His Secrecy

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Chapter 17

Jayden opened the car door for me; we were in front of the building where Michael’s band office is located. We were surrounded by his bodyguards and some paparazzi who were trying to approach us. We immediately enter the building holding hands and I am certain all the people who see us were wondering and maybe thinking that I am a cheater. When all they know I am Michael Adams girlfriend but here I am in the arms of another man.

I don’t know what Jayden’s idea is, when we talked about it earlier about the things we would do before coming here, so that people will not make new stories and speculations about us. But things seem to have changed, far away from what we have discussed about. I tried to remove my hand from his grip but he is holding me too tight.

“Jayden what are you doing?” I said whispering not even showing expressions on my face like I am hiding my lips not to utter those words.

I think he intentionally do these things in front of these people. He has his own plan and I am starting to get annoyed.

When we entered the elevator I instantly remove my hand from his grip. “What the hell are you doing? Are you creating another issue?” I said looking straight on the metal doors.

“Relax Barbie, just trust me.” He said in a calm tone.

“Relax? I think everyone there is thinking worst about me.”

“Like what? You’re a cheater? You are never Michael’s girlfriend barbie, that’s why we’re here to clear everything.” He confidently muttered and I guess he is a bit irritated. The metal doors opened and Jayden grabbed my hand again and hold it tightly like he would never want me to escape from his grasps and that he would never want me to be away from him, showing every people here on this building looking at us that I am his, claiming that I belong to him only.

Blushed crept on my cheeks as I saw Michael looking at us approaching his direction, he is looking at our intertwined hands but he was showing no expressions on his face, “how come these men can easily hide their feelings?”

Without letting my hand, Jayden extend his hand to Michael. He reached out his hand too and they both shook hands but Michael is still looking at me. I shyly smiled and Michael guided us inside his office room.

“Let me get straight to the point Mr. James, I just want you know that Gianna is my girlfriend before that fake news about your relationship.” Jayden said suddenly.

Michael just smirked at his statement then his gaze diverted to mine as if wanted to confirm if he was telling the truth. I was about to utter words when Jayden speaks again.

“You heard it right Mr. James, we are not here to ask for your forgiveness for hiding it from you.” I looked on Jayden with the sarcasms on his tone. I could see Michael gritted his teeth and I feel like a fight will soon break out. Now I need to find a way to stop the tension between these two angry birds. I knew Michael is calmer and just trying to control himself from rage but I am not sure to what extent he’ll be able to control himself though. Jayden is provoking him.

“Please I don’t want this awkward situation between us.” I murmured and looked on Michael. “I’m sorry Mike, I need to….”

Michael suddenly cut me off and faces Jayden. “If you won’t mind, I want to talk to Gianna alone.”

Jayden chuckles as if mocking. “And what would you think I would allow you to be alone with my Barbie.” Michael frowned at his words.

“What is your problem Mr. Collins?”

Jayden smirked, “I won’t let you take advantage of my girl….AGAIN... Mr. James.”

Jayden said emphasizing the word “again”. I think he was referring to the kiss Michael did to me on our first date.

“I can’t imagine that a Jayden Collins would easily get jealous.” Michael said teasing him and he let out an annoying laugh.

“If you were in my situation would you let anybody touch what’s yours?” Jayden said grabbing my hand again and kissed my knuckle.

Michael was stunned at what he said. I never thought Jayden would be so affected by that kissed, I thought it was nothing to him and I know he is very good at hiding his true feelings at some things. And deep down in me I shuddered, they said when a man gets jealous that means he truly cares and loves you. I giggled to that thought.

“Oh please guys, stop it.” I finally intervened. I looked at them both with a frowned face.

“Michael, if you want to talk to me in private let’s talk on the phone. I will call you.” I told him with the look of pleading on my eyes and like apologizing. He nodded and I grabbed Jayden’s hand and we stormed out his office room.

This is not what I am expecting to end. I thought after a conversation with my Michael we will all figure out how to solve the issue but it turned out to be an adversity. It seems to worsen the situation. I want to blame Jayden but I understand where his sudden anger came from and the bad behavior he showed towards Michael.

On the other hand, Michael is not to blame either, like what I said before, if he only knew that I am in a relationship with Jayden maybe that kissed would never happen. Hmm maybe??

We were inside the car and no one dare to speak or talk about what happened earlier. I am sure there is another issue coming up today and I don’t know if what happened was right. I look on the window car thinking deeply. I know Margaret will call me for sure, as much as I don’t want to open my phone and check the latest news, I grabbed it from my bag unlocked it and checked.

And I was not mistaken, the report says:

“Recently we saw two of the most famous people entered the building where Raven band office was located. These two popular people are none other than Mr. Jayden Collins and the supermodel Ms. Gianna Moretti. What surprised everyone was that, the two walking hand in hand while entering the said building. Leaving everyone shocked and astonished when all we knew that the famous model is the girlfriend of Mr. Michael James also the legendary vocalist of the Raven Band.

Seems like everyone is speculating something is going on.

