His Secrecy

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Chapter 16

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Gia's POV

The sunlight beaming from the window curtain woke me up from my deepest slumber. It was indeed the best sleep I have ever had after that seven day misery without Jayden. I woke up with a smile on my lips, remembering all the things we did earlier here on his bed. I will never get enough of him after that amazing love making. I cuddled his pillow and inhaled his masculine scent from his bed sheet. I am so in love with this guy. But where is he? I rose from the bed, then I noticed I am already wearing his long big T-shirt, I like it. I am so happy that I wanted to see him right now. I went down and looked for him, but he is not in the living room, I went to the kitchen and he’s not there either. I tried to open another room which has to be his mini gym but no Jayden.

Then I heard some bickering from another room, it must be his office room, the door was slightly open and I silently peek at it. Jayden is talking on his phone and by the tone of his voice; I could say he is arguing with someone from the other line. Then another man captured my attention. Jayden is not alone, the man is the same height as him and he seems familiar. I could say that I have seen him way before, but I do not remember when and where. I looked at Jayden he already hung up the phone and called the man in his name.

“Jason I need you to ready all the documents needed for the transfer.”

“Yes, sir.” Replied the man, so he is Jason, now I guaranteed I know him, I just don’t remember, I tried my best to recall when and where did I meet the man, when Jayden suddenly open the door widely.

“Barbie, what are you doing here? Why you didn’t come in?” I peek the man again from Jayden’s behind. He followed my eyes and he said.

“That’s Jason my bodyguard.”

“I think I know him???” I said in almost whispered tone, Jayden smirked.

“Sure you do.” Jayden said, smiling and he grabbed my shoulders to turn me around and went to the kitchen area. “Huh??” all I could say looking at him with a frowned face. I am a little confused. “Why did he say that?”

“I am sure you are hungry, so let’s eat okay?” He said kissing my temple. I think he was trying to change the subject. I have a lot of questions on my mind, but Jayden keeps on talking about something I couldn’t understand actually. Then I remember Janna.

“Oh my gosh! What time is it?” I asked.

“It’s past 10 Barbie.” He replied while pouring the cup with freshly brewed coffee and handed it to me.

“And don’t worry about your schedules today.” Jayden muttered.

“What do you mean?” I looked at him and asked.

“I already informed your manager about you being here with me.” Jayden said with a grin on his face.

“What????” I was surprised by that. “What did she tell you?” I asked. I was feeling nervous, but Jayden doesn’t seem to care. He is happily eating his breakfast and not bothers to look at me.

“Jayden!!!” I almost yelled at him.

“What’s wrong Barbie? Why aren’t you eating your food?”

“I am asking you what Margaret told you.”

“Nothing, she seems okay with you……. Being with me.” He said winking at me like he was teasing me. “What is wrong with Margaret? Is she not worried about me?”

“I think I need to go.” I groan and instantly stood up from the counter seat.

“Where you going Barbie?”

“I need to talk to Margaret and I know I have a schedule today.”

“You are not going anywhere. Everything is already well taken cared for you.”

“What do you mean?” I said, frowning as if very confused and mystify.

“It means you and I will be together the whole day.” He said with a wide grin on his face. I meant I like the idea, but I don’t know what is going on with me. I feel like there’s something I need to figure out. My thoughts were lost that I didn’t even notice Jayden cuddles me from behind. Tracing kisses on my earlobe down my jawline and go back to my ear and whispered something to it.

“I want to make up with you Barbie. I don’t want to waste anymore time not to be with you.” His soft voice in my ear made my whole body shudder. The warmed of his embrace and his kisses made me weak.

“Besides, we still need to talk.” He added, I turned around and face him.

“What are we going to discuss then?”

“Oh well….. Just like what exactly happened to you and Michael. Why you ended up being his boyfriend? I mean I heard a lot about it, but I want to hear the real story straight from you.”

I nodded and said, “Okay? But let’s finish eating breakfast first.” I grab a pancake on his plate, pour a maple syrup and started chewing it; I know it is going to be a long discussion.

After an hour of talking we were here on his bed cuddling, I learned about what happened to his father and it’s a relief that he’s getting better and better and I am excited to meet him, Jayden told me that he will bring me and visits his father one of these days. I also share my story of what exactly happened to me and Michael, the very exact thing that happened on that day of our dinner. I even told him how he made me miserable during the time he left without saying a word and that I thought he left me for real. He kept on saying sorry because of that.

Then his phone rang and Jayden answered it. He was talking on his phone, but his gaze is intense on mine. I wonder who he was talking to, and then he handed me the phone. I was hesitating to get it from him and he said. “Margaret wants to talk to you.” I frowned as in confused, “Why is she calling Jayden? And not me?” Then I remember I don’t have my phone I left it in my bedroom. Stupid me.

I instantly grab it from his hand. Jayden stood up from the bed and head to the bathroom.

“Hello, sweetheart, how are you?”

“Are you mad at me?” I directly asked her.

“Of course not my dear, I called because I suggested Mr. Collins if you two could meet Michael today.” She said in a calm tone. Oh no, yeah I almost forgot about Michael my fake boyfriend and his fans are all getting gaga over our relationship some agreed to it and some are not, same with all of my fans.

