His Secrecy

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Chapter 4

Jayden POV

The moment my private jet landed, I saw reporters approaching but my bodyguards were all alert and agile to blocked them all from me, I heard there were rumors spreading about me again. But I don’t have time to answer all their questions and speculations. Let them think what they wanted I smirked on the thought. I sat in my car then my assistant Don handed me my laptop. I opened it and checked the latest news from the famous model of NYC. She signed the contract for my magazine. I smirked because of the thought I am already one step closer to her. Oh well, I forgot I am always close since my penthouse unit is just next to her. Everything was accordingly fullfilled to my wishes. I’ll soon meet you my barbie.

Then another article regarding her captured my attention. Michael, the vocalist of Raven band confessed his love to my Barbie on live TV during his concert in LA. “You’re courageous man. Let’s see who she will choose between the two of us.” I over confidently muttered myself and chuckled.

My car stopped in The Peninsula Hotel Manhattan. Today I will put an end to a business that has really nothing to do with my real job. The only problem that giving me headaches. “Girls”. There was this one girl that I hooked up before I went to Paris, she was about to spread a fake news about our relationship like as if we had a relationship, claiming that she is my one and only love and that I am going to proposed to her when I come back. Good thing my PR staffs were real quick and they were able to prevent the news from spreading.

She was nothing but another girl that I hooked-up when I so fucking missed my Barbie, yes I have known Gianna ever since she started her career as a model, I mean who wouldn’t know her? She’s my living doll I secretly admired her. I am also watching her from afar. I am always present on all her fashions shows without everyone knowing that I was also there watching her ramp in the runway in a private VIP room. I know everything about her even all her schedules, I am like her desperate stalker. I know it sounds weird and creepy but I have my reasons and now is the right time to face her and that made me pleased.

I walked inside the hotel’s suite and there waiting for me was Anastacia, when she saw me entered she instantly run towards me hugged and peppered me with her kisses wearing only the hotel’s robe and I am very sure she was naked underneath getting ready for me to fuck her but that wasn’t even part of my plan. I carried her and made her lay down on the bed. I could see excitement on her eyes and I smirked.

“What are you waiting baby?” She said teasingly and inviting me on the bed.

“I am not here to fuck you Anastacia.” I dominantly muttered the words and she sat down immediately.

“What do you mean?” She said frowning.

“Listened carefully, this will be the last time I will see your face, what happened to us was literally nothing to me.”

“What is wrong with you?” She was now standing in front of me.

“I know what you did before I left to Paris, and don’t you dare make another move on me Ana. I don’t give a fucking care even if you are a politician’s daughter. You know what I’m capable of.” I said fixing my button up shirt that she rumpled and walked away leaving her astounded. I think I have warned her enough, she didn’t even bother to chase after me.

I walked to the elevator when I got inside and about to pressed the close button, a girl suddenly emerge in front of the metal doors busy typing or maybe scrolling on her phone. I’m a bit surprised. This is not what I expected for our first meeting. My barbie is now in front of me. She’s truly a living doll. With her small face and that mesmerizing green eyes.

“Are you getting in?” I said in a husky voice.

“Oh yeah I’m sorry.” She said not looking at me still paying attention on her phone. She entered and looked on the elevator buttons. She didn’t touch it so were both heading to the ground floor. I was standing behind her, she was wearing a lace blue tierd bodycon dress that fitted her body showing all her curves and her ass, fuck I wanna touch her, then she put her phone on her purse and run a hand through her long hair putting it all on the other side giving me a good show of her bare shoulders and her back. She smells delicious. I am so tempted to touch and leaned into her. Then the elevator opened and she hurriedly get out like she was late on something. I wonder what made her distracted while looking on her phone awhile ago. I followed her but someone grabbed my arm from behind. I looked around to see Adriana.

“Adi what are you doing here?” And I looked around again to where was Gia walking but I lost her track already. I sighed heavily and that pisses me off.

“I was about to ask you that Jayden, don’t tell me you banged agai...” I covered her mouth with my big hand not letting her to utter more words.

“Watch your mouth Adi, I didn’t want another scandal.”

“What the hell Jayden! Seriously? Straight from the airport huh. She said rolling her eyes. “You didn’t want scandal????? Have you seen the internet now? There were pictures of you and that so called girlfriend of yours that you met in Paris scattered all over the social media.” She said yelling in a whisper tone. I grabbed her hand and lead her to the restaurant inside the hotel and we sat down.

“First, I didn’t do what you were accusing me okay? So stop! Second, I don’t wanna talk about that so called girlfriend,,,, you know me Adi. I gave her a serious look. Now, you tell me what are you doing here at this hour?” I looked on my watch it’s past 11 PM. Adi is like a little sister to me and we are very close that is why I am over protective of her, aside from her being the Vice President of my company.

“Relax bro, I just met a friend, my gay friend which happen to be our newest photographer for this month’s pictorial with Ms. Gianna Moretti.” She said emphasizing the word Gay and Gianna’s name.

“You demanded it remember? and I told you that already!” She added frowning I smirked on that, yes I want a new photographer for Gianna either female or gay. I don’t want a straight guy who would handle her photoshoot, how possessive am I?

“And what happened to your first meeting with Ms. Moretti?” I asked her with unreadable expression not showing her how am I so eager to hear her answers.

“She’s so fucking amazing Mr. CEO.” She said rolling her eyes. Her beauty is a total savage and I think we’re already friends now, she called me Adi before she left my office awhile ago.” She said fondly. I know Adi is also a fan of her, but I only realize now that she really like my barbie like an avid fan, oh well if only she knew, we're like the same. I smirked.

“But there was something weird about her, she asked me like if I knew someone named Liam Scott.”

