His Secrecy

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Chapter 11

“I love you Gianna.” Those words never left my mind. The warmth in his eyes telling those words sent butterflies to my stomach, I was like a stump when the elevator door closed remembering his face, he didn’t just say he loves me he said it with all the emotions by looking on his eyes, and saying my name in his sexy lips is like music to my ears. It was my first time hearing him saying my name since he always calls me barbie.

I am with Michael now but my mind was a bit perturbed. He brought me to a high-end restaurant overlooking the city lights with a phenomenal view of all the buildings of New York City, as the moon rises from a distance. I was sitting across him, Michael look dashing on his tweed suit. His tousled hair when he was performing on stage was now styled and gelled. It was my first time seeing him very formal. This guy is indeed a heartthrob, he’s also every women’s ideal type but for me he’s just a friend a good friend and that’s all I could offer my friendship.

He rented the whole restaurant for us to have privacy. Good thing Michael also knows how to handle things like this because I am very certain that we were surrounded by paparazzi waiting for us. The waiter approached us with a shy smile and a wine on his hand taking us our orders. I let Michael order the food for me.

“Gia are you okay?” Michael suddenly interrupted my lost thoughts, he was looking at my hand which holding a fork stabbing the steak again and again, he looked worried and I think I looked a fool. “Don’t you like the food? Do you want me to order something else?”

I shook my head and replied. “Nah, I’m good,” A moment of silence and I grabbed the glass of wine and took a sip before I started to speak.
“I want to apologize for what happened the last time.”
“I don’t think it’s your fault Gia when someone just dragged you out suddenly. Don’t worry about it.” He said smirking, I couldn’t feel any sarcasm in the way he said it but I could sense he was annoyed bringing out the topic.

He grabbed my unoccupied hand and gently pressed it while looking me on the eyes. “Let’s not talk about it okay. What important now is that you’re here with me.” His eyes full of desire. “You have no idea how happy I am to be with you tonight.”

“You are very beautiful.” He added and now I could see lust in his eyes.

Oh goodness, now the guilt is eating me, I know Michael is a good man, I wanted to tell him about me and Jayden because I didn’t want him to expect more from this date. I want to be honest with him and tell him everything that I already have a boyfriend but I am not sure if that was a good idea. I only trust my friends in this secret, I am very sure they won’t leak any information about it besides I need them all. I’ve never been in a relationship my entire life, I feel like I am still a teenager needing some advice and guidance from the experts.

His sound suddenly snap be back to reality, my mind was truly occupied with so many thoughts. Despite, I still manage to keep calm and have a warm and comfortable conversation with him. The rest of the dinner went well, I was able to to know more about Michael.

However, the fact that Jayden has giving me different and strange sensation, I couldn’t help myself but to compare the two. The way my body reacts with Jayden with just one simple touch in my skin sends multiple sparks all over my body and that I didn’t feel with Michael.

We were standing beside his black Bugatti chiron, I was about to walk to the other side when he grabbed my wrist and face him.

“I hope this is not the last Gia.” He put his hands on my shoulders his eyes not leaving mine. “You know that I like you. I hope you give me a chance to prove my love for you.” He added with so much passion, admiration and desire in his eyes. I looked down not to meet those eyes because I didn’t want him to see the guilt in mine. He put his finger on my chin to look up and so I could meet his gaze and said.

“You don’t have to give me your answer right now, I’ll always wait for you love.” Then his lips pressed against mine, that sudden action made my whole body petrified. His touch was pleasant and tame a distinct contrast from Jayden’s hungry and insatiable kisses. Unexpectedly, I couldn’t move my body that includes my lips that currently touch by Michael’s kiss. His hand on my neck and the other on my back, I wanted to get out of his grasp but I was stunned and dumbfounded, I am not saying I like what he was doing to me, my brain and my heart was protesting but my body was like paralyze then the sound of clicking cameras brought me back to my sanity. I got tensed and Michael abruptly covered me and opened the car door. Now I sense trouble.

Jayden’s POV

I tried to keep myself busy and yet I still couldn’t help but think of her. The fact that she’s having a dinner with another guy drives me so fucking crazy. I trust my barbie but I don’t trust Michael.

I am feeling restless I keep on looking on the wall clock if not looking on my watch I am wearing, I tried to restrain myself to send her a message or call her when I am very keen to do it.

I didn’t like her idea of hiding our relationship publicly, because on the contrary I wanted the world to know that she is mine. But of course women always win, and I come to understand her reasons, just for now.

Earlier, I was standing, leaning in the threshold of my door arms crossed, I was waiting for her and I did it on purpose, I wanted to see her before she goes with her date, the moment her door opened a stunning woman came out, a Goddess, wearing a white jumpsuit, she didn’t really need to exert more effort in making herself more presentable, her beauty is truly natural she’s not even wearing full make-up I could say but her look seems to be too much of a beauty. She was just standing there giving a confused look at me, she really didn't have an idea what she was doing in my body, she's making me fucking hard by just looking at her from a distance. Can you imagine that?

That's why I am not very comfortable right at the moment, I know every men's motive when it comes to my girl. Knowing Michael, he's just the same playboy as I am, I presumed. It's possible that Michael could also not control the lust over my barbie. "Don't you dare touch Gianna." I groaned clenching a hand, I immediately walk out of my room went to the kitchen and pour a glass of water.

Because I am feeling restless I have decided to send Gianna a text.

Me: Barbie I miss you, I’ll be waiting here.

I waited for how many seconds, it turns minutes but still no reply from her, it seems my barbie was busy with her date and I felt a little pain of jealousy, she's the only woman who made me feel this way. I don't get jealous, I can't be jealous, I've never been jealous in my whole life, just now. I let out a sigh putting down my phone on the counter when it rings all of a suddenly. It was an unknown number and I abruptly answer it.
After dropping the call, I went to my room changed clothes and call my bodyguard Jason to ready the car. I need to go to the Collins Building, there my private helicopter is waiting.

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