His Secrecy

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Chapter 18

Jayden’s POV

The press con went well, at this time the whole world were all aware at what Gianna and I have, I also said that we are planning to get married soon, and I gave them all the details and what exactly happened between her and that vocalist of the band. After I said all the important things to reveal I only gave some reporters a chance to asked questions and gave them my brief answers and I bet they were all satisfied. I immediately stormed out the conference hall and went back to my office room where my barbie was waiting for me.

She was there sitting on my chair with eyes closed. I wonder what she was thinking or if she was really sleeping. I locked my office door so that no Adrianna can barge into my office room. I draw near and kneeled in front of her, caressing her cheek, she opened her eyes and smiled showing me her pearly white teeth.

“How is it going?” she asked and properly sat down. I smiled at her and grabbed both of her hands and kissed them.

“Will you marry me?” I don’t know what went through my mind; I knew she would be surprised by my sudden question. But I can’t seem to control how I feel anymore. I want her in my life and I will not waste any more time to propose to her, I know I have many rivals, all the men in the world who wanted to be with my barbie but I am very much convinced that she will only end up with me. Gia belongs only to me; and at the first place she is destined to be mine.

“I don’t have any ring to offer you now my Barbie, but will you marry me?” She seems to be disconcerted; she was looking at me with teary eyes. It looks like she couldn’t find the words to answer me. And for the first time in my life I felt anxious and a wisp of panic arising me. Besides she’s the only woman who makes me feel these strange feelings.

Jealousy, anxiety and panic, these are all bizarre. An alien feeling, when I never felt these things in my entire life. In addition to that if she rejected me for my offer.

No one rejects Jayden Collins when all the women stumbled before me. But with my girl, I am not sure, why I could see hesitations in her eyes. Earlier I was confident but now panic attacked in me.

“What’s bothering you barbie?” I could see mixed emotions in her eyes. Then she finally started to speak her thoughts. I was trying to hide my feelings too.

“This is all new to me Jayden, things are still not sinking in me now, and here you are, like all of a sudden you’re proposing.” She said with longing in her teary eyes.

“Do you love me?” I said cupping her cheeks and made her looked straight into my eyes.

“I love you.” She murmured smiling at me and at the same time a shed of tear run down her cheek. With that I instantly kissed her with all passion and devoured her lips. Our tongue battle, tasting every sweetness of her. I know I will never get enough of her.

I broke the kissed and asked her one last time.

“Then marry me Gianna.” She smiled and said.

“Yes, I will marry you.” The smile on my lips could not be painted and I am so fucking relieved with her answer, it was as if a thorn was removed from me. I hugged her so tight that I couldn’t want her to let go from my arms. I thought she was still hesitant. And here we are, happiness is overflowing.

I let her watched the replay video of the press con; there she found out that the world already knew my plan of marrying her before she was. She gave me a frowned look because of that and I just sent back a cocky grinned.

“Do you think after that, they will accept us?” She suddenly said with worries in her eyes.

“I don’t care about them; I only care about us.”

“I still haven’t heard anything from Margaret.”

“Don’t worry about her, she knows all of this.” I said fiddling my phone.

“You meant she knows all of your plans?” she groaned and I nodded.

“Of course, I need to tell her everything, I don’t want you to bother those things anymore, and she seems to agree with me, so you don’t have to worry.”

“That is why I am wondering why she hasn’t called me yet and even Janna.” She said with a frowned on her forehead.

“Are you ready?” I asked smiling at her beautiful face.

“Where are we going?”

“You are going to meet my dad, it’s about time.” She smiled at me and nodded, I could see excitement in her eyes.

We stormed out my office room holding hands and ready to go. When we are inside my car Gia’s phone rang, it was her PA Janna and I could sense her sudden panic. I started to drive out of the parking lot when she spoke to me.

“Jayden can you drive me home?”

“What’s the matter?” I didn’t look on her my focus was on the road.

“I need to see Janna; I think something happened to her. I’m sorry; can I meet your dad next time?”

“No problem barbie.” I said smiling and caressing her cheek but my eyes are still on the road. Then I drove the car fast.

When I am so ready for everything, my supposedly first revelation has been cancelled.

Michael’s POV

When I saw them approaching me holding hands I felt like the beast in me wanted to go out and attack him. You wouldn’t compare the smile on his lips while he extended his hand to mine; he was like mocking and teasing me. I guess he has something important to tell me, perhaps I already knew it. I just need to hear it from Gia, that’s just all I wanted, to talk to her. But he didn’t let me, guess he was afraid I might steal his girl from him, oh well, that’s what I am going to do.

Once we entered my office, I was right Jayden didn’t wander anymore and told me straight into my eyes that he is the fucking real boyfriend and not me.

He got jealous because of the kiss I stole from her girl; I could feel his rage and the anger in his eyes are too obvious. It’s like he wanted to beat my ass anytime. I looked on Gia’s innocent green eyes and I felt she was feeling uneasy because of the awkward situation between me and Jayden. She was looking at me like apologizing and that further strengthens my feeling for her, I will not give up just like this.

A few minutes later when Gia and his hot headed boyfriend left my office, my assistant called me to turn on the TV and to watch the latest.

I clenched my fist after watching the press conference called by Jayden Collins. He, stating that my relationship with Gia was not real and that we need to pretend for the sake of both parties.

Fortunately, my manager had already talked to the head of my fan’s club not to exaggerate the issue and just accept the fact. I will soon set a meeting with them to explain myself. I love and respect all my fans. I wouldn’t be here without them. That’s the good side of me… But no one knows my bad side. I smirked while drinking my vodka.

“Do you think you have won Jayden Collins? The battle has just begun. If I can’t get Gianna then she will never be yours either and I will make sure of that.” I muttered myself.

Then I finish my vodka in one gulf and laughing like crazy.

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