His Secrecy

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Chapter 29

Jayden and I are at the grocery store when Janna called me on the phone. It’s Saturday and it’s our grocery time, this is how we are now, living a normal life.

“Are you serious?” I said yelling at Janna. I almost jump from happiness when she told me the good news. Jayden suddenly look at me guessing what is going on with a frown look on his face but I ignore him and keep talking to Janna on the other line.

“Oh my goodness girl, you have to be very careful. You don’t have to worry about me, worry about yourself now.” We keep on talking while I am tailing Jayden who keeps on loading stuffs in our cart.

“Please say my regards to Ricky and Margaret.” I added and we both said our goodbyes before I disconnected the call.

“What’s going on?” He asked not looking at me, pushing our grocery cart in a massive gondola of snacks, choosing flavors of Lays and Pringles.

“Jannah is 12 weeks pregnant.” He looked at me and smiled.

“Really? Congrats to her.”

“Yeah, she called to say it and that she can’t come next weekend.” Jayden just nodded and asks me.

“What do you want for dinner?”

“Mmm, I want your creamy pasta please.” I said like a child begging.

“Again Barbie? You had it yesterday.”

“Please.” I begged once more with my hands clasped as if praying.

For almost four months that Jayden and I have been together, I have discovered a lot about him that I have never imagine he could do and he would do. I can say I got to know him better and I think he will be a good father to our baby or our future children. It’s like you will never think that a Jayden who is a business minded, workaholic and a playboy has this other side of him that will truly melt your heart.

No doubt, you will easily fall for him by just looking at his physical appearance but what else if you found out that he has a good heart. I am truly blessed and lucky to have him, and I think I will not get tired of falling for him over and over.

Nevertheless, this pregnancy sickness was making me crazy during my first trimester and Jayden was there, understanding my craziness, he made sure to give me comfort and all these pregnancy cravings. All these irritating mood swings, Jayden was able to manage me for three months. And I am very thankful for him for not leaving my side even though I heap my anger on him all the time. I sometimes being so emotional that I easily cried for little things. Jayden witnessed them all. He’s the most patient man I know.

I begged him to cook me pasta again. Yes, Jayden can cook and that is so surprising since I can’t even fry an egg. I like he’s own version of carbonara, it’s creamy and flavorful and that is what I always eat since the beginning of my pregnancy like I crave for it all the time. I know he can’t say no to me.

We went home immediately after we went to the grocery store, we had a lot of things to prepare today since Zac and his new boyfriend Philip is coming over, all of a sudden he called me on the phone telling that he has another good news to tell me because I’ve already shared to him Janna’s pregnancy and he was so happy as well and that they are already on the way to our house from Nassau Bahamas airport. They’ll be here in two hours.

I wonder what good news he is going to tell me, no matter what it is I am so excited and happy for him.


“Cheers!” Zac howled in happiness and we all clink our glasses together, but of course they had whisky and wine while I had my cranberry juice. I am very delighted with all the happenings in our lives. It seems things are going well for each and every one of us.

We were having dinner a while ago when Zac announced his engagement and that in four weeks we will all fly to Spain for their wedding. I just hope my doctor will allow me to travel. I am very glad that Zac already found his true partner. Someone who will truly love him and not after his money, you knew how wealthy Zac is and his past boyfriends were just using him for his money and I am very aware of it. Now I am relieved.

I heard Candice signed a contract at Cosmo Mag too, now it’s her time to shine, when everything agrees with everything you want, what more could you ask for? My friends are not just a friend to me, they are my family, we are family, their success is my success and their happiness is my happiness. Things are all getting better. I just hope that this overwhelming happiness that we are all experiencing right now will last forever. I don’t want another drama or any commotion.


One week ago Jayden and I went to my doctor. I am pleased that my doctor allowed me to travel to Spain but with precautions. Good thing my baby is so strong and healthy. I have nothing to worry about now that I can attend Zac’s important event in his life, no one wants to miss that special occasion. After, we went to the shop where I can buy my dress for the wedding when all of a sudden I have this strange feeling that someone is watching us. I don’t want this paranoia kill me again but I am never wrong with my guts. I look at Jayden who is busy choosing my dress for me. He seem relax and calm and that made me feel the same. As long I am with him, I am always feel safe. So I tried to erase the anxiety and hide my dread, I look around and check the surroundings.

“Barbie.” I almost jump from panic when Jayden called me. My heart beats fast and I am holding my heart like I was having a heart attack.

“Are you okay?” He asked, worries flowing in his eyes. “What’s wrong?” He added holding both my shoulders and gaze move to my belly and caress it too.

“I’m fine, but can we go home now?” He was a bit confused at first but then he guided me to where our car is parked.

“Are you sure you don’t want to go to the hospital? How do you feel now? Do you want me to call…..”

“Jayden, I am ok, I am sorry if I made you feel worry, but I’m totally fine. I just don’t feel like shopping today maybe we can do it next time, Or maybe I’ll just wait for Candice then so we can have the same dress.” I cut him, because I know he will not stop. I made him worry though.

“I just want to make sure you and baby is okay.” He said kissing my cheek. I smiled and hold his both cheeks with my cold hand.

“I love you.” I said not leaving his eyes and not even blinking. He leaned closer until our lips connected. He kisses me passionately, then he slowly enters his tongue. Our tongue battles like in World War II, with so much hunger, we’re both enjoying the moment when I felt a kick inside me. I broke the kiss caress my baby bump and smile naughtily. “She’s jealous.” I muttered and Jayden smiles and kisses my belly too and then he starts the car’s engine.

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