His Secrecy

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Chapter 3

Before we got out of the building, people inside requested to take pictures with me and I gave them all chances since I am still early for my next schedule. I was very glad to see all of them very happy just for a simple picture taking with me. That was all I could give my fans and turning back the love and support they were all giving.

I sat on the car and headed to the next building not far away from the building of the Collins. My phone rang and it was Candice my co-model and my friend.

“Girl where are you? I saw on the news you signed a contract with Cosmo Magazine?”

“Oh yeah, just 30 mins ago.”

“So did you meet the young CEO?” She asked with an excitement voice.

“Fortunately........... Nope!!!!! I told her and I could hear her chuckled on the other line.

“So where are you now?” Candice asked.

“I’m heading to the practice are you coming too?” I said.

“Yeah I’ll see you there. Bye love yah.” She said and cut the line.

I remembered my discussion with Ms. Scott earlier or rather Adi. I am now officially partner with the Collins as their main model for their magazine. I'll be their model ambassador and my contract with them is exclusive. It just happened 3o mins ago but as Candice said It’s all over the news now. Janna handed me my ipad and looked on it where it’s confirmed, my signing of contract with the Cosmo Magazine was all over the social media too, though my meeting with Adi was private I couldn’t see any other pictures of me aside for the pictures of entering the building and exiting.

Ms. Scott added that they were also preparing a welcome party for me once the president of the Collins Enterprises arrive in the country and that’s no other than Jayden Collins. The man I saw in their cover magazines earlier. Thinking about him meeting personally made my heart thumping. I don’t know what’s with him that I felt a bit odd. Where was this feeling coming from?

I walked in a room where I do my catwalk practice and there I see Zac with his boyfried Larry training new models. When Zac saw me, his face lightened with joy, he was my mentor ever since I started modelings. Of course I am his favorite and he’s still my mentor up to now. We were very close and I could say that he’s one of my closest and true friend aside from Janna and Candice. As I told you before I have lots of friends boys and girls all were celebrity if not businessmen but still all were influential. But Janna, Zac and Candice are the closest to me.

“Darling... I’m so glad you’re here.” He said while he hugged and kissed me but with unpleasant face reaction looking on his new trainees.

“These newbies are getting in to my nerves.” He added rolling his eyes. I chuckled and I look on the new models not more than 10 girls, they were all rubbing they’re legs and feet wearing all their 7inches runway shoes and they were all looking at me too. They were startled when they saw me entered and some of them were like sending a message to me thanking that I arrived and that their practice was interrupted so they’re fortunate to take a nap for awhile. Zac motioned to them all clapping his hands.

“Lucky you all girls, let’s have a break.” Then Zac grabbed my left hand and lead me to his office room, he sat down on his desk and I sat down on his electric massage chair. This is my favorite spot in his office. This is truly relaxing. I close my eyes and enjoying the electric massage on my back.

“Now, darling spill the beans.” He said with an excitement and shaking all his body.

“What? Zac I’m here to practice.” I said to him laughing.

“Oh come on darling, you don’t need more practice. I’m not even expecting you’d come here today. Now tell me, did you meet him?

“Meet him? I questioned him because I really didn’t have idea who was he referring to.

“Omgosh Gia!!!! the one and only Jayden Collins!!!!” He shouted rolling her eyes and giggling, this gay is such a flirt. And why all these people getting gaga over this guy? First Janna, then Candice and now Zac, seriously what’s wrong with them? Oh well, I would not deny, he’s attractive, he is VERY attractive and I got stupidly nervous when I saw his picture for the first time on that magazine, which I didn’t like the feeling because he’s not my Liam. Why would I feel that?

“I didn’t meet him, I only met the Vice President. Adriana Scott.” I told him still closing my eyes. Relaxing myself.

“And who is this Adriana Scott? Is she related to the Collins?” I opened my eyes and pressed the button to stop the electric massage.

“I don’t know if she’s related or what,,, all I know, that girl is so gorgeous and young to become a vice president.”

“Jayden is also young he’s 21 when he got the position and he’s only 26 now. I think we really fit to each other since I’m only 25.” He said in his flirtatious tone and laughing on his statement.

“Then break up with Larry first.” I told him and he suddenly changed his mood. I chuckled and walked out the room and heard him yelling.

“Hey we’re not yet done. Where you goin?”

“Practice!!! I only have 1 hour, I have a dinner date.” I yelled back at him. Hearing that he stood up from his chair and runs toward me.

“Whoa, dinner date with who? With Michael?” I laughed on him, he’s referring to the singer-actor who is also famous. This Michael was not leaving me for days now, asking me for a date, and the whole world I guess was waiting for my response since he confessed his love for me when he was in his concert in Los Angeles a week ago and made that confession live on TV. Isn’t that sweet? But my heart was an icy-cold reserved for someone I am not even sure if he still existed or atleast still single till now. But I am not losing hope one day we’ll meet again.

“What are you talking about? I have a date with my manager. Margaret not Michael okay?” I said wearing my high heels ready to ramp.

“Why not give him a chance darling, he’s not that bad looking he’s fucking delicious.”

“I don’t have time for it, you know I’m busy.”

“Oh dear, I bet Margaret will find a way.” He said mockingly.

“What do you mean?” I asked irritated.

“I mean Michael fans are all over the world. I’m sure Margie will take advantage of it for your good. Being with him will increase your popularity to the highest level.”

