His Secrecy

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Chapter 12


When I entered my penthouse suite Janna and Margaret were waiting for me. I could sense something was wrong the way Margaret looked at me and Janna looked so worried. I didn't say anything, I threw myself on the couch and removed my shoes, I was feeling exhausted, I sighed closing my eyes leaning my head at the couch. After a few moments of silence.

"I told you to be careful Gianna." Margaret suddenly uttered, her hands crossed against her chest, but her voice was soft and low. She sighed heavily and handed me the ipad. I took it from her and see myself and Michael, it was a picture of earlier's incident Michael's kissing me. The burst of hatred for that paparazzo started in me or those guys that never understood privacy and always put a price on every moment of my life, I am feeling furious, but I quelled it. I didn't want to think about it right now. I was thinking about Jayden, I received his message late and I am trying to call him but his phone was off.

Did he see the picture? There's no way that he didn't, because it's all over the social media now. Is that why he turned his phone off? Is he really mad at me? Seriously, without giving me a chance to explain. When I got off Michael's car, I immediately went straight to his door but no answer. Is he not home? but he said he'll be waiting for me? Margaret was speaking something but I couldn't hear everything she was saying I couldn't understand her either, all I could hear was like a bee sound, I think my brain is not working right at this time no I think my brain is missing, what should I do? I am feeling so worried and upset, I wanted to talk to Jayden.


"Gianna!!!!" I think Margaret was shouting at me already.

"Earth to you Gianna my goodness!" I looked up to meet Margaret frowned face then I started to speak running a hand through my hair. Janna looked concerned.

"I’m in a relationship with Jayden." Margaret leaned her back on the table still arms crossed on her chest and sighed heavily while Janna widened her eyes in shocked. She didn't even expect I would tell Margaret right now at this point of situation.

"You meant you're dating Jayden Collins, like he’s your boyfriend now right?" Margaret asked as if it was nothing, I couldn't even read her, what kind of expression she's giving me now. I'm not sure if she's more upset in me or maybe angrier with my confession, and that added to my confusion.

“Honestly, I don’t want to talk about this issue right now.” I said handling the ipad to Janna. I don’t want to talk everything right now. This new issue with Michael and my relationship with Jayden how it started. My voice sound so tired and low. I know they noticed my anxiety and irritability. Margaret looked on Janna like she was sending her a message and motion to the door. She stopped in her track for a moment then she looked in my direction again.

“We’re not yet done Gia, we will talk about it tomorrow. Make sure to get enough rest.” Then she stormed out in my penthouse. I could tell now she looked upset but not totally. Janna pat my shoulder.

“Are you okay?” Janna asked worriedly.

“Jayden is not answering my call, his phone is off.” I said cupping my whole face.

“He’s not even home, he said he will wait for me, do you think he’s mad at me because of it?” I continuously muttered.

“Gia relax,” Janna said as she removed my hands that were pressed against my face.

“Don’t stress yourself too much on this okay?” She wrapped her arms around me comforting me.

“I think what you need is a warm bath and sleep, don’t worry about everything.” Janna hold my hand and led me uptairs in my bedroom. When we entered my room I instantly lay down on my bed. Janna went straight to my bathroom and ready a warm bath for me. I’m thankful she is here with me. I am feeling restless, upset, annoyed, irritable, worried and all the emotions that eating my whole self right now. I heard Janna was talking on her phone I think it’s Zac, checking up on me too. I looked on my phone I had missed calls from him and Candice, Michael even called and message me but there’s no Jayden, there’s no single message from him, I tried to dialed his number again but it’s unattended.

Janna went out to the toilet. “Your bath is ready.”

“His phone is still off.” I said with an angry squint. I’m so annoyed. “Why is he doing this to me?” He is driving me crazy now.

“Gia, I told you don’t worry about him.”

“How can I even do that? He’s driving me crazy!” I cried out in anger and annoyance, tears were forming to fall down my cheeks. “I need to talk to him, I want to know what’s he thinking right now. I want to explain to him everything.” Now, I am crying. Janna approached me and hug me tight.

“And he’s not giving me a damn care.” I added,

“Relax Gia, we don’t even know if he really see the latest about you, maybe he has something urgent.” I just looked at Janna about her thoughts.

“But he sent me a message and that was just an hour ago.”

“Exactly my point Gianna, we never know what happened to him, maybe something came up.” Janna groaned. “Okay let’s say he already see the news, just give him time Gia, I’m sure he won’t hide from you forever. So don’t think about him too much.” She said while patting my back since I am sobbing already.

