His Secrecy

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Chapter 30

It is now my due date and I am so excited to meet my baby. I am now in the veranda waiting for Jayden, he went to New York to attend some business meetings and this time he stayed for a month, it was the longest time he didn’t come home so I do really miss him so much.

The wedding of Zac and Philip went well it was four months ago when we went to Spain and the couple are still in their honeymoon traveling around the world. I just talked to Zac on the phone earlier and he said this time they are flying to Switzerland. I think they have been to five different countries already, after their wedding they flew to Bali and started their honeymoon journey there. I am so happy for both of them.

On the other hand, Candice career is getting better as well. She’s got hectic schedules so she barely visits me here in Bahamas I understand and I am very proud of her. Janna is in her second trimester of her pregnancy, her growing baby boy is healthy and I can’t wait to meet her little one. Thus the gender of our baby is still unknown.

Nevertheless, even if it’s a boy or a girl, it does not matter to me, as long as she is healthy and complete. Caressing my baby bump I feel my baby kicks me. I smiled, I always monitor her movements and there’s no hour she doesn’t move inside me, an indication of a healthy baby. It’s almost six in the evening and from the veranda I saw Jayden’s car park in front of the mansion, I got excited so I instantly went downstairs and meet him half way. It’s been a month we haven’t seen each other. When he get off the car he saw me approaching and smiled like he was also excited to kiss and hug me, I run towards him and he did the same.

“Careful Barbie.” He shouted while getting all his luggage from the trunk of his car and since we are almost fifty meters away from each other.

I excitedly run toward him he did the same way but I suddenly stop running in the middle and the smile on my lips disappeared and was replace by fear and concern as my sight move to the man behind him. The man holding a gun pointing it to Jayden. I couldn’t clearly see his face since his a bit far. But it’s clear that he wants to kill Jayden and me.

Jayden saw that confusion in me and he also stopped and followed my gaze. When he was about to turn around all I could hear is bang. A loud bang from a gun and Jayden fall prostrate on the floor unconscious and I saw the blood begins to drip from his body. The contents of his luggage are scattered all over the place. I am shaking from terror I want to run to him but my body can’t move. The memory of my parents bath in their own blood flash back in me again, that made my tummy in pain. Is it happening again? My tears started to flow, I heard the arrival of mobile cars, police or maybe ambulance and the rest that happen, I don’t have idea because I abruptly lost consciousness too.


They have performed an emergency C-section to me, Margaret told me everything when I woke up, my baby boy is in the NICU for the moment but I have nothing worry about, he’s totally fine and healthy.

I want to get up from the bed but I am struggling I felt so tired and in pain, I couldn’t move either because of my stitches.

“Honey, stay put, you are not allowed to move yet, your stitches might open you need to rest and heal.” Margaret whimpered while helping me to lie down properly and covering me with a blanket.

“Jayden..” All I could say with close eyes, because I feel the pain all over my body I am feeling exhausted. Margaret appears to hesitate to tell me something, she sighed heavily, I felt nervous suddenly, like I already knew she was going to tell me bad news. Jayden isn’t dead yet, is he? I washed away that thought and because it’s making me weaker even more. She was about to say something when the door to my room opens and the nurse carrying my baby boy in her arms. My eyes widened and my face enlightened at the sight of my son. He is giving me energy. Margaret helps me to sit properly on the bed, then the nurse handed me my little boy carefully like a fragile thing. He is so adorable and tiny, a tear fell down my cheek looking at his innocent face. He looks exactly like his father. “My baby.” I wheezed while my tears continue to flow.

I feel different emotions now. “What if something really bad happened to your father? He didn’t even get the chance to touch and see you when he was so excited and very eager to meet you.” I said to myself looking at my baby boy yawning. I wipe my tears that are constantly flowing I really couldn’t help myself. I am ecstatic because finally I am holding in my arms my baby but at the same time I am feeling scared, apprehensive and nervous of the thought that something bad might have happened to Jayden and I don’t think if I can handle it.

I still remember how I saw him fell from the ground because of that heartless man who shot him. Who could it be that man? I don’t remember Jayden has nemesis at work. The only man he argued and fought with was Michael. I shook my head from the thought, no it wasn’t him, how could that possible? As far as I remember he is in convalescence and was isolated.

Margaret stood up from her seat and gently took my baby out of my hold. She was smiling while looking at my baby boy.

“What are you going to name this little one?” She asked while cuddling my baby. I am sure she heard me sigh heavily and look at my direction, while I let myself lie down again on the bed.

“I don’t know yet, I will let Jayden decide for it.” I muttered. Margaret nodded then she put down my baby to his bassinet. She at him one more time and then her gaze move to mine.

“You have to rest Gia, I will let you know what happened to Jayden once you recover and gain more strength.” She said and slowly walked toward me.

“You have to understand me sweetheart, I don’t want to give you more stress, and your baby needs you. I need to see your doctor, I will be back soon.” She said while kissing my forehead. Then she disappeared from the room.

What does she mean? What did really happen to Jayden? Oh please, don’t get him from me, looking at the ceiling of my hospital room I pray to God to give me more strength, to help me recuperate faster. I could sense something went wrong. I can’t wait to see Jayden, I want to see him now. My cheeks are wet from tears. I can do nothing. I just pray nothing bad happens to him, then a few minutes later I fell asleep.

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