His Secrecy

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Chapter 15


It’s been a week I haven’t seen my barbie, I hate it because I so fucking miss her so much. I think of her all the time. If only she knew what I was going through this past few days. I know all the news about her, everything, but I did on purpose not to reach on her, yes I am jealous but I am not mad at her. The news about her being Michael’s girlfriend did not even bothered me, what made me furious was the picture of him kissing my barbie.

I am sure he took advantage of the situation, remembering the picture I grip my hand into tight fist it made me want to punch Michael in his face. He doesn’t have the right to touch her, she is mine.

I was away for a week and I am not sure what my barbie would think of me for not telling her everything and the reason for my absence but I am very certain that she’s really angry with me. As I said earlier I did everything on purpose not to make her worry, nor to make her mad at me, perhaps I have my own reasons that eventually she will find out too.

The car stopped in front of my penthouse building. I immediately get out of the car and head to the pool area where my barbie was.

The staff who is assigned to accommodate Gianna suddenly got tense when she saw me entering the area. She stood up immediately bowed her head and greeted.

“Good morning sir.” She murmured. Morning since it’s past 12 midnight now. I just nodded at her.

I get in without her knowing and there she was looking very hot in her bikini. She didn’t even notice that I came, when she’s about to wear her robe I grabbed her wrist then our eyes locked.


The heck, why I didn’t even realize someone came in? When I was about to wear my robe someone grabs my wrist from behind. And there he is looking at me intensely. I was attracted the way he looked at me as if I was melting from his gaze and that I almost forgot that I was mad at him, and very angry. I quickly removed my hand from his grasp and get my robe and runaway from him.

I heard him calling my name but I didn’t even look back, I run as fast as I can, the staff that was waiting outside was a bit surprise with my exit only wearing my bikini and with my sudden action. I didn’t have time to wear my robe either. The tears are forming in my eyes. The elevator door opened and I hurriedly get in and close it. Jayden was about to approached, but too late.

My knees are getting weak, I almost fell on the elevator floor holding my chest with my right hand. I couldn’t explain the mix emotions I am feeling right now, but one thing is for sure I am very happy to see him, despite of what he did to me, this stupid love. Then a tear fell down my cheek. I still love him that much that I could even forget everything what happened and just move on with him and start a new.

However, I still need an explanation from him. I still feel rage towards him, I abhors him. That’s why all I could do is runaway when I knew I wanted to hug and kiss him the moment he grab my wrist.

When the elevator doors opened I immediately run to my penthouse door and unlocked it but when it’s about to open he blocked and close it again. He made me face him but I didn’t look at him, he must seen a tear run down my cheek.

“Why are you crying?” He said with a look of concerned in his eyes wiping my tear with his thumb. With that question I got more furious, he clearly didn’t even know why am I being like this?

“Why am I crying? Are you fucking kidding me now?” I said while I was slapping his chest with my both hands, he was trying to stop me but I continued slapping him all over his body I was crying like a kid then he hugs me. He hugs me tightly that I couldn’t breathe. I wanted to continue to hit him on his back but I suddenly felt tired. The robe that was on my shoulder fell down on the floor. The tears kept on falling down.

“I’m sorry.” He said whispering in my ear. Then I gain strength again and started to struggle against his warmed embrace. He was so powerful I couldn’t even move my almost naked body and that’s making me weaker. I do my best to get out of his enfold, but he immediately lift me up and carried me like a sack of potatoes grab my robe that was on the floor and entered his penthouse suit.

“What are you doing? Put me down!!!!” I ordered but he didn’t bothered to listen. I was struggling like a kid.

“We will talk Gia.”

“I don’t want to talk to you! I don’t want to hear your excuses!!! I said almost yelling. He continued walking in and head straight to his bedroom. He put me down carefully on his bed and said.

“I know you are really angry, that’s why I am here to explain.” He said in a calm tone.

“Perhaps, you owe me an explanation too barbie.” He added, putting his both hands on the side of his waist. Narrowing his eyes on my body. I have to admit that his dominant side of him is rousing me.

I stood up from the bed and get my robe that he threw on the bed side table. “I don’t have to explain to you.” I said wearing my robe. “I did not cheat on you, whether you believe me or not, I don’t care anymore.” I said without looking on his eyes. “So if you have something to tell me, say it now because I wanna go.”

“You are not going anywhere barbie.”

“And who are you to tell me that?”

“I am your boyfriend.” He muttered, still in a serious tone. I laughed on his statement.

“Boyfriend? I questioned yelling at him. Whose boyfriend will abandon his girl for a week? He was about to walked towards me but I stepped back.

“Don’t you dare!” I said with warning tone. But he just smiled at me. Fuck that smile. Am I a joke to him? I frowned and folded my arms across my heaving chest and gave him an annoyed look.

“Barbie, please listen to me first.”

“You better give me good reason Jayden.” I heard him cleared his throat and sighed.

“I was away for awhile because something emergency happened to a family member.”

“And who is this family member?” I asked. He looked at me closely and bit his lower lip as if hesitating to tell me. He let out a sighed. When I was about to confront him again he muttered.

