The Vampire Teacher's Pet

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Chapter 8

He didn’t come back into the room that night, I was very glad that he didn’t, all I wanted to do was punch his pretty little face in, ‘This match is not as heavenly as they make it out to be.’ I watched the moon dazzle in the sky as the stars winked to each other, I held my gaze all night not daring to give the darkness surrounding me the fear it craves so dearly. Once the sun displayed its light proudly blanketing the tree tops I began my day starting with a very refreshing bath. I turned the handles freeing the warm water into the tub and stripped out of my clothes from yesterday, I looked at the mirror hung on the yellow walls of the bathroom and the main feature of my face was the black bags that hung from the bottom of my eyes, “I need to sleep more often.” I looked away towards the bath, “Half full.” I mumbled as I poured the bubble bath into the tub, the strong scent of lavender graced my nostrils, I hummed happily as I got into the water feeling the warmth nibbled at my cold skin and my muscles released the stress they held. I sat in the bath just enjoying my own company and the complete silence. To be honest I enjoyed the silence, it was the only thing that made me truly concentrate and relax, the lack of sound. KNOCK! KNOCK... “Emily, are you in there?” I didn’t answer.

I heard a heavy sigh, “My love please don’t be angry at me.” He paused himself, “I have been a terrible mate. I’m sorry.” I felt my heart ache for his touch, his smell, his presence. I could feel he was genuine about his apology. “Did you sleep with her?” Silence.

I lowered my head to avoid his invisible gaze, “It hasn’t even been that long that I have known you, let alone being mates, but it feels like we’ve been together for years. I hate feeling this attached to a person who doesn’t want to be tied down or even want to be loyal to one person. You promised you wouldn’t hurt me but here you are. You are right, you are a terrible mate.” With that he left me alone again to enjoy the pleasant silence. After a while, I got out of the bath and got ready for the day.

I walked out of my room and followed the red walls down to a set of cobble stairs, “I guess I will assume this will lead me to the kitchen.” I whispered to myself as I carefully made my way down the stairs. Then as I edge closer to, what I think is the kitchen, I hear hushed voices. “How was the dark prince?” A young girl spoke to Abby. I felt my heart drop and smash into a million pieces, I was truly hoping that it wasn’t true and that he just couldn’t get his words out to tell me. “Mason was everything I expected and more.” I could feel the lust drip from her mouth. I could feel my heart thudding against my chest as I became more and more heart broken, ‘I did this to myself. I was the one who dared him to do it but I just hoped he would be loyal. I was wrong.’ I just wanted to drag myself back upstairs and cry for the rest of the day. “Abby it’s all well and good but doesn’t he have a mate? I mean that girl he brought really clung to him.” Abby just scoffed and laughed at her friend’s words. “She was no one. Probably some obsessed arrangement he was forced into. I mean they can’t be mates since she is human.” Abby laughed again as she continued to talk about her night with Mason, I was ready to walk in their and tell her who the fuck I was. I would have loved nothing more than to tell her I’m his mate and the biological daughter of their Alpha and Luna, oh to see her face go so pale and fill with fear; but I just walked away as my appetite had for some reason disintegrated.

“Emily!” I swear I jumped like 60 feet into the air. “I was looking for you. We never got to talk to each other after your fight with Mason, how are you by the way?” My father spoke as he put his arm around my shoulder, I missed this kind of family love. “I’m okay, could be better.” His eyes held an unreadable emotion as he pulled me into a hug and told me it gets better. I tried to change the bitter subject, “So what did you want to talk about?” He said a quick oh yeah before he ushered me into a random direction, it was the library. “So, your mother and I have been talking to a certain witch and we have found a way to make you turn much sooner.” I stood shocked. “We are worried that it is too much of a risk to keep you human any longer especially since there is a demon after you. You need to be stronger. We need to train you but we can’t do that when you are human, you’re too weak.” I didn’t know what to say, I was partly offended by his weak comment but he was right, I could probably train to kill a human but that was it, I was going up against a demon. “I-I need time to think about this.” He nodded understandably.

