His Secrecy

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Chapter 23

I cannot believed what I see, Uncle Jaime is in front of me now. I do not know what to feel, I should be happy because my father’s best friend is alive, as I look at him I remember my dad, six years ago when he introduced me to Uncle Jaime, I remember how happy my dad when he spent his time with his best friend.

I should be happy at least Uncle Jaime is alive he will always remind me of my bereaved father. Though I am still confused, I walked towards and kneeled in front of him and he immediately grabbed my hands and kissed at the back of it.

“Amore.” (love). When he said that I felt my cheeks wet in tears. That’s my dad always calls me. I also kissed his hands.

“I am sorry Gia for what happened to Ivano and your mother.” He started crying.

“My best friend.” He added while sobbing.

“Don’t think about it uncle, I am happy that you are okay.” I told him while looking into his weeping eyes.

“And to you my dear, I am sorry that you suffered because….” I did not let him finish what he was about to tell me and said.

“Uncle, it’s all in the past now.” I smiled at him and he smiled back and gestured me to hug him. I hugged him and looked on Jayden who is still standing behind looking at us without expression in his face.

Wait this means, Jayden’s father is Uncle Jaime. I just realized it now. I think we have a lot to talk about.

I had a great time talking with Uncle Jaime, he told me a story about him and my father, how did they meet and how did they become super close friends. I want to hear a lot from him but unfortunately he needs to rest and take his medicines. I was left alone with Jayden now. We were silent for a moment then he finally sat down beside me.

“Are you okay?” he asked. I faced him and looked into his eyes.

“So Uncle Jaime is your father?” he nodded.

“Then why you didn’t tell me about it?” I said irritably in tone.

“That’s why you’re here Barbie. I didn’t tell you right away because I want you to meet my father when he wakes up from coma.” I was surprised, he didn’t tell me before that his father was in a coma, he just told me that there was an emergency happened in a family member. That was the time he was gone for a week. And now that I know that his father is Uncle Jaime, my father’s best friend.

“He was in coma for six years Gia. I thought he will never wake up.” I could feel Jayden’s frustration but he instantly changed his mood.

“But it’s okay now Barbie I am very relieve that he’s getting better every day.”

“Six years? You mean Uncle was…...” I didn’t let myself to utter more words instead I covered my face with my hands. Meaning the cause of Uncle Jaime’s coma was the same incident that happened to my parents six years ago. Jayden confirmed it. Then I remember his mom, I asked him about her still my hands on my face not looking at him.

“Was your mom there too?”

“Yes…” his soft replied. I cried again, his mother died in that incident too. Why do I seem to blame myself for what happened. My hands still covered my wet face. Jayden stroked my back with his hand as if calming me and he said.

“It’s okay now Barbie, stop crying please.”

It started again, the pain from the past. My tears continued to flow and I couldn’t help myself but sobbed. Despite all the mix emotions I was feeling at the moment I still manage to ask him where he was at that time. I got curious if he was there with his parents and if he witness everything that happened.

“Were you there?” I asked without looking at him still my hands buried onto my face.

When he answered my question, I was suddenly taken aback and looked at him in the eyes full of shock.

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