The Vampire Teacher's Pet

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Chapter 9

As we walked back my mother told me of stories of a childhood I missed in the pack, it made me realise the guilt my mother has for leaving me for so long, I learnt my mother can not hold guilt as best as she shows. “Emily, I am truly sorry about your childhood. We tried our best to keep you hidden and not ruin your childhood but their pack still needed leaders and Harlow needed parents. We had to go between you and the pack a lot hence why you mainly grew up with Mrs Peterson, and your little sidekick Dexter. Btw Dexter is very happy at the kennels with his siblings.” I tried to seem happy and understanding but it was difficult, I knew it was for my benefit but it just seemed unfair to hide this all from me especially Harlow. I really could have used a sibling with my lack of social interaction in school. “It’s fine mother, I know you did it to benefit me. Anyways there is something I want to get off my chest.” My mother gave her full attention as I spilled my heart about Mason cheating on me last night. She was horrified at his actions and the amount of pain he had put me through, to say she was angrier than a bull would have been an understatement. It took me everything I had to not let her kill him before I got to him, we ended up agreeing that she would lecture him about his attitude instead of killing him where he stood.

Anyways, as we got to the pack house I could feel his presence by the door and it was driving me crazy, all I wanted to do was run into his arms, but he would think I was over his little whore night. My mother held me steady as I fought back my urges, “Emily, can we talk?” My mother’s gaze held blazing knives hotter than hell ready to turn him to ash, he knew he was in the shit. “Emily why don’t you go in and have a nice cup of tea in the sitting room. Mason you WILL go grab Abby and meet me in the office in four minutes.” Mama wolf was at full speed and she was going to make sure everyone knew it. My father looked between us and mouth ‘Mama wolf?’ I nodded happily as I skipped towards the sitting room with my father in tow.

After a rather long 10 minutes, my mother and Mason came down the stairs but Mason looked way too happy, “All sorted honey. He’s all yours.” I got up out of my seat and began walking towards the stairs not daring to touch him, I spotted Abby on the way up and she instantly held red hot hatred for me. I laughed at her expression and opened my bedroom door not bothering to close it knowing he was following behind, “Not got anything to say to me?” I questioned as I walked to the cupboard and pulled out some comfort clothes. I turned around and our noses were just under an inch apart, he trapped me between the cupboard and him, “You really didn’t have to set your mother on me.” He snorted at me, the urge to kiss him was very strong. “Hey, it was either you get your ass kicked by her or you get a lecture. I wanted to kick your ass first so…” I smiled as I edged closer to him, not letting go of his eyes. “Don’t push it missy.” He warned with a little smirk creeping on his face. “Or what? You’ll hurt me? Bit late for that isn’t it?” I mocked.

“There are more ways to hurt you, some more pleasurable than others.” My mouth dropped as my blood boiled and overflowed to my cheeks. “I-I-I.” I was lost for words and my fire had been extinguished, he had won this one but next time he wouldn’t. I pushed him away and got changed in the bathroom, “What are you doing tonight?” he questioned as I strolled out of the bathroom. “Well that’s actually a good question,” He gazed at me confused, “My parents have spoken to an ally witch and she has made a way for me to shift...well… tonight at midnight.” Mason was speechless and I swear his jaw dropped a little. “Is this safe?” I thought for a minute before I shrugged to which he threw his arms about in disbelief. “So you’re going in blind. Right okay, not safe but whatever. Your body. Your decision. I’ll still be here to support you.” I was now looking shocked, I was not expecting the support especially not after today. “Okay then, I’m actually pretty scared so support would be great.” I smiled up towards him but it was only quick, not enough to make him think I had forgiven him. I saw his eyes darken when my smile faded, “I think I’m going to get some sleep before the event.” He agreed with me and helped me darken the room. “Sweet dreams.” With that he left the room with sad eyes and me with a light blush on my cheeks, ‘I hope I can forgive him soon. I hate seeing him like this.’ I quickly fell into a deep slumber

I was running in the woods, sweat dripping down my body and all I could hear was my heart beating in my chest, “You can’t run far little one, I will find you.” The sinister voice called as the blood curdling screams echoed through this forest, in instinct, I ran towards the screams as I called for them.