“Of course but please don’t leave it too long we need to begin training.” He spoke as he walked off towards the kitchen.

I walked out of the pack house not caring about the strange looks I received, I needed space to think and breathe, I needed to be outside. I walked towards a part of the woods and just kept walking till I could only hear the woods natural voice. The trees towered over like they were the true alphas of this world, they housed many creatures sheltering them from the unpredictable weathers. In return the creatures would try to protect the tree from human touch, a simple you give and I give situation but it’s not just that simple. Nature is simple on the surface but inside it is more complicated than anyone could ever imagine, in a way my situation is kinda as complicated as nature. I sighed as I tried to gather my thoughts, “What the hell do I do?” I didn’t know what kind of consequence speeding my wolf trigger will really do, there is also what the Gods and Goddesses will do, they made us! Who knows what they would do if we messed around with our bodies like that. I didn’t need this stress, some of the Gods and Goddesses already mess with me enough. Not to mention I have a mate who is really unloyal and untrustable. This was too much. “Having trouble thinking?” A soft familiar voice spoke from behind me.

“I just don’t know what to do. What if the people upstairs punish me?” My mother laughed at me and assured me that it wouldn’t happen.

“I was once in a similar position as you but it was about your father.” I looked at her intrigued. “I was still part of my original pack, I had just found my mate but he wasn’t your father. He was a peasant boy from our pack village and I remember being so utterly in love with him but there was a problem. Once he made eye contact with me, I thought we would go running into each other’s arms and feel the pull of love finally be whole but that didn’t happen. He shouted at me and called me every name in the book, he didn’t want me. It turned out he was married, a wife and three children, he instantly rejected me. Broke my heart to a billion pieces. I guess he thought he would never have a mate so married his childhood sweet heart. I was so depressed after that. I never left my room, not even for food. I was basically an empty shell.” My mother’s eyes were full of pain as she tried to continue on. “My mother and father loved me to bits but I was getting too old to live at home any longer, so, they arranged for me to marry the Alpha’s son in the next pack over. The night they told me I shouted and screamed at them about how they don’t care for my well being so I ran away that night not caring about their pleas for me to come back. I ran far until I ironically trespassed in your father’s land. I was there for about 5 minutes before your father turned up questioning me, he was so attractive and polite, I told him I was just passing through not knowing who he was. As I was about to leave he asked for my name, then everything clicked and I shifted into my wolf form, and legged it out of there. You should have seen his face as I just sped off.” We laughed together and she did an impression of his face.

“He quickly caught up with me though, with his deep brown wolf and tackled me to the ground. Then I felt it. The pull. I was shocked, it was a myth for second chance mates but here one was. My second chance mate. As our eyes locked it felt like my pain disappeared and was replaced with love for this stranger. We both got off each other and just looked into our eyes, I was so utterly and uncontrollably in love with him. And let’s just say your brother was made 2 weeks later. Once we found out about your brother we instantly got married even after the multiple attempts of his parents trying to break us up but we pushed through. After a year of marriage his parents still hadn’t accepted me and convinced me he would be better without me or our child so one day I left, leaving only a note. Apparently he tore into his parents about what they did and nearly killed his father over me and Harlow. He searched for days trying to find us and then one day he did. He told me what he did and how he was nothing with his family, he didn’t care about what his parents thought about us, he just wanted his family back.” With that she ended her amazing story and held my face in the palms of her hand.

“Honey I want you to make your own decisions, don’t let anyone dictate your life. If you want to wait then we all will wait or if you want to go through with the transition now then we will support. We will not make decisions for you. The people upstairs have created us but they give us a lot of free will from the beginning, they do not fully control you.” I smiled as I thought about everything and figured out a decision.

“Mother. I want to speed up the transition, not because I’m weak but because I’m impatient and there are certain people I want to kick to the dust.” I growled as she gave me a slight concerned look but lightly laughed. “Okay. The full moon is tonight so we will begin the transition when it is midnight and the moon is high.” I nodded obediently, nerves now setting in. ‘This is a good idea right?’

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