His Secrecy

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Chapter 6

Liam’s POV- Present Time

I was standing in the balcony overlooking the ocean and breathing the fresh air. I was here in my father’s room, yeah, my father was alive he was there lying on his bed like he was dead. He was in coma for six years now. After that incident in Italy and how many months staying in the hospital I moved my father here in Hawaii. The doctor advised me to bring him to a different ambience because it will help him recuperate. His doctor said that he's getting better and better now that he was breathing himself without the help of the machine.

All we need to do was wait for him to open his eyes.

I gave my father all the best he needs, I hired four nurses shifting 24 hours to take good care of him to make sure he won't get any complications because of his prolong lying in the bed. Yes, there were possible complications could occur anytime and that was one of the things I need to make sure to avoid. I am very thankful to all his nurses for taking good care of him especially when I am not around. I made sure to visit my father here every weekend but need to go back to New York to attend to all the businesses he left me.

"Dad, you have to wake up now. I am waiting for you." I muttered while holding his hand. "I've already accomplished everything you want me to do, so you wake now dad please." Still no response from him, I kissed his hand before I stood up, and talked to his nurses to call me anytime if needed. I head out and call Jason my bodyguard to get ready to go to the airport.

Gia's POV

Fitting some clothes for the Saint Laurent fashion show for tomorrow, this time I am not wearing lingerie but some gorgeous gowns. I was with Janna and Margaret, after this we were heading to my studio to meet my make-up artist this welcome party for me is truly a big deal like we were attending a red carpet show. Earlier Margaret told me that aside from Mr. Jayden Collins, all the important people of Cosmo Mag, the stockholders, and all the bosses of Collins Enterprises will attend to the party to personally meet and welcome me. That wasn't intimidating, I get used to meet a lot of VIP's even the President of the United States. The only person that's making my heart thump for no reasons was their very young CEO.

I get in the car with Margaret and Janna heading to my studio. When my phone rang, It was Zac. "Oh my gosh, finally Gia." he said on the other line. "What's wrong with you Zac." I muttered him.

"I have something to tell you Gia girl, there was this another news about Jayden and it says that he's getting married, oh correction rumor." He said.

"So? does it mean the bet is off." I could see Margaret glanced at me like she was curious hearing the word bet I knew she could sense something about our conversation. As a very stern manager Margaret always advice me to not get involve in some issues that would make my career spoiled. I tried to lower my voice talking to Zac. "of course not girl our bet is still on!!!" He said almost shouting.

"Then why are your telling me this? I don't give a damn care if he's getting married."

"Oh you have to sweetie pie since you are going to lose your precious V." He said copying my almost whispered low tone and he started laughing out loud.

"Fuck off Zac." then I off my phone. I took my air pods out in my purse when someone pings a text.

ZAC: I love you girl.. It says on his text with a lot of peace sign and smiling emojies. He must sense I got pissed off with our last convo. I texted him back.

ME: I love you too. xoxo

ZAC: ok sweetheart goodluck on your party and don't forget to call me after, I am so excited.

I put on my airpods and press Music to my phone and listened, then a song from Lady Gaga played.

"Wish I could, I could have said goodbye

I would have said what I wanted to

Maybe even cried for you

If I knew, It would be the last time

I would have broke my heart in two

Tryin' to save a part of you

Don't wanna feel another touch

Don't wanna start another fire

Don't wanna know another kiss

No other name falling off my lips

Don't wanna give my heart away, to another stranger

Or let another day begin

Won't even let the sunlight in

No I'll never love again, I'll never love again"

The song made my heart suddenly ache for someone. Am I really ready to open my heart to someone else? I look outside the car window lost in my thoughts. I really miss Liam. I still hope that we cross our paths again one day.

We arrived to my studio one hour ago and now I am looking myself on the mirror, I got a very light make-up with a brown smokey eye shadows and highlighter. The black dress I chose to wear for this party fits me perfectly.

"You look stunning sweetheart. Are you ready?" Margaret said to me.

"Thank you, I'm ready." I answered her with a sweet smile. She also looks absolutely gorgeous and Janna too with their outfits and make-ups.

Now we were all ready to go to the party. As our car stopped in front of the building of the Collins my heart starts to beat faster. I am not even sure what was the reason why I suddenly felt goosebumps. There were lots of paparazzi and reporters waiting outside the building. The president, Jayden Collins has arrived 5 minutes earlier than us. We went inside the building and Adi's assistant approached us with a wide smile on her face, telling us to wait for a moment before we enter the hall, standing in front of a large two doors I could hear the vice president Adriana Scott speaking loud on a microphone.

"A pleasant evening everyone and thank you for being with us here today. I am very honored to introduce to you the new ambassador of our Cosmo Magazine. Ladies and gentlemen let us all welcome the runways hottest property, the one and only supermodel of NYC and our pride Ms. Gianna Moretti." Adi said almost screaming on the microphone and I am so flattered by the way she introduced me.

The huge double doors opened and I entered followed by Janna and Margaret, I walked in giving them all a proud smile the people were all in standing ovation, clapping their hands, there were some people meeting me on the way shaking our hands and giving me a hug, taking some pictures with me. Margaret was able to introduce them to me and they were all some important people of the company, then Adi suddenly approached me, we kissed and hugged. She led me the way to where the president himself is waiting.

"I will introduce you to Jayden." Adi said holding my wrist. I looked to where Janna and Margaret she was occupied talking to some people and Janna? I couldn't see where she is, I was busy gazing I didn't notice that we were already in front of the table where Jayden was sitting looking at me intensely. We locked eyes, I didn't know why my body react so much for him my heart started thumping again like it's going to explode anytime, this guy is more attractive in personal, he has this authoritative air, there was something in me that keeps on pulling to him, like a magnet then Adi hummed and said.

