His Secrecy

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Chapter 2

I opened my eyes when the elevator dings. We walked out and head my unit. Janna pressed the pass-code of my door when my gazed suddenly went to the other door, my neighbor's door. Ever since I’ve lived here I’ve never met the person or maybe a family who were living in the other unit, as I was saying my penthouse was on the top floor of this building and only two units were in this storey. Our suite was probably the biggest of all the units. Then one day I heard that my neighbor is the owner of this entire building under the name of Jay?? maybe Joe? .....oh I forgot the name.

Janna and I entered my house, followed by my bodyguards carrying my stuffs and shopping bags. I knocked myself on the sofa feeling lazy and tired. Then I heard Janna’s phone rang, I am sure it was Margaret is checking up on us, Janna looked at me and answered her phone, and I was not mistaken. I am sure she’s sending Janna a to-do list for tomorrow’s meeting. Janna went to the kitchen still talking on the phone, grabbing bottles of water in the fridge. Janna was also living in this building, but of course in a different floor together with her husband Ricky my driver, Janna is only 3 years older than I am she's 24 and recently married to Ricky they've started their love story when Margaret hired Ricky as my new driver. I am close to them, I am considering them my family since I have got no one after the tribulation happened to my parents.

My grief over my parent's death didn’t end easily because that was only the beginning of my distress. After the incident, I started to suffer a lot and alone. Imagine, a once living princess, had experienced to live a hard life at the age of 15. I used to sleep on the street starving the whole day, I had no choice but to stop going to school and worked in a cafe, where I was always scolded by my lady boss because of my lacked of knowledge doing some simple household chores. I was bullied by some of my school friends when they found out I was working in that cafe, I thought they were all my true friends, but I was wrong, they were all insecure, to my beauty and my intellect and that’s what they told me.

Those tragic event that I had experienced after my parents left me. How did it happen??? Oh! It was a long story that I didn't want to remember. Part of my bad memories that I didn't want to go back to again. What's important to me now is the present and I am very grateful that someone from the past has helped me to get up and start a new life here in the US away from all the people who wants to destroy me, to be particular my dad's enemies.

That happened six years ago and I am very sure I have moved on in that event of my life, even the death of my parents, but because of him, I couldn't help myself to think and come back to that memories we've shared and the kissed. That’s the reason why I didn’t want any man in my life, maybe because I am hoping, I am still hoping we would meet one day. I felt like there was something missing in me and that’s him.

“Gia, do you still need anything?” Janna told me handling me a glass of water. I looked on her yawning face and smiled.

“I’m good, you can go now.”

“Okay, I’m going down, if you need anything, just call me.” She said heading at the door. Her unit with her husband was on the 25th floor and mine is on 29th.

“Oh, by the way,,,don’t forget tomorrow’s meeting Margaret reminded me, you were meeting Adriana Scott the vice president.” I just nodded to her. “I’ll give you more details tomorrow, you take a rest now. Goodnight Gia.”

“Sweet dreams Janna.” We both smiled at each other. Then I muttered “Adriana Scott? Scott?” Why the surname doesn’t leave me. Then I realized could she be related? Maybe I should ask? I mean there’s nothing wrong asking it right? Besides, I am doing it before whenever I meet someone with the same surname.

I got up from the sofa and went to the bathroom, I took a quick shower and headed to my walk-in closet, pulled out a pair of pj’s and sat down on my vanity mirror with lights and started to do my beauty regimen, as a celebrity I need to take care of my body and my skin, after everything I went to bed, tomorrow will be another day, I checked my schedule, aside from the meeting with the Cosmo magazine at 2 PM I have a catwalk practice at 5 PM and dinner with my manager. She will be back tomorrow at 7 PM and she asked me to have dinner with her, certainly to discuss the business in Paris I guess.

I woke up 7 AM in a very good mood. Hoping to start the day with full of positive vibes. After doing my morning routine, I went downstairs to see Janna helping the maid preparing breakfast. “Good morning Gia.” She said grinning.

“Good morning everyone.” I answered and the maid also smiled at me. I sat down the table and the smell of the waffles, bacon and eggs made my stomach grumbles. Janna also sat down opposite to mine, then I started digging my plate.

