His Secrecy

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Gianna Moretti, a 21 year old half Italian and half American girl who is the number one famous model in New York. She’s every men’s dream girl and every women’s insecurities. Her natural exotic beauty and charisma were screaming power that made her the crowd’s favorite. She almost had everything, an indeed luxurious life that everybody wishes to have. But the question is…… Is she really happy? Gianna felt there was something missing in her life and no wealth or even fame could possess her whole being. What will happen if she meet the guy who captured her cold heart, will she find out his secret? Jayden Collins, a dominant smoking hot billionaire, he owns some glamorous buildings in New York and also the CEO of one of the top magazines. Being the only heir of the Collins family, he is known playboy, who wanted a woman to completely surrender to him. But Jayden secretly adore only one girl. The only girl he wanted to be with. Watching her from afar, that’s the only thing he could do to her. For Now…. “Wait till I get you, when the time comes and you will be mine.” What was Jayden’s secret that involves Gianna? Would she accept the fact and just follow her heart? *matured content* Please Like, Comment, share and review, I would truly appreciate... Thank you so much 😊 ❤️

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

I could see them all, paparazzi everywhere, flashes of cameras and a crowd of people, from teens to adults, boys and girls, they were all waiting for me to go outside and all screaming my name on top of their lungs. I walked out of a Balenciaga Store here in the busy street of Manhattan. I think I bought more than 10 bags, it was my kind of a stress reliever, well aside from listening to my favorite music.

I was about to get in my car when someone from the crowd screamed....... “Gia......I love you, marry me!!!” I smirked on that, I’m sure a voice coming from a younger guy but I couldn’t see who, my bodyguards were all blocking them from me, they were all screaming my name and taking pictures aside from all the paparazzi. I love all my fans, but for some reasons I tend to ignore them sometimes, and I believed they understood me because I am also a human and I am not in a freaking mood right now.

Since I became famous as a model, I get used to this kind of life, no privacy, no peace and no freedom, I can only get these three when I am all alone in my penthouse suite, and my house is my favorite hangout.

Aside from my perfect model figure,,, they say I’ve got an exotic beauty, something that is mesmerizing and capturing attention, the charisma I’m bearing is irresistible, and that made me the crowd’s favorite.

I think that has been the virtue of having a mix blood. My father was an Italian and my mother was an American, and that made me look like this. I inherited my mom’s green eyes, fair smooth skin and I think her body too. I truly have a model physique, a perfect slim curves, flat stomach even small tits, I think this is the only part of my body I don’t like so I never wear a bra, what’s the point? I mean I have no boobies to cover. Plus, I think I’ve already shown my tits to the whole world. I only use bra when it’s necessary because of work. I always wear a lingerie in all of my fashion shows. The famous lingerie brand all over the world.

I have got long legs though I am not the tallest among my co-models, I am only 5’9 in height, I have got plump ass too.

Not to brag, I am a total beauty with brain. Being intelligent, I think I inherited that to my dad. That is why men were drooling over me.

Speaking of men, yes I have lots of boyfriends, some were models, singers and actors.... In this kind of show business industry, you’ll get a chance to meet more celebrity people and lucky to be friends with them. But the friendship was all I could offer, I never entertained suitors, that is why some of my male friends they didn’t dare to confess their feelings for me. Why? Because if they made me feel like they would want more than friendship, then that’s the time I left them,,,, without a word,... Cut the ties and erased them no matter how close we were before or how much deeper friendship we’ve shared. Ridiculous am I? It’s just that I don’t want any other man in my life now, no boyfriend since birth and that made me fucking virgin until now and the hell I care.

I was sitting inside my car with my PA Janna, my driver Ricky, Janna’s husband. My other bodyguards from the other car following us when my phone pings a text. I unlocked it and read the message.

Margaret: “Meeting with the Vice president of Cosmo Magazine, tomorrow at 2PM don’t be late....”

I sighed heavily and looked at my watch, It’s already 8 pm. I locked my phone off. I didn’t reply her back, Margaret is my manager, and she’s very strict when it comes to everything, my schedules, my diet, my exercise routine, my beauty regimen etc almost a perfectionist just like her. Recently we always argue because of my stubbornness. That is why I ended up in Balenciaga boutique awhile ago...I do shopping when I am stressed and upset, we had an argument early this morning on the phone since she was in Paris now doing some business, of course related to me.

