His Secrecy

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Chapter 25

Jayden’s POV (earlier)

This is the moment of truth, we arrived in my house where my father is waiting for us, but soon as we entered Jason my bodyguard whispered something in my ear. There was a report about Michael James. Seems like the bastard is investigating about me and Gia. So I need to leave my Barbie for a while to get all the details to what extent Michael already knows about my family. I know why he is doing this, he is really eager to get Gianna’s attention and steal her from me, seems like he will not surrender that easy and looks like the idiot deeply falls in love with my Barbie. I guided Gia to the living room.

“Can you give me a minute?” I faced her and said.

“What’s wrong?” She worriedly asked and concerned.

“Nothing’s wrong.” I said and kissed her on her forehead.

“I will be back soon and if you need anything just call Lorna.” I said looking at Lorna smiling standing at the corner and she also move her gaze to her my Barbie smiled back to Lorna.

“I’ll be fine here.” She said to me, I nodded and with one last kiss in her lips I stormed out the living room.

When I was back Gia was already in the other side of the room, I was pushing my dad in his wheel chair and Gia was looking on the stack of photo albums when my dad greeted her, she was astounded when she looked at our direction looking at my dad so surprise and confused. I am sure she already notice my dad.

My father who is Jaime Collins. Uncle Ivano’s best friend, her father’s best friend. I was just looking at them when they started to get along with each other, I could see in my father’s eyes the mix emotions, sadness, regrets, and happiness now that Gia is in front of him and he thought that Gia is the only one who will remind him of his best friend. In fact he was so happy when I told him that I already to proposed to Gia. Before Gia’s father died, uncle Ivano was able to leave a message to my father, and my dad promised to him before they both lost consciousness at that time.

On the other hand, Gia has the same emotion, but I know she was a bit shocked and surprised maybe even confused. I know we have a lot to talk about, I need to explain everything to her and I am so ready, everything that she wants to know.

We had the chance to talk when my father left us alone, he needs to rest and take his medicines. So his nurse attend to him… We were silent for a while then I started the conversation by saying how is she feeling. Then the conversation goes on. She cried and sobbed, as much as I don’t want to see her like that, but she needs to know everything. That I, Jayden Collins is the same Liam Scott she met six years ago. I hid my identity to her because of some reasons, and one of the main aims is to protect her. My dad promised it to her father. Gianna’s protection. And even if my father didn’t promise, I will protect her myself.

All that she knew now was still not enough. There are some things that she still needs to know but she told me that she wanted to go home now, I understand her. At her state, I don’t want to force her to know the other things she should know. I will give her time. I think I made her stress for today.

We were in the parking area of our penthouse building. She did not talk the whole ride. She was silent and pretending her sleep. She was about to go out the car but I grabbed her hand immediately. She stopped but didn’t look at me.

“Are you mad at me?” I asked.

“I am not, I just want to be alone for now. I hope you understand me.” She said calmly but still not looking on me. Her eyes were swollen from tears. I could feel she’s not feeling well so I will let her what she wants.

“I understand you, I will give you time, okay? And always remember I am here.” I said kissing her knuckles, she smiled a bit before she get off the car.

I leaned my head back at the car seat and let an exasperated sigh. I don’t know what to think now, there are a lot of things running on my mind. I can’t be with her, because she needs space, and I can’t stay in my penthouse since I need to go back to my dad. Then I remember I need to deal another thing. I started the engine and drive fast.


Gia’s POV

I was like a fool, stunned looking in front of the mirror. I cannot understand how I feel. Should I be happy because Jayden and Liam whom I first loved are just one?

I kept on thinking when Margaret suddenly called me. I answered my phone and she told me on the line if we can meet tonight. She called me just right, I have a lot of questions to ask her, I instantly change my clothes and grabbed my car keys, and she said that we are going to meet at Hyatt Place Times Square.

I was about to open my car door when someone grabbed my hand.

“Michael, what the heck.” I groaned, holding my chest. He just laugh at me.

“I’m sorry, did I startle you?” He asked with a wide grinned on his face.

“My heart just fell on the ground.” That statement of mine made him laugh again.

“What are you doing here?” I added.

“I am really coming to you.” He said and his eyes suddenly changed.

“What’s the matter? Is there something wrong?”

“Gia, I think you have to know these things.” He handed me a stack of papers. We were already inside my car when I looked at the papers one by one. There is also a familiar photo.

That picture of Jayden when he was in Paris with a girl. That buzzing news that he met his girlfriend in Paris, I think that was a month ago. Then another photos of them that clearly shows the face of the woman. The woman I said was familiar to me before, because of her stance and addition to that, her clothes that she was wearing. I looked closely at the picture. There’s no doubt that is her. She was really the first person I thought in mind when I first saw this photo that Zac sent to my phone, even if I didn’t see her whole face, but now it is all confirmed. That was her. Margaret. My manager. What were they doing that time? Was that a coincidence? What is their relationship? How do they know each other?

And these stack of papers, these are all the properties of my dad in Italy that was stolen from him after that incident. And it’s all now under the name of Jayden Liam Collins. What is really going on? Why is it so chaotic now?

“Where did you get all of these?” I asked Michael, confused.

“Why are you doing this?” I added with a hint of annoyance in my tone.

“Look Gia, I have no intentions of hurting you, I am doing this because I want you to know what kind of person you are going to marry.” He said with worries in his eyes.

“He’s not even honest, he has so many secrets hiding from you. I bet his meeting with your manager in Paris is not a coincidence. Did he even tell you that his father was the reason why your parents being killed?” He added and he’s making my mind even more confused. My brain seems to explode. What else are they hiding from me? I felt dizzy all of a sudden, I feel like I am going to throw-up. Michael pat my shoulder.

“Are you okay Gia?” I looked at him and said.

“I want to be alone.”

“Are you sure you okay? I don’t want to leave you like this.”

“Please…” I said raising my voice a bit covering my face with my both hands.

“Alright, if that’s what you want.” He said then he get off my car. I quickly started the car and drove fast. I can’t wait to talk to Margaret, she needs to explain me all of these.

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