His Secrecy

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Chapter 19

Gia’s POV

Jayden just drove me to my penthouse and he headed to where his father was waiting for him. I am also excited to meet his father, but there was an emergency and Janna needs me so I went straight to Janna’s unit, I found her lying on the sofa and she was crying in pain holding her stomach. I instantaneously run towards her and grabbed her hands.

“Are you alright? What is happening to you?” I asked and she was sobbing.

“Where the hell is your husband?” I yelled.

Earlier, when Janna called me on the phone, she told me that she had a fight with her husband, and Ricky did not come home. I did not ask the full details of their arguments and I know something is wrong with Janna, that’s why I have decided to come to meet her immediately. My phone rang and it was Zac.

“Oh my gosh, Zac, I need to bring Janna to the hospital, could you please help us?”

“What happened to Janna, my girl, darling?”

“I don’t know she’s in so much pain now.” I said, and I am too worried.

“I am actually driving now heading to your pent, where are you both?”

“I’m here in Janna’s unit.”

“Good, I’ll be there in 15 minutes.”

“Please hurry.” Then I hang up the phone.

A few minutes later when I went to Janna’s closet to grab a cardigan for her, Zac entered the room.

“Gia girl come on!” Zac loudly said, who is also worried when he saw Janna’s current state. We both supported Janna to stand up, then I noticed a blood dripping down her.

“Oh my gosh, Janna you’re bleeding!” I shouted in panic, she looked down at herself and started to cry again. We instantly headed to the hospital. Zac and I are waiting outside the operating room when Ricky showed up.

“Where the hell have you been Ricky?” I yelled at him. He looked desperate and he looked so lost with his messed up hair.

“What have you done Ricky?” I asked him, I was a bit annoyed by him, but at the same time I don’t want to blame him for what is happening to Janna right now.

“I am really sorry Gia.” He muttered, then he started crying like a kid.

“Don’t apologize to me; say that to your wife. Why did you leave her alone? What did you guys argue about?”

“It’s all my fault Gia. It’s my fault.” Ricky kept on saying while his hands pressed on his face when Margaret came in a hurry with pounding chest.

“How is Janna?” I could tell she is so worried as well.

“We still don’t know Margie.” Zac answered her. “We are still waiting for the doctor to come out.” He added. I sat down on the chair my hands, both on my head. I am vexed and so annoyed. I am like paranoid too. What is taking them so long inside? What is wrong with Janna? A few minutes later the doctor came out. We all stood up in our seats at once and Ricky face the doctor.

“Are you the husband?” The doctor asked also looking at Zac. Zac raised an eyebrow and answered, gesturing in his most flirtatious sound and action.

“As you can see doctor I am not.” I tapped Zac on the arms with my eyes still focused on the doctor.

“How is my wife doctor?” Ricky mumbled. Worried and confused.

“Your wife had a miscarriage.” The doctor stated without hesitations. I was shocked, we are all shocked. I just saw Margaret’s reaction, she puts her hand in her mouth like covering it and her impending tears were about to fall down.

“So we did a D&C to her, dilatation and curettage to clean her up and to remove abnormal tissues. She might still experience heavy bleeding, but it will go away in a few days. In any case the bleeding doesn’t stop bring back your wife to the hospital.” I could tell Ricky was lost in her thoughts, the tears in his eyes kept on running down his cheeks. The doctor is giving him a piece of paper I bet that is the prescription, but Ricky didn’t move an inch, He was like paralyzed.

“Thank you doctor.” I said, getting the prescription from his hand.

“The patient is safe now, but she needs a lot of rest, help her to heal physically and emotionally.” The doctor added before he got away from us.

Margaret faced the poor Ricky. “Do you even know that she is pregnant?” Ricky didn’t answer he just nodded.

“Then why you were hiding it from us?”

“It’s not that we are hiding it from you, it was Janna’s idea, not to tell you this time because she wanted to surprise you and Gianna.”

“Then why did this happen Ricky?” I suddenly interrupted them and asked, Zac is just quietly listening to the arguments.

“I know, it’s my fault. She will never forgive me for this.” he sat down while saying those words, his hand massaging at the back of his nape.

“Ok, enough, this is not the right time for arguments, your wife needs you the most, so don’t you dare leave her again Ricky.” Margaret said, with menace in her face.

After 3 hours of staying in the hospital, Zac dropped me off in my penthouse, Margaret also left. We didn’t even get the chance to talk about what happened to me earlier with the press con and how I said yes to Jayden when he asked me to marry him… They didn’t know I am already engaged, that’s because we were all occupied and so overwhelmed with happened to Janna, she lost her baby and I am sure no one can describe how she really felt.