"So are you guys going to stare at each other the whole night?" I looked at Adi and she was smiling like she had caught us in a strange and awkward situation. Jayden suddenly stood up from his seat still eyes not leaving mine. He extended his hand on me saying "Nice to meet you Ms. Moretti." I reached to him and we shook hands.

"Nice to meet you too Mr. Collins." He chuckled and said.

"Oh please just call me Jayden."

"Then call me Gia." We chuckled and I think we both trying to break the tension between us.

“Okay Mr. CEO I will leave Gia with you.” Adi said to Jayden and winked. She motioned to me.

“I’ll be right back Gia, don’t worry he doesn’t bite.” She said to me with a sly grinned and I saw Jayden smirked and shook his head. Adi gave him one last stare like sending him a message to behave in front of me or whatever before she left us.

When I looked up I saw him staring at me like he’s ready to eat his prey. There was something familiar in him I couldn’t explain.

“Would you like something to drink?” He said to me with a soft tone.

“Sure.” I answered him and he led me the way to where a portable bar was set up inside the event hall.

“I’ll have a vodka please and for this beautiful lady?” He motioned to me.

“I’ll have margarita please.” Saying to the bartender with a sweet smile. I could sense Jayden was looking at me. I am trying to be cool but deep down in me I am super nervous. The bartender handed us our drinks. I smiled and took a sip of my margarita. Then I looked at him only to find out that he’s still looking at me while sipping on his glass of vodka.

“Do you really stare like that with other people?” I sarcastically asked him with smirked on my face. He chuckled and finished his drink with one more gulf and face me like face me very closely. If I tend to move an inch we would kiss. Then he answered me.

“No,” He moved his head to whisper in my ear. “Do you want to know my secret?” His breath in my ear sent shivers down my spine. I moved a little to looked at him and gave him a curious look. He smiled widely showing his pearly white teeth. I raised an eyebrow and asked him.

“What’s your secret then?” He looked at me with longing in his eyes and then again he leaned down to whisper his answer on my ear.

“That, I’ve never wanted anyone as much as I wanted you.” He said in a low voice that rippled through all the parts of me. I was a bit shocked with that confession, I didn’t know this man, is he playing with me? How could he tell me something like that when this was our first meeting? Is he flirting with me? But I admit his confession made me crazy like trying to believed him almost because how else could I explain how he made me feel? This static electricity of our skin when we touch, and by simply looking on his eyes feels like the same feeling I had six years ago. I am so fucking lost again but I tried to keep my cool. If he wanted a game then I’m in. Without expression on my face and without hesitation I asked him straight on his dashing eyes.

“Do you have a girlfriend? Perhaps a fiance?”

“If I say no, would you kiss me?” He said with a sly grinned. Jeez this guy is such a flirt.

“I’m being serious Jayden,”

“Well me too.” he said with an arch brow.

“So you’re telling me you don’t have a girlfriend nor fiance?”

“Yes, for now, because soon I’ll have you.” I laughed on his statement. Atleast I would not worry about the bet with Zac, I could flirt with this guy anytime I want. Then I remember what he just told me. He said that I will become his.

“How come you’re so confident and eager to have me Mr. Collins?” I asked teasing him.

He smiled and said. “Because you are always mine Gianna.” I felt goosebumps with his words. I was about to say something when Adi came and said to me excitedly.

“Gia I have a surprise for you.” She giggled and motioned her eyes on the stage I followed her gazed when the host suddenly talked with a microphone.

“To offer a beautiful song to our beloved Ms. Gianna Moretti, I am very pleased to introduce to you our guest for tonight. Let us all give a round of applause to the Raven Band!!!!!” Then a curtain from behind opened and there Michael and his band mates ready to rock the stage. “What the heck!” All I could muttered to myself. Michael dedicated the first song for me, he was singing a beautiful song that I believed he composed only for me. He was staring at me while he was singing and Adi was like a kid giggling beside me. Michael was also every women’s dream, his voice, especially when he started to sing made every girls, every women fall inlove with him, he’s very talented in music no wonder he’s so popular and lots of followers. As you know I love music too, I can also sing, that is why I like Michael and his band. I looked on Jayden he was drinking on his glass and I could see a sudden change in his mood.

With this two men in front of me, I think I could easily choose which of them I wanted to try to hook-up on. "Seriously Gia? Hook-up? Really?"

After singing 3 songs Michael went down the stage and walked towards me. It wasn’t our first meeting so basically I was not feeling nervous just normal like meeting a friend. I stood up from my seat and meet him, we hugged and he kissed my hand.

“You’re beautiful as always.” He growled at me.

“Thank you for being here and I truly appreciate the song.” I said to him smiling and I could sense someone was staring at us blankly.

“I’m glad you like it.” Michael said.

“Oh, this is Adriana Scott the vice president and there is the president Jayden Collins.” Michael extends his hands to both bosses, at first I thought Jayden would not extend his hand but after a while he also reached his hand to Michael just like Adrianna. Why this situation became awkward? Michael motioned to me again.

“Do you have any plans after this?” He asked me, I was about to answer him when Jayden interrupted us by holding my hand.

“Oh I’m sorry to say but Gia and I have plans after this, infact we are leaving now, so please excuse us.” Jayden said holding my hand tightly and we stormed out the event hall just like that. Leaving everyone stunned and puzzled.

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