His Secrecy

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Chapter 10

Zac and Candice were gigling beside me trying to listen to the conversation I am having on the phone right at the moment.

“Alright bye see yah.” I said trying to hide the smile and dropped the call.

“What did he say?” Zac excitingly asked me.

“He’s picking me up for lunch.” I stood up and start packing all my things. I am in Zac’s office because I just finished my catwalk training.

“Oh my gosh, I can’t still believe you have a boyfriend now.” Candice said almost screaming and I looked at her as if trying to shush her. I don’t want the world to know, it’s not the right time, besides Margaret still didn’t know about it. I am not even sure what could be her reaction. Zac, Candice and Janna were the only people who knows about our secret relationship.

I know things between us happened real quick, I mean I just met him two days ago but now, he is my boyfriend. I agreed to give him a chance to prove himself to me on the condition that we keep our relationship a secret. He was hesitating at first, I knew he didn’t like the idea hiding it but eventually he agreed to me as well.

Jayden Collins is now my secret lover, my first ever boyfriend after decades of being a single, things were still not sinking on me until now, but the thought of being his girlfriend made me proud, I knew there were lots of women fighting over him, trying to get him and be his boyfriend and that’s one of the reasons why I wanted our relationship to keep ourselves first, I’m positive I’ll gain more and more bashers.

It’s not really hard to fall for him, actually I could instantly say that I am inlove with him already, the fact that I wanted to see him and be with him all the time and I believe I still need to learn more about him. We’re both on that process.

I am missing him. Last night was a memorable date for me, he made me feel I am special I could feel how much he truly cares for me and the love and desire that remained in his tantalizing eyes throughout the night till he drove me off in my penthouse.

I got excited when he called me earlier saying that he will pick me up for lunch. “So this is how it feels when you have a boyfriend, happiness overflowing and you always feels excited.” I told myself giggling with a wide grinned on my face still packing my things. Then my phone pings a text. It was a message from Jayden telling me that he was already waiting at the parking lot of this building. We have to be discreet, it has to be no one should be able to see us together to avoid a future issue.

I bid goodbye to my friends, and both of them were happy for me.

“Enjoy sweetie.” Zac said winking at me. I smiled at them and scurried out the room. I was like a kid getting excited. When I reached the basement he was there standing beside his car. Ofcourse, looking gorgeous.

He looked at me smiling showing all his pearly white teeth he met me half way and hugged me tightly, then he captured my lips, he takes my breath away in a head-spinning kissed, I felt something like heat takes over me flushing my entire body.

“I miss you.” Jayden growled, nuzzling in my neck. I could feel his affection and longing. But I am not comfortable looking on every side of the area, scanning the surroundings, checking left and right, making sure there’s no other people other than us specially paparazzi. Then I gently pulled away from him.

“Anyone could see us here.” I said then he grabbed my hand and walked towards his car and open the door for me.

“Where are we going?” I asked.

“My house barbie.” He said with a cocky smile on his lips.

“And where is that? You said you have a lot of houses right? He chuckled on my statement and said.

“Relax barbie, we’re going home.”

“Huh? Questioning with a frown forehead.

“We’re neighbors right?” He said teasing me and started to drive.

Luckily no one sees us when we reached his suite, we entered his penthouse and there were delivery food ready on the table and he said that it was his assistant who took care of everything. We had chinese food for lunch, then after I took the chance to tell him that I will have dinner date with Michael later. I am actually hesitant to tell him at first but since he’s my boyfriend now, I think it’s unnecessary to keep a secret from him. Besides, I am not doing anything wrong, for me it was just a casual dinner with Michael. I cleared my throat and started to mumbled some words.

“I’ll have dinner with Michael later.” I said biting my lower lip. He just looked at me and took a sip on his glass of water.

“Why?” He asked with no facial expression.

“Well, yesterday he also asked me to go out, but I had it first with you, so..... I told him I’ll have dinner with him today.” I said but he was just looking at me.

“It’s just a dinner okay.” I added holding his hand.

“I have trust in you barbie, but it’s him I don’t trust.” I smiled at his statement. I knew he was just trying to hide his annoyance. This man was really good at hiding his feelings.

“Don’t worry, Michael is a good man.”

“How do you know? I know every man’s intentions.” He said with an arch brow.

“Oh yeah, with your diverse and vast experience, you sure know everything about what men want.” I said teasing him, he smirked and led me to his huge leather sofa, we snuggled and he kissed my temple.

“So what time are you going?” He suddenly asked.

“He said he will pick me up at 7.” I muttered. He glanced at his watch and flashed a cheeky grinned.

“We still have more time barbie.” He was smiling like he was planning to do something.

“More time for what?”

“What do you wanna do? Like do you want to watch netflix? Or maybe..... sleep? Or.....” I interrupted him by saying.