What is really going on????

Don’t worry Michael and Gia’s fans, together we will all discover the truth behind today’s intriguing incident.”

And that’s it, another issue came up, I wonder what Margaret is thinking right at the moment, I am very certain that she’s aware already with the latest about me. And I am just waiting for her call. We arrived at the Collins building, I didn’t have idea what the hell are we doing here since we did not talk the whole ride. His assistant opened the car door for me, Jayden come out too and draw near me grabbing my hand to hold. He still has no expressions on his face, I couldn’t figure out if he was mad or it was just his personality be like.

When we entered the building all the employees inside the building didn’t dare to look at us and all were bowing their heads while we were entering the VVIP elevator, followed by his assistant.

“Don, is everything alright?” Jayden suddenly muttered.

“Yes sir, your press conference will start in an hour.” Replied his assistant.

We were inside the elevator now and wait what? What press conference? Am I the reason? Am I involved?

We are about to enter his office room when I stopped and made Jayden to look at me.

“What’s wrong?” He asked.

I looked at our intertwined hands and said.

“What are you planning Jayden? Do you even have intention of telling me what you are planning?”

He let out a sighed and grabbed me by my shoulders and said. “Calm down barbie. Let’s talk in my office, okay?” He said calmly. I did not hesitate and just followed him entering his office. I don’t want more arguments; I just need to know what he is planning. He guided me to sit on his couch and started to speak when his phone rang. He looked on the screen and sighed heavily.

“Barbie, I need to take this call, give me 10 minutes.” He kissed my forehead before he walk away to where I should not hear their conversation.

I grabbed my phone on my bag to see I have plenty of missed calls from Zac and Michael. Michael even sent me a text telling me to call him. I dialed his number immediately. I want to apologize for what behavior Jayden showed him awhile ago.

“Hi Michael.”

“Gia, I have been waiting for your call.” He said on the other line.

“Mike, sorry for what happened earlier.”

“You don’t have to apologize love; I just want to hear the truth from you.”

“It’s true Michael. I am Jayden’s girlfriend and it was my idea to secrete from everyone because….” I paused for awhile. “I am really sorry Michael I don’t want to hide it from you but…” he cut me off.

“It’s okay Gia, I understand you. But can I ask you a question if you won’t mind?”

“What is it?” I asked.

“When did you become Jayden’s girlfriend?” I wasn’t able to answer him straight.

“Just recently.” My brief answer.

“Okay does it mean we can’t be friends?” he asked in a gentle voice.

“I think there is nothing wrong with that.” My replied.

“Thank you Gia, I will always be here for you, you know that.” I smiled on his statement and said.

“Thank you Michael, bye.” Then I dropped off the call.

Exactly Jayden came out of his room and smiled at me.

“I just talked to Michael.” I open up to his smiling face but then his mood changed after he heard what I just said.

”What did he want? What did you talk about?” he asked with a frowned look.

“Nothing, he just wants to confirm our relationship.” Jayden chuckled and said.

“That bastard still didn’t believe me huh.”

“Jayden please, Michael is a good man.”

“And I am not?”

“I am not saying that? Please let’s not argue about this.” He came to me and hugged me gently.

“We’re not arguing barbie.” He said kissing my temple.

“I called a press conference; because that’s the only way I wanted everyone to know about us. No more questions.” I broke the hug and looked at him in the eye.

“You don’t need to come with me barbie, I will handle it myself. Stay here and wait for me.” He said caressing my cheeks and gave me a peck on the lips.

I was about to say something when Adi suddenly barged in the room with a show of amusement on her face.

“Oh my gosh, I can’t believe you two.” She said giggling and hugging me tightly before she faced Jayden.

“What did you do? Did you steal Gia from Michael?” Adi asked with her hands crossed on her chest. Jayden smirked and raised an eyebrow.

“You will know in the press.”

“Yeah, I heard you call a press conference, what will you admit to them?” Adi asked as if excited to hear the answers, when suddenly Don, Jayden’s assistant peek on the door saying that the press conference will start in 5 minutes. He gave a sign to go and look at me. He kissed my cheek and stormed out the room. Adi looked at us like a kid giggling and said.

“I’ll be right back Gia, I have to be there.” I nodded and smiled at her. Then she ran out the room like she is the Flash.

I sit down on the couch and tried to calm myself, my heart is beating faster, I am very nervous right now and I don’t know what to do. I dialed my phone and call my manager. But Margaret is not answering my call. I dialed Zac number too and just like my manager he’s not answering either. I bet they are focus on watching the live press con. Oh gosh, I am dying of nervousness. How many hours will I have to wait here? Is it right that I have decided to just wait and stay when my tension is killing me now. What is going on out there? What is Jayden telling them all? I looked around his office and found a huge television on the wall.

That’s it, I know it’s live and I can watch it now but I am hesitating myself, I grabbed the remote control but then dropped it off again, I am getting crazy. Then I just sat down on his chair and closed my eyes.

I trust my boyfriend and hopefully everything will be fine after this.

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