His Secrecy

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Chapter 26

I arrived at the Hyatt Place Time Square, I am late but I don’t care, I felt like I was betrayed and Margaret needs to explain everything to me. I am still not over my feelings for what I have learned earlier, meeting Uncle Jaime, meeting Liam and discovering more that are making me go crazy as of the moment.

As I got off my car my chest throbbed faster. I entered to the restaurant where Margaret is waiting for me. I am feeling dizzy but I tried to be calm and I tried to be strong, I can no longer wait for too long to know the answer.

And there she was, sitting sophisticated drinking tea or maybe a cup of coffee, when I dropped the stack of papers on the table, I am never rude in front of Margaret, as I always say she is a second mom to me. But I am feeling super annoyed, I have all the emotions in me now, anxious, rage, annoyed, confused and shocked and I can’t no longer hide how I am feeling now, despite of my display of rudeness in front of her she was still calm, she looked at me and put her cup down on the saucer and said.

“Sit down Gianna.” I didn’t move an inch, I didn’t know what to do, If I am going to obey her or not.

“Calm down Gianna, I am not your enemy, we have a lot to talk so you have to sit down.” She said gesturing her hand to the other side of the table. I swallowed a lump in my throat then sat down in the opposite side. She grabbed the papers on the table and looked on it one by one. She sighed.

“Alright, so where do you want to start?” She muttered.

“Explain to me that picture in Paris.” I answered straightly, she looked at me and then the conversation goes on.


Its 12 midnight now but I couldn’t sleep staring at the ceiling like a fool. I feel worst now, I couldn’t even think straight and properly, all I want to do is to be alone, there were messages and missed calls from Jayden, Zac, Candice and Janna. I don’t want to talk with anyone right now. My eyes are swollen from crying. All the things I found out from Margaret still not sinking in my mind. I don’t know who to trust now.

I stood up from the bed and I walked to my closet changed my clothes into skinny jeans, shirt and my hoody. I wore my high cut white converse then I grabbed my luggage. I put on some clothes and some things that are necessary. I am going to a place where no one could disturb me for a while. I want to be alone in order to think properly, I want to clear my mind if that is even possible now, I am getting stress.

When everything is fully packed, I dialed my phone and book a flight then I turned off my phone, I grabbed all the keys I needed then I stormed out my room. One more glance in my entire penthouse then I’m out carrying my luggage.

“Ladies and gentlemen, we have just landed at Lynden International Airport. American Airline welcomes you to Nassau Bahamas with local time of 7 o’clock in the morning and 24 degree Celsius in temperature. On behalf of the flight deck crew and the rest of the cabin crew team, we thank you for choosing American Airlines and we are looking forward to have a great flight with you again.”

That landing announcement brought me back to my senses. Though there were lots of thoughts running through my brain, this is it. The life I have chosen for now, to be away from all of them. I am not running away from the problems, like I said many times, I just want to be alone for now and be able to think properly. I am also afraid to face Jayden or rather Liam. I don’t know what I will tell him. I am not even sure what am I feeling for him, all I know is that I am avoiding to say things that will make him hurt. I don’t want him to get hurt, not coming from me.

I was walking holding my luggage when all of a sudden I felt dizzy again. I went to the near café inside the airport and sat down. I leaned on the table with my hands supporting my head. I am constantly feeling this dizziness and fatigue, maybe because recently, I haven’t been able to have a proper sleep and rest even a proper meal. I seem to have forgotten to take care of myself. I am so fucking stress and distress. I just hope I am doing the right thing.


It’s been a month, I am staying here at the balcony inhaling the sea breeze, and it is so relaxing here but something part of me is still missing. It’s my fault and it’s my choice, I didn’t let Jayden explain to me everything I found out with Margaret. Margaret also lied to me, they have known each other since the beginning, and Margaret is one of Uncle Jaime’s staff when he was still in charge of the company and a good friend of Jayden’s mother. That explained the picture of her with Jayden’s mom in the photo album as well.

Now I remember everything when Jason, Jayden’s bodyguard, helped me from that perverted husband of my boss, when I was working in that café in Italy. It was him Jayson, who brought me to Margaret in the hotel and everything started there. That picture in Paris with Jayden wasn’t a coincidence either. They really met there to discuss something related to me she said.

Her revelations didn’t end there, she also told me that Janna is her daughter. Like her real and only daughter. I mean what’s the point of hiding it from me? I don’t understand. That time I felt like a fool. It was as if I was in a circle of people full of lies.

Then the issue added that the real cause of my parent’s death was Uncle Jaime. Along with another issue when Michael presented to me all the documents saying all my father’s assets was already named under Jayden, Michael even told me that Jayden is only using me because of my father’s wealth and that includes of helping me since his father was the reason of my parent’s early departure in this world. Helping out of guilt.

Despite of everything, I still don’t want to believe in those things, whether it was true or it was a lie. I didn’t even want to think that Jayden was using me, I didn’t feel it when I am with him. I feel his love for me, true love and I am very certain about it. In fact, I miss him a lot, there were times I wanted to call him but I was restraining myself because I didn’t know if I can meet him again. I am not going hide for the rest of my life, I am positive Jayden will find me here. There’s no doubt in it, with his capacity and his power.

Right now, I have the reason to be happy and continue life. Yes, I am bearing a child, Jayden’s child, our baby. As I caressed my flat stomach, I am amused I have a little one inside me and I will do my best to protect my baby. I am one month pregnant and I found it when one time I collapsed all of a sudden, good thing Ruby was here with me. She is my housemate and she helps me with all the chores. You know me, I know nothing when it comes to housework. Zac recommended her to me.

Speaking of, I just talk to Zac on the phone when I am done doing my morning routine in the bathroom, he was the only one who knew that I was here in his mansion in Bahamas that I owned now. I told Zac about everything and he understood me, he told me that Jayden is looking for me and repeatedly ask him about where am I multiple times. I trust Zac and his loyal to me, he will never betray me.

They even said on the news that I was on vacation because my fans are all looking for me and wondering about my sudden disappearance. Janna is calling me too, sending me messages. I am not mad at her, but I believed there is the right time to face all of them. And now is not the right time, especially with my condition, I don’t want to get stress again, my pregnancy is delicate. And it’s good that I chose to stay here. It made me calm and relax. And I think I slowly accepted all the things that has happened in the past. Or maybe it is my love for him that prevails. There was no single day that I did not think of him. Liam or Jayden, I miss him so much. Maybe it is my pride that exist in me, but if he truly cares and loves me he will find me and follow me here. And he will understand why I did this, why did I choose to stay away from him, to stay away from everyone.

I was about to get up when suddenly I felt something dripping down in me, and oh gosh it’s blood. I screamed on top of my lungs to call Ruby, she immediately runs toward me and everything went blank.

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