His Secrecy

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Chapter 28

Everything is going so well and fast, my world had just been in turmoil but now that I’m with Jayden, I’ve had peace and contentment. Yes we are still here in the island of Bahamas, we chose to stay here, far away from all the paparazzi, media and all the fans waiting for me to come back in NYC. All my fans are happy with what happened to me but at the same time they felt enraged with what Michael has done to me. After my scary encounter with my Michael we all found out that he is a bipolar, a mental disorder. In addition to that, there were some women also came forward accusing him of physical harassment. For now, I am more comfortable that he will not bother me anymore. I am well guard and safe in Jayden’s hands.

Two months ago I had a press conference and all my fans are excited for my comeback. I promised them I will continue my modeling career but after I give birth and just give me more time.

I’ve overcome the first trimester of my pregnancy and so far my little one is safe and growing healthy. Though I am approaching my fifth month my baby bump is still invisible, perks of having a flat stomach but that’s not what I want I am impatient and excited to see my growing belly. Jayden is with me all the time, supporting and taking care of me.

“Jayden.” I moaned and squirmed against him as he presses a finger inside me slowly. He adds a second finger working in and out until I melt into the mattress, I tightened my grip into his hair when he leaned in closer and pressed his mouth to my clit and sucked. His lips and his tongue worked hard at my swollen bud. I can’t help but cry out loud as another orgasm hits me to the top. He got up and positions himself and rubs the tip of his cock into my slick opening. Jayden’s eyes meet mine, there’s an edge to his gaze that sends electricity down my spine, I was like into his spell, when he started moving inside me, thrusting slowly until his demeanor quickened. I felt his length throbbed inside and I closed my eyes as another ecstasy of pleasure growing in.

“Fuck.” He groaned and kissed my lips before he collapse beside me after an intense orgasms hits us both. We were both catching our breaths.

Then his hands move to my belly caressing it. “Is he okay?” Jayden asked with a bit guilt and worries in his eyes referring to the little one growing inside me. “I think not, she said you’re making her mommy super exhausted.” My replied and we both laugh. At this moment we still don’t know yet the gender of our baby, we have decided to make it surprise until I give birth, Jayden wants a boy but of course I want a little me. We have been love making since Jayden arrived this morning because he had to go back to New York for an emergency meeting in his company. He was gone for only five days and bet my man misses me so much.

Adriana Scott which recently I found out that she is not just the vice president of the Cosmo Mag but she is Jayden’s cousin from his mother’s side. Adi’s father and Jayden’s mom are siblings. She’s taking over all the works of Jayden since his cousin is staying with me here in Bahamas. Thanks to her, she was also happy when she found out that I am pregnant and she’s so excited to meet our incoming little one.

All is well and peaceful, and I have nothing more to ask for. If only I could stay and live here with Jayden forever, as I always dreamt of, to have a more private and peaceful life, far from the light of fame, gossips, critics and manipulation of media, but I owe everything to my fans, if it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t be successful either so I promised them I’ll be back and continue what I have started. Jayden seems to agree with my decision and Margaret too. They all said that they will support me all the way but for now, all I have to focus is my pregnancy just like everybody I am so excited to meet this little one and I will do my best to protect her till she comes out in this world.

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