“So today, you’re meeting the youngest vice president of Cosmo Magazine, as I told you her name last night.”

“Okay?” I said eating a bunch full of waffle egg and bacon on my mouth.

“Well, Margaret told me that they’ve already discussed everything and all you have to do is an appearance for the signing of the contract.” I looked at her and she saw my frowned look.

“She even told me that you’re supposed to be meeting the President, but he has an important business trip.”

“I don’t give a fucking care who I’m gonna meet today, you know I am not interested in this.” I said sarcastically.

“I know, but you’re gonna be partnering with the Collins now.” She said and a part of me got curious.

“Collins who?”

“Oh well dear, Jayden Collins, the popular businessman, he owns some buildings here in New York, of course he’s the CEO of the Cosmo Magazine. One of the youngest CEO. And I heard he’s a total heartthrob.” She added and I could see the excitement in her eyes. I smirked.

“You said he’s famous, how come I didn’t know? I didn’t even know what he looks like.” I added still eating the last bacon on the plate. Then Janna screamed at me.

“Oh em gee, you finished all the bacon Gia??? Margaret will kill me.” She said worriedly and I just laughed at her reaction.

“Just for today girl.” I told her smirking and I went upstairs to my bedroom. At 10 AM I changed into my workout outfits and went to the gym, my mini gym inside my penthouse and started my exercise routine, burning some fats.

After working out, I went to my bathroom and took a steamed bathed in my bathtub. This was relaxing, I wished I could just stay here all day. I closed my eyes and reminiscing the moment how I got in this career path.

Six years ago in Italy, after the murdered incident of my parents, I lost everything someone stole my father's business, our houses and some assets and all my father's wealth, they stole everything from me, there were people chasing me and trying to kill me too so I ran away and hide, I worked in a cafe in exchange of shelter and food, my lady boss always scolded me and sometimes maltreated, but I endured all of it because I had no choice, I need a shelter and I need to feed myself to survive. In everything I do, I felt like someone was watching me. Then one time when I am closing the store and ready to head to my tiny room at the back of that cafe, the husband of my lady boss suddenly barged in and harassed me, he was trying to rape me, I screamed on top of my lungs to cry for help and suddenly a muscular man in a suite came in and helped me get out of the cafe and he made sure to leave the perverted old man knocked out on the floor, lying unconscious. This man who helped me was somehow familiar. I think I've seen him many times roaming outside the cafe while I'm cleaning the tables. He led me to his car and told me to stay calm and do not be afraid that he wasn't a bad guy and he was here to help me.

He brought me to a hotel room, there I met Margaret for the first time, she offered me the job to become a model, I asked her, why she was helping me and she just gave me a brief answer. That one time she saw me in the cafe and she was certain that I have the potential of becoming a successful model. I wanted to start a new life far away from here so without second thoughts I accepted her offer, but everything wasn't easy, before I proceed, I continue my studies and she sent me to the best modeling academy in New York and I also studied in modeling school in Paris, by the time I finished all my studies I was already 18 years old and that was the time I started my modeling career and became popular in this field.

I have been a successful model for three years and I guess counting. Being famous wasn't giving a steady pleasure, there were people who will love and like you, but there were some who will criticize you for who you are and what you do. In short you don't pleased all the people in the world, no matter how good and kind you are. As I said I get used to all of this.

I got up from the bathtub and getting ready for the meeting. I wore a Calvin Klein denim romper with my black Louboutin pump shoes. Clutching my Dior purse and wearing my sunglasses and I am ready to go. I met Janna at the lobby and we head out getting in the car, of course my bodyguards following us.

We arrived on time, this massive building was so extravagant and all in glasses. Then we entered the Collins Enterprises. They say it was the tallest building in New York, and owned by the Collins family of course. The interior of this building was like a hotel and somehow the same as the building of my penthouse. My bodyguards where scattered beside and behind me, but with a little distance, the people inside were all looking at me, some approached me and asked for pictures and I let them took pictures of me together with my sunglasses still on, giving all of them my sweet smile. Then we went up to where the vice president’s office was, and a group of people were waiting and greeted us, they were all smiling and a woman approached Janna.