“That last night when I message you I also received a call from my assistant that my father was in critical condition.” The anger in my eyes was replace with anxiety and concerned. I have a lot of queries to ask him but no words came out of my mouth. He walked towards me and our body was just an inch away.

“I miss you so much.” He said grabbing my shoulders to cuddle me, but I reluctantly pushed him and started hitting him again on his muscled chest with my hands and cried.

“Then why Jayden? Why?” I cried out loud.

“You made me miserable!!!” I continuously hitting him but I am sure it was nothing, I am feeling too weak as my tears continued to flow. Then Jayden suddenly grabbed my face and kissed me. I tried to get away from his kiss but he is too strong and my body is weakening.

Then suddenly I surrender and start replying his kisses. I jump on him and he instantly carried me straddling him. It was a hungry searing kiss. I run my fingers through his hair. He stopped and stared at me for a moment. His eyes full of desires.

“God, I miss you so much.” He said to me in almost whispering voice and with so much longing and in his eyes. Then his fiery gazed flick down my lips again, he sweeps a wisp of hair from my forehead. My heart hammers against my chest, electricity runs up my spine. Then he kissed me again, the sensation is tender and delicate. Soon his movement grow passionate and his touch lights every inch of my skin on fire. He carefully lay me down on bed and peppers kisses up and down my neck.

His hands were all over my body then he unwrapped my robe revealing him my hardened nipples under the soft cotton of my bikini bra. His dept hands move down my lower back and thighs and I shiver as his kisses trail down my spine. I leaned in close to his body and run my hands across his abs and chest. He stared at me again then he gripped the back of my neck and kissed me passionately, he slides his tongue into my mouth as my lips start moving, coaxing me to play with him. I kissed him back hard, his mouth sends tingles through my body awakening all the nerves that I never knew still existed. I leaned up to taste more of him but he pulled away and I groaned in frustration.

He undressed my bikini, he looked at my body with an intensity that sends heat to my core.

"You are so beautiful barbie." he growled and a flirty smile crossed his face. I am having trouble keeping my thoughts straight and it took me a moment to blink back in reality. When he parted my thighs, we locked eyes before he leaned forward and pressed a kiss in between my thigh so close to where I wanted his lips, mouth and tongue to the most sensitive part of my body.

His expert tongue licked at the inside of my thigh that made my stomach coil tight. His thumb played my clit and I let out a shattering gasp. I moaned as he is giving me another tingling sensation. I rake my hands through his hair when his tongue finally reach the middle part.

"You smell amazing." he groaned and continue licking and sucking my folds. Then I cum and the feel of it is blissful. He got up and his hands roamed my body, cupping my breast. He leaned and pushed a stray bits of hair on my neck before kissing and sucking it. He left a bite in the crease of my neck low enough to cover.
"Every mark is a reminder how much I want you barbie." telling me this in between kisses. "I've always wanted you." He took off his shirt and pants and lastly his boxers, exposing his length, his huge length then suddenly I felt scared, how is that going to fit in me?

He must have seen my reaction, his gazed intense focused on me. "What's wrong barbie?" his expression is lace with concern.

"Nothing!" I said looking him on the eye.

"Do you want me to stop?" he asked.

"No, just.....just....."

"No way, no fucking way barbie.... Are you still???" I did not let him say the last word he's about to utter.

"Yes, I am, so please be gentle." I said and blush crept all over my face, and I saw an incredulous look on him but I could also see joy in his eyes.

"You have no idea how happy I am barbie. And all of these are only mine." he said looking at my whole body with a stark hunger. He kissed me fiercely, his mouth is soft but insistent against mine, deepening the already earth-shattering kiss.

"You're gonna be the death of me Gia." his dominant takes the breathe out of my lungs. His bare length slides in between my slick folds as he pushes his body against mine. I could feel the head of his pressing at my entrance and a jolt shudders through me. I closed my eyes as he started to enter me fully.

"Relax barbie it's painful at first but it will go away eventually."

Gosh, I felt the pain, his cock is much bigger that I could have imagine, he pushes forward inch by inch, I moaned at the pain I am feeling and clawing my fingers on his back and took a shaky breath until I took his fullness inside of me.

"Damn, you're so tight." He pumps slowly, making me adjust, I could still feel the pain but not as the same as the first. Now I could feel him, he is so hard, hard that I won't ever want another length inside of me. I only want him.

His thrust were gentle but firm, he moved slowly and then faster as my body relaxes, each thrust goes easier, I lift my hips and pushed against him. He thrust faster hitting that spot inside of me every time. I tip my head back exposing my neck as he pumps me harder and faster, he took advantage to that running his tongue on my neck. Then my second orgasm hits me harder than the first, making me scream his name. His cock pulses, and I feel him cum inside of me. We were both panting as he plunge on top of me but not putting too much weight.

He got up on me and took my lips in a feverous desperate kiss. I replied his kisses and we lay down on his bed and suddenly felt so tired and fell asleep in his arms. But before I finally lost consciousness from my sleep I heard him whisper to my ear.

"I love you."

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