I stopped in my tracks when a little boy, he looked around 4, was laying on the ground with a pool of blood protruding from underneath him. His eyes were cold, lifeless staring up to the beautiful sky. I could see his last breath escape his lips, a stray tear left my eye as I fell to the ground just next to the poor boy but that one tear turned to a flood, I mourned the child till I could mourn no more, “Why did you kill him Emily?” The sinister voice spoke to me.

“I didn’t kill him..” I sobbed

“Yes, Yes you did! You murdered him! You’re a killer!” The voice insulted as it circled me.

“No, I didn’t!” I shouted, I was up against a tree gasping for air but it was too late the voice snapped my neck and darkness covered my vision.

“Emily, it’s only me.” Mason grappled me into a hug as I sobbed into him. “Please tell me I didn’t kill anyone.” I spluttered as salty tears fell onto my cheeks, Mason shook his head and soothed me into relaxation. “It felt so real, I-I I just had to make sure.” I drug my head deeper into the Mason’s chest, sparks of electricity surged through us almost connecting us. “It’s time. Are you ready to do this?” He questioned, it took me a few minutes to get what he meant before I nodded yes. “Good let’s get you into something more light and rippable.” Once I was changed, we went to the living room and met a woman that looked to be in her early 50’s, “Hello, I’m Merrill. I will be helping you with your transition tonight. Luckily we chose the perfect night to do your transition, it should be much less painful.” I shook her hand happily and told her about how I know of her. “Right now the formalities are over. Lets get on to the transitioning.” My father clapped as his hands commanded us to go out to the back of the house.

My father told everyone but me and Merrill to stay near the house as we went a good 10 feet away from them. “Alright Mark, I need you to actually step back but stay close by as you will need to control her when she turns.” My father nodded at Merrill and stepped back a bit with his arms folded. I looked back at everyone with a worried glance then turned my attention to Merrill, “Emily I need you to breathe first then drink this potion.” I took a few deep breaths in and out before she handed me the bottle of liquid. “Here goes nothing.” I whispered as I chug down the vile tasting potion. It was instant, I fell to my knees as an excruciating pain slowly made it’s way through me. Firstly, the feet, they twisted and turned in impossible ways. Then, my legs, it was like someone was taking an axe to my legs and maliciously hacking at it repeatedly with no break. After, my chest, it was like someone was slowly pouring acid into my lungs then into my heart, liver, kidneys etc etc. The pain spread through my whole body but affected each part in extremely painful ways. Lastly, was my eyes, it was the least painful thing to happen but also the most beautiful. I was able to see the world in a different light, I was stunned. Once the pain was fully gone I picked myself off the ground and looked around, eager to test out my new body. Then I smelt it, it was so intoxicating. I wanted more.

“Emily, look at me.” My father commanded but I ignored him, I sniffed the ground trying to find the source to the smell, then I found it, ‘Mason!’. I barreled towards him, keen to figure out why he smelt so good. Everyone ran out of my way except Mason, he stood deadly still waiting for the impact. I stopped in my tracks when I began to see a red colour flood my eyes and anger filling my body, then I growled. I was holding so much anger that the transformation must have heightened all my feelings, all I wanted to do was tackle him to the ground and possibly scratch him up a bit. “Do it. I dare you.” Mason goaded as I circled him, he was not showing any sign of fear or regret and it just riled me up more. I gave him a warning growl and, I swear I saw his mask slip a bit, then I pounced. Thud! I was under a massive silver wolf, they pushed me deeper into the dirt. “Don’t give in to your emotions! That is rule number one!” My mother’s voice echoed in my head, I was left stunned as she held me to the ground. I growled for my mother to get off me but she didn’t budge, so I did the unthinkable, I kicked my mother and sent her flying towards a tree, “Stay away from me!” My hackles were up as I bared my teeth, Merrill started walking towards me very carefully with hands in a surrendering position. “Emily your emotions are running wild and you seem to be exceptionally stronger than you should be. Please just breathe.” The witch’s words seemed to somehow sooth me back into a calm state, probably some incantation. I looked towards my mother as she struggled to pick herself back up, my brother tried his best to pick her up and bring her back to the house. I was horrified at what I had done to the woman who brought me into this world, “Mother I am so sorry. I didn’t want to hurt you.” She didn’t even give me a spare glance as she hopped towards the house.

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