His Secrecy

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Chapter 5

It was already 12:45 AM when I arrived in my hotel room where Janna was waiting for me, she handed me a notebook and there written all my schedules for this month.

“I also send a copy on your email.” Janna said yawning.

I opened the notebook to see what kind of activities I would do in the days ahead. I have fitting for Saint Laurent Fashion show, attend the welcome party, first photo shoot for Cosmo Mag with the CEO. “What? I have a photo-shoot with Jayden?” We’ll be together in the cover of this month’s issue of their magazine. Me as the famous model and him as the popular entrepreneur.

“Oh and by the way the welcome party is on Saturday.” Janna added and she lazily lay down on the bed.

Saturday? It’s past midnight of Friday now so basically the party is tomorrow. The thought of meeting Jayden personally makes me uncomfortable, why? I was about to ask another question to Janna but the poor girl was already snoring on the bed. I think I need to sleep too, I don’t want to get bags under my eyes and Margaret won’t be pleased either because I have a welcome party to attend.

The whole day of Friday went well, I didn’t have much things to do aside from attending a practice with Zac and Candice. I am in my penthouse now inside my office room, I am reviewing my contract with the Cosmo Mag on my laptop when Janna suddenly barged in carrying two glamorous dress in her hands.

“Which one do you want to wear to your party?” She said raising her right hand showing me a silver sequin dress and raising her left hand with a black dress.

I stood up and walked over to checked closely the two dresses. I want to wear something sexy because I have decided, the operation to seduce the CEO will start tomorrow. I look on the silver dress it is beautiful, shimmering sequin dress with a high slit on the right side front of it. Then I checked the black dress it was a fishtail backless dress that will give a full show of my sexy back and a nice view of my plump ass, a sly grinned formed my face.

“I think this black is perfect.” I said to Janna smiling.

“Ok then, I will put it in your wardrobe.” she smiled back and walked out the door, I watched her till she disappeared, I sat down on my desk and looked on my laptop again, I remember the bet, well I think It wasn’t hard to make him fall inlove with me but to lose my virginity? I don’t know If I am so fucking ready for it. I know it wasn’t that hard to lose your V card to someone so hunky and drop-dead gorgeous like Jayden Collins but the fact that he is not Liam, I am not sure, Oh come on Gia earlier you were saying you will start to seduce him so why hesitating now? Ok fine, I will move on......... I’ll try, I’ll give myself a chance to fall again with another man. I’ll do it with Jayden but first I need to know if he really has a girlfriend. I don’t want to ruin a relationship because of a fucking bet that Zac created.

I want to know more about him so I googled his name, I’ve learned he’s the only son of the Collins and that made him the only heir, he was the youngest CEO at the age of 21, there’s not much information about him and his family, aside from all the information about their businesses and the buildings he owned. The only picture of him you can see was the same picture on that magazine. There is a spark send down my spine staring on his picture and I started to get irritated, why do I feel this? This was the same feeling six years ago, this situation make me in a melancholy mood. “Liam where are you?”

Six Years Ago:

Liam”s POV

My family and I were on a week vacation in Europe, two days in England, two days in France and the rest of the days will spend in Italy. It was my parents wedding anniversary and they forced me to join them but it’s okay, I wanted to be away for the meantime, my girlfriend and I had a big fight and today I have decided to break up with her. We were now in Italy because my father was going to meet his best friend uncle Ivano. I know him very well because my father always mentions him to me, I know their stories how they became very close like real brothers.

We were at the party now, a charity ball that Uncle Ivano hosted that’s why we were here and it’s my opportunity to meet Uncle Ivano personally, there were a lot of people and the sound of the music was deafening to my ears. So I went to the bar side and ordered a drink. I looked around and see my dad he was kissing and hugging a man same height as him, he must be uncle Ivano, they really missed each other, then I looked to see my mom, she was talking to some ladies too. Our bodyguards were there looking on us from a distance. I was about to sip on my glass when two stunning ladies entered the hall that captured the attention of all the people inside that includes me. They were like a model, their beauty was screaming power. The first woman was older and I could see her talking to my mom, hugged and kissed each other, they must be friends as well. The second lady looks very young, “Where is she now?” I looked around but my gazing was interrupted by the bartender.