"Good day, I am Ms. Scott's secretary and I am here to assist you in her office, I am sorry that you have to wait a little because something urgent came up to Ms. Scott." She said, I nodded and smiled and she led us to enter the office room. I sat down on a couch Janna followed.

"Would you like anything Ms. Moretti? A coffee? Juice?" she added.

"I'm good, thank you." I told her and she also motioned her gaze to Janna and Janna asked for a glass of water, then she walked out the door. I roamed my eyes in this room and this was really a feminine, more of a girly room, pink and white. I saw the portrait of a woman hanging on the wall. She's beautiful and young, the door opened again and the secretary came in carrying a pitcher of water and a plate of assorted sweets. She looked at me saying.

"That is my boss, Ms. Adriana Scott." She said smiling and I looked upon her and asked.

"How old is she?"

"She's 24 and the youngest boss in this building." I looked at Janna and told her. "You're the same age girl."

"I know right." Janna answered, drinking her water. Then the secretary took out her Polaroid camera and shyly asked permission if we could take a picture together. Of course, I smiled at her and stand and put off my sunglasses up to my head. Janna took us the picture and in seconds the filmed printed and she asked me to sign for it. I could see the excitement in her eyes and how joyful she was, I gave her our picture with my signature on it.

"Thank you so much, you are very beautiful Ms. Moretti and we were all excited when we found out that you will be part of this company. I will leave you now, just call me when you need anything." She said with a wider grin on her face. I smiled back at her till she disappeared.

My eyesight stared at the stacked of the magazines on the counter. I went and looked on the magazines one by one, when something caught my eyes, the main image cover of the magazine was a sizzling hot man, truly a handsome, then his name was written as the main cover line, JAYDEN COLLINS “Meet the hottest Bachelor, CEO and the youngest Billionaire of NYC.” But the most captured my attention was the face of the guy. The jolt it send in my heart was unexplained. I seemed to remember someone, the guy on the picture was kinda familiar. I looked startled and Janna noticed me and gave me a concerned look.

“What’s wrong Gia?” I didn’t answer and her gazed move to the magazine I was holding and she snatched it from me. Janna looked on the magazine and almost yelled on her reaction.

“Holy cow Gianna!!! This is Jayden Collins???? She said, pointing her index finger on the magazine. He’s so fucking hot on this cover, what more on personal!!!” She said and her lips still parted in awe.

The door opened and that stunning girl from the portrait came in hurriedly walked towards me.

“Oh Ms. Moretti, I am really sorry to keep you waiting.” She embraced me and kept on apologizing.

“It’s fine Ms. Scott.” I said, smiling at her. She broke the hug and looked at me as if examining all my face.

“I can’t believe I’m hugging and standing in front of you like this. I’m one of your fans.” She said with full of excitement and sincerity in her eyes and I chuckled.

“I am always present on all your fashion shows.” She giggled.

“Ow, thank you.” I said, smiling and she led me to sit down on the couch. Then we started to talk about the real purpose of my visit.

After our discussion and signed the contract, I stood up and extend my hand to her.

“Thank you Ms. Scott.” She instantly reached and we shook hands.

“This means I’m gonna see you a lot and I hope we can be friends Ms. Moretti.”

“You can call me Gia if you want?” She giggled on that and she said to me. “And you can call me Adi.” She giggled again and she hugged me tight, I am a bit taller than her though I’m younger. When we broke the hug I asked her.

“By the way, can I ask you something?” I asked her.

“Sure, what it is? Adi responded.

“Are you somehow related to a name Liam Scott?” I asked her with all courage and stared not leaving my eyes on her. She had given me an unreadable expression and replied.

“Liam Scott? Hmm,” she seems thinking deeply putting a finger on her chin. “I don’t know. Why you’d ask?”

“Ahh nothing, I thought you were related since you’ve got the same surname. l’ll go now, thank you Adi.” I smiled at her, and walked out the door where Janna were waiting.

“Bye, thank you so much Gia.” I nodded and gave her my one last sweet smile before I stormed out her office room.

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