“You’re a perv.” He laughed and kissed me on my cheek.

“I thought you need to go back to your office?” He shrugged his broad shoulders and said.

“I’d rather be with you barbie.” This time his tone was serious and he’s looking at me on the eye with so much passion.

The intensity of his gazed was like sending jolts to my whole body making my damp core. I am not ready to do it but my body was reacting too much for him. He leaned to kiss me. He grip the back of my neck and kissed me passionately, his dept hands moved down my lower back cupping my plump ass. I breathe heavily in between kisses and run my hands through his hair. He stopped for a moment and stared at me as if captivated.

“You’re so beautiful.” He growled, his eyes radiate with fiery passion and love. Then he peppered me with kisses down my neck sending shivers down my spine, when he’s about to slipped a hand inside my top his phone rang. He looked to see who’s calling and ignored it, he continue to kissed my neck but his phone rang again.

“Jayden, ans——wer your phhhone.” I said struggling to say those words because he was still kissing and licking my neck. “Jay——den.” I groaned. He’s phone kept on ringing it must be important. He looked very pissed and grabbed his phone and answered it. I stood up to fix myself but he grabbed my wrist and let me sit on his lap. He was stroking my back while talking on his phone. It was relaxing so I leaned my head on the crook of his neck and I think I fall asleep.

We both fell asleep snuggling on the sofa and me on his lap, I looked on his peaceful face, that’s how I felt comfortable when I am with him, I took a glance on my watch and got surprised it’s already past 6PM and I have dinner with Michael at 7. I looked on my phone good thing no message from him. I abruptly stood up and fix myself, I could sense Jayden was also awake but his eyes were still close.

“Jayden I have to go.” I was about to turn my back but he catches my hand, it’s a gentle touch but it sends electricity through me all the same.

“Don’t go.” He said I looked at him and his eyes were close.

“Jayden.” Then he smirk. He opened his eyes and said.

“I’ll walk you out.” He stood up and we both stormed out in his pent. We walked in the hall wrapping his arm around my waist, leading me the way as if my penthouse was too far from him.

I unlocked my door and faced him, “I’ll see you... later?” He smiled and replied to me. “You can see me anytime you want barbie.”

“Ok, I need to change..... clothes...” He smiled and nodded. I turned around but he said.

“Wait!!!” I turned to look at him again.

“Don’t wear too revealing, and don’t put make up.”


“You don’t need to look more beautiful for him.”

“Are you jealous?”

“I am.” He kissed my lips and flashes a sly grin before he retreat back in his suite.

“And don’t enjoy too much barbie.” He added almost shouting unlocking the door of his suite.

I shook my head smiling and entered my room. I took a quick shower and I wore a white kimono jumpsuit pairing with my Manolo Blahnik black stiletto and put on a light make-up.

Michael was waiting in the parking lot already so I hurriedly went out clutching my purse. I went to the elevator to see Jayden leaning against the threshold of his door, arms and feet crossed looking hot and fresh from the shower wearing only white shorts and dark blue sando. He was looking at me like he was examining every inch of my body.

“What?” I said shrugging both shoulders with my hands on air. “You’re makin me nervous. Do I look bad?” I added.

He came closer to me. “Why are you so gorgeous?” He was looking at me intensely like he wanted to eat me right here right now. Look what you’ve done to me barbie.” His gazed move south, down his body I followed and laughed at what I am seeing. I am certain I’m giving him blue balls right now. I was laughing when he suddenly hugged me tight, I could feel his hardness against my stomach.

“Jayden, I need to go, he’s waiting downsta...” He cut me off by cupping my face and captured my lips in a hungry searing kiss. His tongue probes in my mouth. His hands were moving and roaming around my body, from my neck down to my hardened nipples, since I didn’t wear any bra his touch lights every inch of my skin on fire. His lips not leaving mine and his movement grow more and more passionate. I was enjoying the moment too, devouring his kisses and put my hands around his neck, I couldn’t resist the tingling sensation he was sending me, it was as if my world has stopped and lost in my thoughts that I have forgotten there was someone waiting for me.

I abruptly broke the kiss, I felt my swollen lips and suddenly felt reluctant to leave, but I looked on my phone that rang because someone sent me a text.

“Oh my gosh, I need to go.” I said biting my lower lip. He smiled and kissed my cheek and pressed the elevator button, when it opened I entered and face him. He blocked the metal doors with his hand for a moment to avoid from closing, an amuse smirk crossed over his face and said.

“I’ll be waiting for you tonight.” He said in a serious but flirty tone. I just smiled at him, then he let go the metal doors from his hands, his eyes hot on me and grumbled.

“I love you Gianna.” And the elevator door finally closed.

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