I am asking for a break, I told her that I do not want to accept the collaboration from the Cosmo Magazine because that would make me busier and tomorrow’s meeting is already a contract signing and that made me furious. I felt like I’m getting tired of this routine, I always have tight schedules, non-stop meetings, pictorials, fashion shows and interviews, and I didn’t have time for myself. But I am very thankful to Margaret because of her, I am in this position, she helped me all the time and made some work easier for me. She was the only one who takes care of me aside from my PA Janna, Margaret was like a mother to me as well.

Speaking of my mother, she was an ex-model too, she attended a fashion show in Milan and that was the time she met my dad. My father was a business man, so when they got married my mom had no choice and quit her modeling career and moved to my father’s hometown, Rome Italy. Then she gave birth to me. Their only daughter.

I took out my air pods from my bag and listened to some music, it’s very relaxing, I leaned my head back to the car seat while gazing outside the car’s window, overlooking the tallest buildings of New York City. Then a flash back from the past.

“Honey hurry up we’re gonna be late!” My mom shouted from downstairs.

“I’m almost done mom!” We will attend a charity ball hosted by my father’s company. My father is a well-respected businessman, everyone adores him for being a helpful, and that is why I love him so much I’m a daddy’s girl. Spoiled brat, my father treated me like a princess and made sure to give me everything and all the best in the world. I was born and raised in Italy I am fluent in Italian language but at the same time in English too, since my mom was an American, she spoke to me in English while my father spoke to me in Italian, in addition to that I went to a prestigious school where all students were speaking English. All in British accent.

I walked downstairs wearing a white lace dress but I didn't wear heels instead I wore a black ankle strap flat sandals. I was only 15 years old, but my height was like I am already 20 plus or something, no wonder they called us a giant family. My mom being an ex-model and my dad of course, was the tallest among us three.

We arrived at the place, the bodyguards opened the car door for me and my mom. We entered the venue and the people were all bowed and greeted us, my mom was already occupied with her friends so I walked away to find my dad, he was talking to someone, I guess his colleague. I didn’t bother him and walked to the empty table and sat down. Looking all the people in that party I think I am the youngest. I took a sip of an ice tea when someone from behind tapped my shoulder.

“Amore.” My dad smiling at me, I stood up and hug him tight.

“Amore, I want you to meet my long lost friend, Jaime, your uncle Jaime.” I looked at the handsome man same age as my daddy, he was the same man my dad talking earlier. I smiled to him and he hugged me.

“You have an absolutely gorgeous daughter amico.” He said looking to my dad.

“I hope you’ll get along with my son sweetheart.” Uncle Jaime added winking at my dad as if sending some message.

“Oh no amico she’s still young. But we can talk about it later, of course I would like my daughter to be in good hands.” My dad replied, putting his hand on my shoulders smiling at me and I gave him a frowned look. I maybe young, but I am not stupid not to get their conversation.

“By the way where is he? I wanna meet him too, I want to see what my son-in-law look like.” My dad asked.

“Dad!” I almost yelled at him. But these two oldies just laughed at me.

“Oh he’s probably roaming around amico, you’ll meet him don’t worry.” And they laughed at each other again. They were like a kid and seems like they really missed each other so much. No I think they love each other so much.

I excused myself and walked out to the garden. Where I saw a frame bench I walked towards it and sat down, this place was so peaceful and it was so dark the lights from the circled fountain were the only one illuminated the entire garden. I don’t care, I am not afraid of the dark. Now that I am pissed off. I never imagine my dad would have planned an arranged marriage for me. I don’t care if he’s the son of his beloved bestfriend. I wanted to marry to the man I choose to love and not to the one who would force me to love. I clenched my fist thinking about it. I sat there for I don’t know how many minutes. I am so upset.

“What a girl doing in this dark, cold night?” A muscular soft voice coming from behind I didn’t mind the cold breeze but his voice sent me goosebumps. I tilt my head to look but I wasn’t able to see his face, he was standing in the dark.