“Besides, what kind of man he is? He’ll abandon you just like that without giving you a chance to explain? Don’t he dare do that Gianna because I’ll definitely kick him in the nuts.” I looked up to meet Janna’s frowned face and we both laughed. I’m very grateful she’s here, she’s lifting my mood up, anyway she’s always here with me in times like this.

Actually Zac and Candice too I’m 100% sure they’ll be here also no matter how late it is now, but Janna talked to them on the phone already and said to not worry about me too much. For sure I’ll face the two tomorrow morning.

“Now go get shower girl, I’ll stay with you tonight.” Janna smiled at me.

“How about your husband?”

“Ricky’s fine, as if I’m too far.” She chuckled and led me to the bathroom and close the door behind me.

I dipped my whole body in the bathtub, it’s warm and relaxing but when I closed my eyes all I could see was him. His smile, his captivating eyes and his muscular body that I feel safe whenever I am with him. “Where are you? Why are you making me feel like this? Why did you leave without saying anything? Are you really that angry? These questions were all playing on my mind. This is not helping me. I stood up from the tub and get the towel and cover myself, I went straight to my walk-in closet and wear my comfy jammies, I need a good sleep to face everything tomorrow but I doubt I’ll get it, it’s going to be a long night for me.

It’s been two hours when I lay down my bed, Janna was sleeping peacefully beside me, I couldn’t sleep like what I said earlier. I got up slowly so I wouldn’t wake up Janna. I went downstairs and rummage through the kitchen, I took out a pint of vanilla ice cream and chocolates from the fridge and started eating them while my other hand was holding my mobile phone. I am still hoping and waiting maybe Jayden would atleast send me a message.

I was like a fool checking on my phone every seconds while continuously eating the ice cream and some chocolates. I don’t care if I would gain weight I am so stress I couldn’t even think properly, it’s like my mind were full of negative thoughts that’s making me feel like I am lunatic at this moment.

Then I remember Michael sent me messages that I haven’t read them yet. So I opened my phone and checked my inbox.

Michael: Gia are you okay?

Sorry for what happened.

Please talk to me.

Gia please, let me explain.

Call me Gia, please!!!

I didn’t bother to reply I am not in a mood, it’s past 3 AM in the morning and here I am still wide and awake even though I feel so tired. I somehow blame Michael for what happened, if he didn’t kiss me.. argggg I threw the spoon and leaned my head on the kitchen counter with my hands against it. I knew it’s not right to blame him, if I told him that I already have a boyfriend maybe he wouldn’t dare to kiss me.

My phone pings, I abruptly looked up to checked on it but it was just a notification from my social account. I opened it and there it says, with a picture of me and Michael in the parking lot kissing.

Picture with caption:

“The long wait is over! This is what everyone’s looking forward to! Many fans of the veteran singer-actor Michael James are happy to know that their idol has already a girlfriend and that’s none other than the supermodel Gianna Moretti. Our famous singer have succeed by capturing the heart of our sweetheart Gia, by conffesing his love live on his concert in Los Angeles a few weeks ago.

And this evening the two were spotted together in the parking area of one of the famous expensive restaurants where people speculated that they had a dinner date together. Of course, what are they going to do in a restaurant?”

“No matter what we will always support them.” Said one of Michael’s fans in my interview.

Yeah no matter what, we wish both of you long-term happiness.

I sighed, wow they even came up with a story. What the fuck to they know?

Michael’s POV

When we reached my car I couldn’t contain myself, I wanted to kiss her so badly, her lips are so tempting not to mention her gorgeous look and sexy body, I am sure every guy would feel the same if you were with someone like her, she is so fucking attractive, I really like her. I love her, I am not a pervert, I wouldn’t do things that would make her feel uncomfortable, I wouldn’t do things that would make her mad at me, I wouldn’t do things without her permission, but I didn’t know what happened to me when I suddenly kissed her. She didn’t respond to my kisses though but atleast she didn’t slap me. But I am feeling nervous when I was driving her to her penthouse, she was quiet the whole ride and I knew she was upset because of the kissed and that paparazzo who took pictures of us. I knew it’s my fault I am not being careful. I wanted to explain to her but I chose to not bother her for a moment.

I am here in my bed thinking of her, she’s not answering my call and not replying my messages, she must be really angry. The picture of us together were all in the news and social media. My manager called me too and said that we had a meeting with Margaret, Gianna’s manager, tomorrow morning to talked about the issue, I heard she’s very stern manager like a strict teacher or a task master. I let out a heavy sighed and cover my head with a pillow.

“I hope you’re okay right now. I’ll do everything for you to forgive me love.”

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