His Secrecy

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Chapter 24

“Yes, I was there too…." A moment of silence before he continue. "And I was with you.” That was his answer to me that left me in shocked. I stood up from my seat and looked at him intensely, my eyes were swollen red and my face covered with wet tears, I didn’t mind how dismal I look at this time.

“You…” I couldn’t find the words to say. I am so confused from what I am finding right now. I am losing my balance in standing, I feel like I am going to pass out anytime. Jayden immediately grabbed my elbow to support me. He holds my shoulders and his gaze not leaving mine. There was this feeling in me that I could not understand.

“It’s me Gia.” Jayden said. “It’s me Liam. Liam Scott the guy you met six years ago.” And that’s it, hearing the name from his mouth made me feel dizzy. He is Liam the man I am longing for six years. The man I fell in love is the same man I am going to marry. Isn’t that fascinating? The fact that you’re still loving the same person, I think that would be the happiest right? But why do I feel different? Jayden, or what do I call him now? Liam…. Who I wanted to meet again is in front of me now.

The funny thing is, I had no idea that I already met Liam from the beginning, no wonder I felt comfortable when I first saw him. The strange feeling I had when I first saw his picture in that magazine, the sudden beating of my heart whenever he touches me. The words that he kept on telling me that I only belong to him. And not to mention, we already made love three times. I made love with Liam or Jayden or what? Now I am confused.

He wiped the tears rolling on my face. “I am sorry. It took me years, but I swear Gia, you have no idea how I wanted to be with you right away.” I looked at him I could see regrets in his eyes, why it took him so long to reveal himself to me? Why? I just don’t understand everything.

“You are Liam Scott, and who is Jayden Collins?” I asked him so confused. He made me sit down again supporting me.

“Calm down barbie, I will tell you everything you wanna know.” He said and started explaining everything to me.

“My name is Jayden Liam Collins. Scott is my mother’s surname. I used Liam Scott whenever I go on a trip alone or with my family. Then, that incident happened six years ago, that changed everything. I need to take my dad’s place to continue running our companies. I was introduced as Jayden Collins and it all started there…. And I was…..”

“Did you even think about me?” I cut his words and asked him. He kneel down in front of me holding both my hands and kissed them.

“You were never lost in my mind Gia. There were no days that passed by that I didn’t think of you, if you only knew how impatient I am to be with you again. But there are things that I need to hide and fix before I can get you and believed me I did it for your own good.”

“And where is good in that? Did you know what I have been through after that instance?” I said, but I am calm and no expressions on my face.

“Sorry if it took me awhile, but I did everything I could just to get you out of that place.”

“What do you mean?”

“After that incident I have people to look after you, but we found out that you were no longer living in your house, it took my men to look for you only to find out that you were working in the café.” My face wrinkled with his statement. He knew about that.

“Look Barbie, I knew you suffered that time, but I was there for you I tried my best to save you and get you.” Jayden added. I was so confused by what he was saying, it was as if my head was breaking, trying to understand everything he was saying.

“And as I always tell you, I am with you all the time.” He muttered and my tears continue to flow. I am trying to comprehend everything but my brain seems blank.

“I want to go home now.” That’s all I could say. I just want to be alone and I feel like I am going to get sick, I’ve got headache at the moment maybe because of too much thinking… Jayden hugged me tight.

“Alright, I’ll drive you home.” Then he kissed my forehead.

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