His Secrecy

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Chapter 13


I woke up feeling dizzy, I think I only had 2 hours of sleep. I checked my phone and there’s no message or call from Jayden. I let out a massive sighed and cover my head with pillow. Janna was not here already it was past 10 in the morning and I am sure she’s taking care of some things that needed to be done for today, of course with Margaret, but she left me a tray of breakfast on my bed side table.

I slept thinking of him and I woke up still thinking of him. The feeling that you’re brokenhearted but you’re not sure if you really broke up since there’s no formal separation took place. He left me hanging. I didn’t even know what happened to him? What is he thinking? Is this really what he wanted? To shut me out just like this.

Is it really like this when you’re inlove? I’m like getting crazy, paranoid and derange. I am feeling super lazy too, I didn’t want to get up, I just want to stay in bed like this, when I know that I have a lot of things to do like deal the issue with Michael but I am certain Margaret and Janna are doing the job for me as always, cleaning up my mess incase I did some.

Time to time I looked on my phone hoping I would receive any messages from him. I tried to call him many times this morning but his phone was off, still fucking off. I looked on the tray of food that Janna prepared for me this morning, my stomach is grumbling but I don't have appetite it's past 2PM now but I haven't heard from Margaret and Janna. What the hell are they dealing? I didn't even want to open my social media account and see what's the latest news. When Zac called me on the phone.

"Babe how are you?" Zac on the other line feeling so worried about me.

"It's killing me Zac!"

"Oh sweetheart, do you want me to come over?"

"I want to be alone for now, I can't even think properly."

"Babe relax, breath in breath out okay? I don't know what's going on with you and Jayden but Gia you have to chill... Everything's gonna be fine."

“I need to talk to him but he shut me out just like this.”

“Relax babe, I don’t think Jayden would do that to you.”

“How can you say that? He’s phone was off since last night.”

“I’m sure there must be a reason. He wouldn’t do that just relax and let’s wait.” Zac said with certainty in his tone.

“Until when am I going to wait? I want to see him, I need to talk to him.” I was so frustrated, I could no longer understand how I feel. It’s really hard to fall inlove, I felt this with Liam before and now I am feeling the same pain with Jayden, what if he really left me? For real? I know Zac is feeling my agony. I heard him sighed on the other line. My tears are falling down my cheeks. I could no longer bear the pain. My chest is like going to explode any minute.

“Ahh sweetheart please don’t do this to yourself. I’ll come over, I will just wait for Candice, then we’ll go to you. Wait for us okay?”

“Okay.” Then I hang up the call. I wipe the tears that kept on falling down.

Margaret’s POV

“How is she?” I asked Janna who is standing in front of my office table. We are waiting for Michael and his manager to talk about and solve the issue they created both last night. Honestly, I don’t mind this problem what I am worried about is her current state, I’ve never seen Gianna so stressed, lonely, bothered and distress. I’ve never seen this side of her. Last night she told me straight to my face that she’s in a relationship with Jayden Collins. I don’t exactly know what happened to her and Michael, why did she ended up with those pictures with him when she’s already Jayden’s girlfriend. I still need to talk to her.

“She’s still sleeping when I got off, but I prepared her some breakfast.” Janna said.

“Since when did she became Jayden’s girlfriend?” I asked Janna and she suddenly get tensed at my question. She looked at me and sit down on the chair and started to speak.

“I think right after the welcome party for Gia.”

“Who else aside from you knows about her relationship with Mr. Collins?”

“It’s a secret Gia told me, but Zac and Candice, they also knew.”

I put a finger on my chin. I know they are trusted friends of Gia so I have nothing to worry about them. It’s just that no idea came up to me on how to solve the issue with Michael James the famous vocalist of the Raven band. A lot of his fans and Gia’s fans are expecting more from them. They seemed they love both of them to be together and one wrong move it will ruin the career of Gia that I once protected and established.

A few minutes later Michael and his manager came, we started discussing some things. I have learned from Michael what exactly happened last night. He even confessed his true feelings for Gia and I could see how honest and sincere he was. Poor guy he didn’t know the girl he loves is already taken. After how many hours of dicussion we came up with the solution that would benefit both, since Gia is starting her career with Cosmo Mag I think Mr. Collins would understand my desicion. But the only problem is that I don’t know if Gia would agree with the outcome of our meeting. I am doing this for her own good.

Janna and I were heading to her penthouse it’s past 6PM now and Janna being so quiet the whole meeting and the ride I knew she did not agree with my decision. I need to talk with Gia regarding it, I know she’s a stubborn one I need to get ready for whatever reaction she would throw on me. I smiled on that thought, she’s no longer the 15 year old girl I met six years ago but her stubborness never change her.

I remember the very first time I saw her in that cafe, cleaning up tables. She’s like her late mother, very beautiful the moment my eyes land on her I had a feeling she will be very successful model just like her mother. Then everything came true, she’s like the queen in the ramp, she’s like a monster when she started in the catwalk. She’s everyone’s favorite, she’s everybody’s dream girl. She’s like a daughter to me her and Janna, and I will do everything to protect them.

I just hope when the right time comes, she will forgive me. Forgive me for not telling her everything I know in her past. Forgive me for lying to her and forgive me for not telling the truth.

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