“What the heck Zac! Have you seen the news on TV and social media? His fans were all bashing me and sending me threats. How can I get benefit on it? Besides, I don’t need more fans and more popularity.” If only you knew I wanted to quit now and just live a normal life. Zac was about to say something when Candice came running out of breath.

“Guys turn-on the TV.” She said panting. And Larry Zac’s boyfriend holding the remote immediately turn it on.

“What’s going on Candi?” Zac told her with a curious looked on his face.

“Jayden is on the news, just watch I heard there’s a rumor spreading.” we all looked on the TV. And there he was,,,,,,,walking along with his bodyguards in the airport, flashes of cameras all over, his bodyguards blocking some reporters approaching him. His wearing a casual attire, a skinny khaki pants with a white button up shirt that fitted his upper body showing his masculinity and dark sunglasses.


“The CEO of the Collins Enterprises has arrived in the New York City from a business trip in Paris France. The question is? Is it really a business trip? Many were speculating and spreading the news that the bachelor has met a woman that they suspect to be his girlfriend while he was in a two week escapade in the City of Love. I am sure all the fans were waiting for the truth and......”

I didn’t finish what the reporter was about to say next and looked on my watch. Omg it’s already past 6 and my dinner with Margaret is at 7. Candice and Zac were all still focus on the TV.

“I have to go guys.” They just looked at me, nodded and back their attentions on TV again. I sighed and looked on Larry.

“You’re in trouble Larry, your lover is so obsess with another man.” I said to him and he just smirked. Gathering all my things. Then one of my bodyguards came in and carried my bag for me.

“Bye guys.” They looked at me and wave goodbye, I stopped on my track and told them.

“By the way, did I tell you guys I’m gonna meet your lover tomorrow? Oh what’s his name again???? Jayden Collins right????” I said teasingly and both of them were surprise and run towards me, but I quickly run to the door and shut it against them, running to the elevator where my body guard was waiting for me and I immediately pressed the close button of the metal doors. I could still hear their voices in the corridor shouting my name. I laughed so hard like a kid.

Then my bodyguard handed me his phone. I looked at him and he said it was Margaret on the line. I took the phone on his hand and started talking.

“Hello sweetheart, I just arrived and I’ll meet you in Manhattan Hotel okay?” She said with her signature sweet voice.

“Alright, I’ll be right there in time. See you.” Good thing that hotel is just a walking distance from this building. I motioned to my bodyguard.

“Please call Janna to book me a suite in Manhattan Hotel.” He nodded and dialed Janna’s number. When we walked out the elevator Ricky was already there waiting. We were in the basement parking lot of this building and thankfully no paparazzi. I immediately hopped in the car.

We arrived and I went to my room that Janna booked for me. I need a quick shower before meeting Margaret, I always bring spare clothes with me wherever and whenever I go. I wore a dusty blue lace panel tier bodycon dress from PLT and my favorite Tory Burch flat thong sandals. I went downstairs and call Margaret that I am already in the restaurant waiting for her. Sitting on the table that was reserved for me and Margaret I looked around, good thing there’s not much people here and seems everyone were busy doing their own businesses. I believed only elite people can enter this restaurant area of this hotel. No wonder Margaret told me that I didn’t need to bring my bodyguards with me.

I got a text from Candice and Zac that I didn’t bother to read yet. I smiled remembering their reactions awhile ago. Then Margaret came, this lady still rocks, she’s very sexy in her black tight long sleeved dress, oh did I mention? this 45 year old lady was a look-alike of Charlize Theron so gorgeous. She’d well taken care of her body and skin that made her look younger like she was on her late twenties. Though I’m taller since she’s 5’8 in height. I didn’t know why this stunning lady chose to be single all her life when there were lots of men drooling over her, chasing her and begging for her love. I knew all of it for the six years that we’ve been together.

I stood up and we kissed and hugged. “You look marvelous.” I said smiling showing my pearly white teeth.

“So are you honey.” We both sit down and she handed me some paper bags.

“These are for you.” She said with a wide grinned.

“What are these?” I asked opening the paper bags. When I saw what’s inside I was so shocked.

“Did you go to Italy?” She smiled at me and nodded.

“I bought everything you wanted and craved.”

“Oh em Margaret, thank you so much.” I couldn’t explain the happiness, I was so excited to open everything. She bought me my favorite cheese and potato pierogi an Italian dish that I so craved for six years and some Italian desserts. An Italian book from my favorite author Giovani. A black sneaker from the famous Italian brand Giuseppe Zannoti and a lot more. Because I am too busy hauling all my presents I didn’t notice Margaret already ordered some food for us.

“But why did you go to Italy?” I asked

“I went there just to get these things for you. I know how much you like them, and that is also my peace offering from our last argument.” She said sincerely.

“You don’t have to do this besides the moment I signed the contract I’ve already forgiven you.” A sly grinned formed her face, she hold my hand and said.

“Listen Gia, I’ll give you the break you were asking for once you finish all your schedules with the Cosmo Magazine that’s a promise.”

“Are you being serious?” I asked curiously hiding the excitement from within me.

“Ofcourse, sweetheart you deserved it.”

We spent the rest of the night eating, talking and laughing, not worrying the people around us or if there were some paparazzi inside. What made my day the most? Was that we didn’t talk about business regarding me. Today I felt like I am just an ordinary girl, enjoying every bit of this moment because tomorrow for sure I am back to reality.

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