“Mind if I join you?” He asked and I just nodded. He sat down next to me and sitting next to him, I feel like I became little for the first time, I mean I am tall but his way taller. His perfume smells delicious. I got tensed. My once quiet and calm mood was suddenly interrupted by this stranger. Sending electricity all over my body. Why the hell this guy affects me so much? A moment of silence, I think we’re both looking at the fountain.

“I’m Liam Scott and you are?” He looked down at me extending his hands. I looked up to see his face, but I still couldn’t see him well, but I’m sure he’s handsome. We shook hands and I felt blushed crept on my face. I instantly averted my gaze to the fountain.

“My name is Gianna Moretti.” I could still feel my hot cheeks. And I know he was staring at me intensely, and I got nervous.

“What are you doing here alone?” He suddenly asked.

“Hmm, I..... Feel like I’m out of place there, and I’m very pissed off my dad.” I said still looking at the fountain. “And you?” I asked him.

“Let’s say we have the same reason, aside from I broke up with my girlfriend just now on the phone.”

“Do you live here?” I asked him confidently.

“Nope, my family and I were on vacation. We will be back in the US in two days.” He sighed and I nodded.

Ouch...a part of me was happy because he was single since he said he broke up his girlfriend but the other part was insatiable, knowing that there would be no way I could see him again because he lives in the other part of the planet. This feeling was a stranger to me, it was my first time to feel attracted to a guy because of his smell and his character, without seeing his whole face. By looking at his aura this guy wasn’t my age, but I like men older than I am. I shook my head and I heard he chuckled. Omg, I think he caught me being fooled, thinking about something.

We talked a lot, we laughed, we shared and exchanged some details like getting to know with each other, like we didn’t care what’s going on inside the party, like we had our own world and I somehow felt at ease and safe talking to this stranger. I’ve learned he’s 20 and I told him I’m 15, he said I’m still young, but I frankly told him that I like older men and I like him already. I didn’t know where did I get the guts to say that straight to his face that I like him, but he will be gone in two days and after this day I would never see him again so I told him what I am feeling right now. Guess it’s better to say than sorry. I didn’t see his expression when I said those words, but he stood up and face me, he grabbed my shoulders to make me stand up.

“You’re beautiful, and I will kiss you.” He said in a dominant voice. It was not a question. I was surprised to that, but at the same time I felt excited this would be my first kiss. I didn’t say anything, I just nodded. He squeezed my shoulders with his both hands and leaned down to meet my lips.

Then we kissed, I never imagined a guy could make me feel a thousand things at once. I will definitely won’t forget this. I got my first kiss at this age and my lips were no longer a virgin. I mean I know I’m a bit late because some of my friends, they even had their first kissed when they were 10 -12 years old they even lost their V card at this age. But me, I wanted to do it with someone who would make my heart melts.

His kissed was perfect. He's truly an expert kisser and me being inexperienced with it, I have been like a stump just waiting for his next step. I think I fell in love with this guy. His impulsive character, dominant, very alluring.

The kissed broke when we heard a loud bang inside the venue, he immediately pulled me against him as if protecting me and we went somewhere where we can hide, then another gun shot, I was trembling with fear I wanted to get inside because my parents were there but Liam was holding me tightly. “My parents are there I need to go.” I said crying and struggling to say the words.

“It’s not safe to go Gianna, my parents are also there, we have to wait.” He said. We heard more gun shots, I was crying while covering my ears with my two hands. What is going on? Then 2 men in black suits running towards the fountain and looking for someone and they shouted. “Master!” Liam got up and hold my hand.

“I know them, they are my bodyguards.” When he said that, I pulled away my hand on him and abruptly runs towards the glass door of the venue, I heard him calling out my name but I ignored. The people inside were all terrified, they were all crying. Some were hiding under the table. Then I saw my parents bathed with their own blood.

Still looking at the car window, I didn’t realize tears were falling down my cheeks. That was one of the memories I didn’t want to remember, but it keeps on coming back.

“Gia we’re here,” Janna said. “Gia!” She shouted. I wasn’t listening I was still lost. She shook my left thigh. I wiped my tears, good thing Janna didn’t see. We get out in the car and walked inside the building of my penthouse and entered the elevator, Janna pressed the highest floor number. I closed my eyes, then his name rented out my mind. “Liam Scott... Liam Scott... Liam Liam Liam.”

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