“You have to tell Michael about your relationship with Mr. Collins Gia and maybe all of you could figure out how to solve the issue. I don’t want more issues about you” Margaret added.

Michael deserves to know the truth, besides, I don’t want him to get hurt, I know how genuine he is to me and the love and care he was giving me during the time I needed someone.

Michael was there; he was there to comfort me and helped me all throughout the week of despair.

“What do you think about Margaret’s suggestions?” I questioned Jayden when I hanged up the phone and he walked out of the bathroom.

He shrugged his shoulders and answered. “It’s fine with me; we can go meet him today if you want to?” He said and kissed me on my cheek. “I can’t wait to meet your fake boyfriend Barbie.” He added, winking at me and placing a cocky smile on his lips.

“Then we can go today.” I said.

“Yeah, we can go, but right after this.” He said, placing his hands on my waists. I was confused at first asking myself.What are we going to do?” All I could see was that wickedly smile on his face and I think I know the answer already. Then he started kissing my neck. When he hit the right spot, oh fuck that jolts he was sending me is making me weaker. He is very aware that I truly like what he was doing to me. With one simple touch, I am losing myself. His hands travel all over my body while still kissing and sucking my neck; he knows I wear nothing underneath his baggy shirt. And I am sure he knows how wet I am for him too. “I can’t wait the world to know that you are mine Barbie.” He said in between kisses.

He undressed my shirt exposing all of me; his intense gaze on my body makes me quiver. Then he lowered his head on my neck and said. “This beautiful body is mine.” His warmed breath on my neck saying those words added a tingling sensation in between my thighs. Then he carried me up and lay me on the bed, he started kissing me, but he got up again just to remove his shirt. I never felt such kind of excitement. I mean I felt it before when I am with Liam and Jayden is giving me the same feeling. My heart rate increased when he holds both my hands and slammed them over my head. Then he started kissing my neck again, I moaned, he rested his both hands at the side of me and look me in the eye. “Fuck, you are so beautiful.” He said almost whispering in a husky tone. He squeezed my not so big tits and he was like enjoying it. I thought all men would like their girl to have a perfect huge lump in the front, I mean I have a plump ass, but this is only my insecurity, my small breasts. I planned to do implant before, but Margaret stopped me because she said I am perfect enough and doesn’t need those things and she wanted everything in me naturally.

I was lost in thoughts I didn’t even realize Jayden removed his sweatpants and getting ready to enter my wet core. “I am going to fuck you real good Barbie.” He said entering the tip of his cock and teasing my clit and that made me gasp. “And I am not making it slow this time.” He added giving me warning. He starts thrusting me so hard, I closed my eyes the pain from last night was not the same as today, and I clung my hands on his shoulders as he started pounding me so hard and fast. I moaned loudly as I felt something building inside me, my hands from his shoulders started clawing them. And soon I quiver as I experience another intense orgasm. I closed my eyes again as he continued to thrust into me. “Look at me Barbie.” He commanded while cupping my both breasts and continued thrusting into me. I opened my eyes only to meet his captivating stare as if saying a thousand words. Then he finally murmured, “You are all mine, Gianna Moretti.” Fuck those words in his mouth as I felt another pleasure building up in me again, I could feel he was close too. I clenched my hands on the sheets of the bed as we both explode together.

He fell on top of me and we were both panting. He gave me a peck on the cheek before he lay down beside me. I have never imagined these things could happen to me. I have never imagined I would give all of me to Jayden. I mean, if there was a chance with Liam before I think at that moment, I would easily give in too.

Is this really how I fall in love?

He paused for a moment and made me look at him in the eyes... “You are mine.” He said in a raspy voice, I let out a loud moan when his tongue reaches my nipple, sucking and nibbling. “And from now on, you will wear a bra.” He said while he continuously sucks my nipple.

When I am on the verge of enjoying the tingling sensation he was sending all over my body again, he acted very serious only to say that I need to wear a bra from this day on. “What the f.” My mind spurts out. I grabbed his head to make him stopped at what he was doing so he can look at me. “Are you freaking serious?” I said with a cocky smile on my lips.

“Do I look like I’m not?” He said with no expressions on his face. I chuckled and he ignored me and plunge his head again on my not so big tits. Sucking the left while cupping the right.

“There’s nothing to support, I don’t need it.” I said while arching my back because of the tickles he was sending me. “I don’t need a bra. You too can say it. Plus, I am.... a model, you know.....my job.” I said struggling to say the words. He looked up to meet my eyes and said.

That’s the only exemption Barbie, when you are on the runway, but if you are with me, I want you to wear a bra, I don’t want every man feasting on your body specially this.” He said with that dominant tone cupping my breasts.

“Whenever I am or am not with you. You have to wear bra and that’s an order Barbie…” I think he’s very serious.

“Starting today, you will do as I say.” He added caressing my bare back.

I was about to protest and say something when he lifted my head to face him and kissed me roughly.

“I don’t want to repeat my words Barbie and this is the last time I will remind you... That you are mine… All of you…” Now he is showing me all his dominant side. And I like it.

Then I am lost again, I think I will just follow what he said.

And that confirmed everything… “I am fucking deeply in love with this man.”

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