After I showered, I called Jayden and told him everything, he was worried too and he completely understood me when I told him that I could not visit his father for now, because Janna needs me and I could not leave her until she was completely recovered.

On the other hand, Jayden told me as well that he could not stay in his pent since his father is in the same town; he needs to be with him too, so I guess we will not see each other now. I knocked myself on the soft mattress and closed my eyes; I will go back to the hospital tomorrow morning to check on Janna.

So much has had happened today and I didn’t expect that the good news I will bring would be replaced with a bad news. I hope everything will turn out right tomorrow. I was so exhausted that I fell asleep right away.

I woke up in darkness; and someone was calling my name. “Gianna!” a muscular voice calling my name over and over again, I looked around to see, my vision was so blurred by the extreme darkness of the surroundings. I rubbed my eyes and winked many times when the ambience gradually gaining little light, then I saw the circled fountain. The lights coming from the fountain illuminated the entire environment. My heart is thundering in my chest. It was all familiar to me, this fountain, and when I turned my back, I saw the framed bench, there I was sitting before with Liam. I hold a hand in my chest as I felt the ache from the inside.

Then I saw a silhouette of a man standing not far away from me, I can only see half of his body, his whole face was covered in the dark but his voice calling my name was familiar, Liam…

“Gianna,” He called my name again.

“Is that you Liam, please show yourself to me.” I begged but he didn’t move an inch and turned his back on me and said.

“I hope you will forgive me.” And he walked away, I run towards him calling his name, tears are rolling down my cheeks, but he instantly disappeared in darkness.

“Liam!!!!!!!!” I cried out loud unaware that I was abruptly sitting on the bed from sleep as if gasping for breath and exhausted. It was all a dream, I let out a despairing sighed. “What the hell did he means to forgive him? Forgive him for what? For not coming into me?” I groaned myself and run both my hands into my sweating face. Why it feels like it was a nightmare? It shouldn’t be? Because that was Liam in my dream. After six years of longing for him, why just now? And why in a fucking dream?

And what’s more funny and frustrating? Even in a dream he still did not show me his whole face, so that I could remember, but his voice is confusing me. Like I want to remember someone very familiar to that voice. It’s making me crazy and it’s giving me a headache.

I don’t want to start this day negatively, As soon as the sun peeks through my window I climb out of the bed, and went to the bathroom to do my morning routine. Janna needs me, forget your trouble and just think of Janna. I kept on saying to myself to distract myself from my dream. I will soon get married to Jayden but part of me still wants to meet Liam. Guess what? First love never dies. Or maybe I want a closure with him, fuck I am not even sure what I want. I shook my head from that thought and focus on what I am doing, brushing my teeth when my phone pings a text. I looked and unlocked using my other hand and my mood change when I see his name pop up my screen.

Jayden: “I miss you...” I smiled and hurriedly finish doing my thing, I instantly grabbed my phone and replied in his text.

Me: “I miss you too. I am going to the hospital today.”

Jayden: Alright, I’ll be in my office in an hour, feel free to visit me if you have time.” He replied with a smiley emojie at the end of his text.

Every day I visit Janna at the hospital, if not with Zac, with Candice, we made sure to monitor her condition and good thing she is getting better and better now, I think she also slowly accepted the lost of her angel, another thing, they also fixed their marital relationship and I could see how Ricky regretted his actions and he is now paying back what wrong he has done with her wife. Ricky loves Janna so much and I believed he would do everything for her. Margaret was there too checking up on Janna, if not she called me on the phone from time to time. We are family and this is how we treat each other even though we are not blood related.

We brought Janna home today, but she still needs more rest. It’s been a week and I managed to do all my work while attending to Janna, and it’s been a week I haven’t seen Jayden and I miss him so much, he was so busy at work but he made sure to text and call me every day, sometimes every hour. We even Facetime at night before going to sleep.

I was lying on the bed now thinking of him, then I decided to call Jayden, it was 9 in the evening and this was the right time when we do video call. I was about to dial his number when Michael’s name popped up on my screen. I am actually hesitating to answer his call, but then I pressed the yes button.

“Good evening Gianna. Can we meet… Now? I have something important to tell you…..please”

I was curious to what important Michael would say to me, it’s late at night and I knew Jayden would get mad at me, but I agreed to talk to him, he was waiting for me in the parking area of this building, I got my phone and send Jayden a text that I am going to sleep now.. I never lied in my entire life and I hope I will not regret it. I was in the elevator going to the basement parking lot.

I don’t know if I am doing the right thing and deep down and me I am so nervous.

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