His Secrecy

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Chapter 22

Jayden’s POV

This is it; this is the day I am finally waiting for, to reveal one by one, the things I am not able to say when it’s not the right time, It is not that I wanted to keep secrets, I have no choice. It’s for the sake of her.

I have every people who can do everything I order them. I found out that Michael met my barbie for who knows what story and I am sure lies he had told her. No wonder Gia wasn’t in her right mind when we had our dinner the last time. I am not sure for whatever his motive was; all I know is that he was trying to snatch my girl from me. That’s how keen he is, to get Gianna.

I knew Michael James, he is not a saint that everyone thought most especially his fans. Everyone has hidden evil to themselves, and it’s often unleash when we make a person lose his temper nor his patience. I believed I made Michael to that edge. He made a move. He looked for something that would make my relationship ruin with Gianna. Does he think I am not ready? I don’t easily give up, and in all battles, I have not been defeated. I will not let anyone take the love of my life away from me. No matter what Gia’s reaction to whatever she discovers, I will never give up on her.

Today, I have decided to tell her everything, first of all, is to introduce her to my father.

I am now in front of her door when she opened it, her smiling green eyes welcomed me, she hugged me instantly and I could feel the longing in her and I am the same. I always miss her.

“Are you ready?” I asked and she nodded, I kissed her red lips before I hold her hand and head to the parking lot where my car was park we are heading to where my father is waiting for us. My father who is also excited to meet my Barbie.

We were inside the car and Gia is silent the whole ride, we arrived at the mansion. It’s the same house where I brought her when we had our first dinner date. Before we get off my car I hold her hand and faced her.

“Are you okay?” I asked.

“I’m good.” She smiled at me and tighten her grip into my hand.

We entered the house and Jason hurriedly walked towards me whispering something into my ear. I just nodded. I guided Gianna to the living room.

“Can you give me a minute?”

“What’s wrong?” She worriedly asked and concerned.

“Nothing’s wrong.” I said and kissed her on her forehead. “I will be back soon and if you need anything just call Lorna.” I said looking at Lorna smiling standing at the corner and she also move her gaze to her, my Barbie smiled back to her.

“I’ll be fine here.” She said to me, I nodded and with one last kiss in her lips I stormed out the living room.


Gia’s POV

I was left in the living with Lorna his maid who is standing at the corner. I sat down on the soft sofa and let out a heavy sighed. I felt suddenly nervous. “Why?” I asked myself.

“Would you like something to drink Ms. Gianna?” Lorna suddenly uttered. I looked at her and smile.

“I am okay Lorna, but I think I need to go to the washroom please.”

“I will lead you the way Ms. Gianna.” I smiled at her, she is so formal. I followed her to where the washroom is. We passed a lot of rooms before getting in the bathroom, this house is so huge. This is the same house Jayden brought me when we had our first date. I remember the garden. There is a garden here that looks the same in the garden back in Italy, the circled fountain and the bench. Lorna brought me back to my senses when she gestured her hands pointing to the washroom door. “Ms. Gianna.” She said.

“Thank you, you don’t have to wait for me Lorna.” She smiled and retreat back to the hall. I entered and went straight to the lavatory sink and wash my hands before I pat my face with the cold water. Why am I feeling nervous now? I could feel the pounding of my heart rapidly. I need to calm myself before I come back to the living room. I opened my purse and get my lipstick and retouch on my lips and a little bit of face powder. When everything is fine I stopped for a moment and sighed before I went out. I walked to the hall and looked around the area, there are plenty of rooms, and there is this one room that is open. I could not control myself, I peeked in the room and see no one is there so I entered.

I think I have been in this room, when I saw the big portrait of Jayden’s mother hanging on the wall, oh yeah, I have been here the first time I visited the house. Jayden introduced me to his late mother. I felt sad remembering that moment, I could see in Jayden’s eyes how much he misses his mother. I remember my mother too and my dad I miss them so much.

If they were still alive what could possibly happened to me? Of course I would be living in Italy with them and maybe I would never meet Jayden. Maybe I would meet Liam again. My eyes roamed around the room, I didn’t even notice there’s an antique organ near to the window. I walked near it and tried to press a key and it work. I smiled and tried to press one more key, I am a frustrated pianist, if my parents didn’t die I am sure my dad will bring me to a piano lesson, that’s his promised to me after I will graduate from high school. I am spoiled brat to my dad, he gave me everything I want and I need.

“Mi manchi papa.” (I miss you daddy.) I muttered and I felt a tear fell down. I am very close to my dad but of course I miss both of my parents. My mother is stricter but I always understand her. My eyes brought me to the stack of albums that are on the wooden cabinet. I went there and checked the albums, they are photo albums, I opened one of it and a picture of a boy caught my attention, I am sure this young boy is Jayden, I smiled, he’s so cute he was smiling and holding an airplane toy looking at the camera wearing only a nappy. I think he was only 3 years old in this picture.

I got more excited to open the pages of the album, next is the picture of Jayden and her mother holding her in her arms. Her mother is like my mom. She is so beautiful and has this sweet aura. I hope if she’s still alive now, we’ll get along with each other and become close. I am sad that she’s also gone just like my mom. Though Jayden is still lucky, he still have his father. Unlike me I’m an orphan.

Even though I still miss my parents care, I think I am happy, I found a new family with Margaret, Janna and my friends, Zac and Candice. And soon I am making my family with Jayden. I am so happy that I met him, and there was this part of me saying that I do not want to lose him again. And this is it, my story with Liam ends here but I am not closing the part when there’s a chance to meet him again one day. Just because I want to ask a lot of questions from him. I just wanted to end the darkest part of my life and leave it all in the past.

I was still looking at the photos in the album when I noticed a familiar woman holding a girl in her right hand. She is with Jayden’s mother in this picture. I looked closely at the picture and I couldn’t be wrong. This woman is Margaret and she’s holding Janna. Why are they here? Why is she with Jayden’s mother? Are they related?

I quickly looked at the next pages of the album, what even more surprise me was when I saw a picture of a man and Jayden. The man I met six years ago. I got tense when I heard a voice from behind.

“Nice to meet you again Gianna.” When I turned around to look I saw Uncle Jaime in a wheel chair smiling at me. Jayden is behind him.

“Uncle Jaime.” I groaned.

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