“Maybe because you have the same surname that’s why she asked you that.” I said and shrugged my shoulders.

“She told me the same though. Anyway I need to go now bro.” I nodded and we both stood up and lead her the way.

“Oh one more thing, our welcome party for Gia is this coming weekend. I believed my secretary informed her manager regarding it.” I nodded again and kissed and hugged her before she hopped in her car. It’s going to be a long week for sure. I smirked.

Gianna’s POV

After my dinner date with Margaret, Zac called me on the phone and told me that he and Candice were checked-in, in the Peninsula Hotel, so I went there, I am excited to share to them the Italian desserts that Margaret bought for me. I am overwhelmed and I didn’t want to ruin this day. When I arrived in their room the two seems to be very busy scrolling their phones. They mumbled to each other.

“Girl there’s another picture.” Zac said scrolling his phone.
“What? Where? Why I couldn’t see it?” Candice murmured looking on Zac’s phone.
“What the hell, who is this lucky girl? Zac said in his irritated voice. “Whoever she is, she’s one lucky bitch.” He added.

“Are you fucking serious guys? You made me come here and there you are ignoring me, I bet you two didn’t notice when I came.” I was so annoyed. I told them, and the two bitches just laughed at me. They were too busy looking on the new photos that came out in the internet of Jayden Collins and her mystery girl.

“Why don’t you just leave the guy, ofcourse he needs a girlfriend in his life.” I told them preparing the desserts.

“And when are you gonna have a boyfriend in your life?” Zac asked me with a sly grinned on his face. I frowned looking at him.

“Yeah that’s right Gia girl, don’t tell us you’re still waiting for your Liam?” Candice said. Since these bitches are my bestfriend, I told them my story with Liam.

“What if I said yes?” Looking both on them with my arms crossed on my chest.

“Gia you don’t even know where that man is? Or if he’s still single now? As far as I remember your story with him happened 6 years ago and that means he’s 26 at this time, he’s probably married and have kids. I mean who knows?” Zac said with a raised eyebrow. I am so pissed off, that idea always comes to my mind all the time, but I didn’t know that it hurts so much hearing that thought verbally from another person. My world seems to stopped and it’s like someone is stabbing my heart. Tears were forming to fall down. Candice walked to me and patting my shoulder.

“Look darling, we just want you to be happy, we are helping you to move on to that part of your life, and give yourself a chance to love somebody else that you deserve.” Zac added, the truth really sucks sometimes.

“Ok how about we bet for something? Are you in?” Zac said excitedly.

“I’m afraid with your silly games Zac.” I said and he chuckled.

“Come on hear me out first.” Zac said pouting.

“I’m in!!!!” Candice raised her hand.

“You two are really partners in crime gosh!!!” I yelled at them rolling my eyes and they both laughed.

“Okay, since you’re already part of Jayden’s company I am 100% sure of the possibilities that you will see each other more often.”

“So?” I said raising my eyebrow

“So my bet is, oh wait... I’ll give you options... Make Jayden fall inlove with you or just lose your V-card to him.”

“What the fuck, what if he has a girlfriend, I am not a relationship wrecker.” I said arms crossed over my chest.

“Gia, we’re not even sure if he really has a girlfriend, that was just a rumor.” Candice mumbled.

“And I am sure you will find out the truth once you meet him.” Zac added.

“What do I get with this?” I asked.

“Well darling if you won, I will give you my house in Bahamas.” He said with a serious tone. I so love that property of him and I am begging him for years to sell it to me and now he was just giving it just like that? Well Zac came from a very wealthy family he owns a lot of mansions from different states. But my favorite was in Bahamas.

“Are you fucking serious Zac” Candice and I were like super shocked.

“Babe, our bet is not even a joke, I know how important not to lose your virginity so if you really won you deserve that mansion.”

“And if I don’t?”

“Oh you will give me and Candi an escapade to Europe of course all expenses paid by you darling.” He said excitedly, and when he said Europe ofcourse he was not just refering to a one country in Europe.

“That’s impressively fair.” Candice muttered.

“Ok, call.”

“That’s my girl.” Zac said and we group hug. After we ate the desserts I brought, I looked on my phone and Janna sent me message that she arrived already in the Manhattan Hotel where I’m going to spend the rest of the night.

“Guys, I need to go now.” I told them.

“What? I thought you’re goin to sleep over?” Candice questioned

“I didn’t say that, I need to go back to my hotel Janna is waiting for me now.” We hugged and bid my goodbye, I walked out the door and took out my phone in my purse. I looked on my inbox and Zac sent me some pictures, he sent me this message right before I arrived earlier in their room. I was about to enter the elevator when I noticed someone familiar on the picture. “No, that can’t be.” I muttered myself still looking on the picture then a voice from a man said.

“Are you getting in?” I answered him and said sorry but I was still preoccupied. My attention was still on my phone looking on the pictures that Zac sent me, it was the picture of Jayden and his mystery girl but the girl seems familiar to me even though all I could see was her sexyback. Her posture, her complexion, even the dress she’s wearing seems familiar. I think of a lady that resembles the other woman on the picture but there’s no way they could have relationship. I shook my head, “what were you thinking Gianna? Maybe they were just the same.” I said myself putting my phone in my purse and run a hand through my hair and let it all slide on my left shoulders.

Then suddenly I felt cold at my back, I remember I am not alone in the elevator, I felt strange, I knew that guy behind me was eating me alive. But his smell, I sniffed a bit, he smells amazing, before I could lose myself to his addicting smell, the elevator doors opened and I abruptly came out and walked fast, as soon as I get in the car I regret my actions, why I didn’t even give a damn glance on that guy.

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