“Sir would you like another one?” He said looking on my empty glass, I answered him no and I’m good. I sat there for awhile and then went to my dad and his bestfriend’s table.

“Dad” I said patting my dad’s shoulder from behind.

“Oh there you are son, your uncle is dying to meet you.” He said with a mocking smile on his face.

“Son meet your Uncle Ivano Moretti.” My dad said.

“Amico, your son is more handsome than you are.” Uncle Ivano said while hugging me.

“Nice to meet you my son-in-law.” He said winking at my dad and they both laughed. I frowned looking very confused.

“Yeah son, you should meet your uncle’s only daughter, and maybe plan your wedding when the right time comes.” My dad said sliding his hand on my shoulders.

“Dad are you serious?” I asked and they both laughed at me. Then my phone rang, it was Stacey my girlfriend, good timing.

“Dad, Uncle, please excuse me I need to take this call.” Raising my hand with my phone and they both nodded.

I went outside the hall and see a garden, it was peaceful and dark. I think it’s a good place to end up a relationship today. Then I talked to Stacey, without saying anymore words I broke up with her, she cheated on me and that’s it, no more drama even though she’s the longest girlfriend I had and I didn’t give a fucking damn.

Then a girl came walking and sat down on the bench in front of the fountain, I bet she didn’t see me. She was the same girl from earlier, wearing a white laced dress, she has got small face, very innocent look and beautiful.

“What a girl doing in this dark cold night?” I asked and she tilted her head to looked but I’m sure she couldn’t see me well since I was standing in the dark.

“Mind if I join you?” She nodded her head and I sat down next to her. I could see she got tensed.

"I am Liam Scott and you are? I said extending my right hand to her.

"My name is Gianna Moretti." We shook hands, I looked at her intensely and I could see her red cheeks, oh goodness she's so cute, so her name is Gianna, she's the only daughter of Uncle Ivano. We were both looking on the fountain, a smirked formed on my lips, I think I am ok with the arranged marriage my dad and her dad were planning for us, in fact I want to marry this girl right now. I asked her what she was doing here alone and she said that she was upset with her dad, she asked me the same and even asked if I live here in Italy, I answered her that I am only on vacation with my parents and we'll be back in the US in two days. I could see disappointment in her eyes. We talked a lot and exchanged details about ourselves I found out she's 15 and told her she's still young, but what surprised me the most was her being frank and straight forward.

She said right to my eyes that she likes me, oh well I like her too but I didn't say it instead I told her that she is so beautiful and I will kissed her, she was shocked ofcourse but that's want I wanted to do even without her permission I will do it, I will kiss her. She nodded and I hold her shoulders and make her stand up, I leaned to kissed her, she taste so sweet, this girl is making me wild and crazy, feels like we were born to be attached, I don't want to lose this girl. I never felt this when I am with Stacey or my other ex’s. The adherence of our body sends electricity throughout my whole being. I knew it, she’s the one I’m looking for. She’s the one for me.

Our kissed broke when we heard gun shots from the inside, I pulled her against me and we hide somewhere, she was trembling in fear and crying. I hold her tightly she said she wanted to go in because her parents were inside, I said it was not safe and my parents were there too. When my bodyguards came and looking for me, I stood up holding her hand but she pulled it and run towards the glass door, I was calling her name and was about to follow her when my bodyguards blocked me they said it was not safe that we needed to go away from here because my parents were badly injured, we need to go to the hospital immediately.

What was going on? Who were those bandits? Why did they do this? I heard from my bodyguards that Uncle Ivano and his wife were shot dead and Gia is safe with her bodyguards now. What would I do? I want to get her and protect her here beside me, but the feeling of you couldn’t do nothing at this moment made me more furious.

What would happen to her now? She’s young to face everything. How would she handle things? How would she cope up? Thinking of my parents and Gianna, I clenched my fist, I will do everything in my power to get the justice, I will make them pay. I promise.

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