His Secrecy

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Chapter 14

“What do you mean I need to pretend to be Michael’s girlfriend?” I almost shouted, everyone is here in my penthouse office. Margaret let Zac and Candice be part of this meeting so they can hear this shit too.

“Didn’t you hear what I said last night? Jayden is my boyfriend.” I cried in agony.

“You are just going to pretend Gianna, until I figured things out how to solve this without affecting your career.” Margaret said with a calm tone. I was the only one overreacting in this room, my tears kept on falling down my face.

“What could Jayden think about it?” I added sobbing.

“Don’t worry about it dear, just trust me.” Margaret said with assurance in her voice. As if she knew where is Jayden now and as if she can talk to him right now.

“Don’t worry????” I asked. “I couldn’t even reach him till now.”

“Babe chill, we are here for you, right girls?”
Zac suddenly interrupted and motioned his gaze to the two girls behind him, Janna and Candice. They both nodded at the same time. After Margaret discussed to me further the situation and what to do for tomorrow’s interview with Michael, she left us.

“What should I do?” I said still sobbing and looking problematic. The three walked towards me and comforted me.

“We are here Gia you are not alone.” Janna said smiling at me.

“That’s right Gia girl, we are all together in this.” Candice cheered me up.

“Group hug?????” Zac yelled while extending his long hands. We all hug each other. My true friends are my strength. I am very thankful for them.

It’s been a week I haven’t heard from Jayden and I have no choice but to move on. Imagine how did I survive in that 7 days without him. Do you know the feeling of making yourself very busy just to feel okay? But I am not okay. I was just pretending, all the time. I only think about him, whereever I go, whenever I close my eyes, all I see is him.

I asked Adrianna if she knew Jayden’s whereabouts but even her she didn’t have idea, all she knew was that he was out of the country. So he did really leave me. He left me just like that? Without even telling me his reason for leaving, without giving me a chance to explain. Where did he go then? Did he go to Paris and meet that woman I saw with him on the picture? Is he playing with me? Am I not enough? What’s in me that they can easily leave me hanging like this? Am I that ugly? Why they can’t stand to be with me that long? I knew this feeling already because I already felt it with Liam, now the history is repeating itself, but it’s more painful this time.

I tried to do all my work, I have been very busy with all the schedules I had this past few days, interviews with Michael, Cosmo Mag photoshoot, guestings, fashion shows and attending a ball for some well known brand anniversary. It all went well because I was pretending I am totally fine during that time good thing my professionalism still existed.

Michael also made all our interviews together easy for me. He helped me, I forgave him, besides it’s not his fault. I couldn’t blame him for what happened, I believed it was my fault why we were in this kind of situation. Michael is very gentle to me, when I am with him I feel like I am a fragile thing that needed to be handled with care. He cares for me a lot, he made me feel I am really special. I can feel his love for me, but what could I do?

The support of my friends are infinity as well, they are with me all through out. They knew what was really going on about me and they knew I was so fucking destroyed and heart broken.

It’s been a long day, now I am sitting on my sofa feeling very exhausted. I told Janna to not disturb me for a moment I wanted to be alone. I am so stressed and depressed. I need something to make me relax.

Then I remember this building has an indoor garden and swimming pool. I wanna go swimming, so I instantly call the front desk and informed them, that I will be using the pool privately.

As a celebrity and one of the owners of the biggest spaces of this building I have the privilege to use all the facilities with privacy. I want to be alone besides who could have go swimming at this hour it’s already past 10 in the evening.

I went up to my bedroom headed straight to my walk-in closet and changed into my black and gold bikini from VS and put on a robe. I texted Janna and told her about my plan because I am sure if she found out I was not here, she might hysterical and come up with a story like I runaway and leave them and probably will never come back. She’s a sleepyhead so I won’t expect she would reply to my message.

I locked my door and walked to the elevator then my eyes brought me to his penthouse door. Looking in that direction, it made me really sick thinking of him. I wonder what is he doing right now? Is he really okay? Is he thinking of me? I blinked my eyes to bring me back to reality, the worried I feel for him change into rage. Why would I feel worried about him? He’s not even thinking about me I’m sure. I pressed the elevator button and instantly get in.

When I arrived at the floor where the indoor pool is located a staff of the building was waiting for me, she welcome me with a wide smile on her face. I smiled back to her and she ushered me to the pool. To be honest it’s my first time coming here, I never explore the whole facilities of this building when I know that, it has it’s own spa, gym, library, this indoor pool and garden, lounge area, a mini theater, computer and video game room, playground for the kids and a lot more. And this? This is Jayden’s property. The owner of this luxurious apartment building. I rolled my eyes and muttered to myself. “Gia, stop thinking of him. You’re not helping yourself get over him.”

When we arrived, the staff looked at me and said with a smile on her face.

“Ms. Moretti, rest assured you will not be disturbed. I’ll be just out here whenever you need assistance.”

“Thank you.” I replied and smiled at her innocent look. Then she open and close the door for me.

I entered and all I could say is wow, this place is so relaxing, there are three different kinds of swimming pools, one is fibreglass lap pool, the second one is a circle pool and there’s also a small round pool that I believed for the kids. I could also see a jacuzzi. Why did I think of coming here just now? I undress my robe and decided to go to the lap pool and plunged in. I am so tired at work but swimming is so relaxing. I tried the jacuzzi too. I stayed there for how many hours facing the glass window overlooking the dark skies, star gazing. I was lost in my thoughts again.

I stood up from jacuzzi and walked to where I put my robe on. I was about to wear it when someone from behind grab my wrist. I looked to see who and there he is looking at me................ Intensely..........

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