well have been kissing her!” My pent up rage was surfacing too quickly, I couldn’t even handle it properly.

“Are you serious?! This is why you were annoyed at me. Over a girl that I looked at.” He laughed trying to mock my jealousy, I felt the angry tears daring to escape. “You have no clue how much it hurts for my mate to be looking at a girl like he wants to take her there and then! You promised me you wouldn’t hurt me.” I bellowed as tears escaped my control, he looked down at my pathetic state with a disgusted look. “Well you did say our relationship was wrong. Maybe I should just go take that girl, would that relationship be wrong?” I walked right up to him and pulled on his red tie, getting him to my level. “Then go fuck that whore.” I whispered, letting go of his tie and turning towards the bathroom. Bang! The bedroom door slammed shut, “Why did I end up with him?”

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