His Secrecy

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Chapter 7


The moment the double doors opened my eyes landed on the most beautiful girl, she walked inside the hall like what she always do in the catwalk. She looks super hot in her black backless dress and I am very much certain that all men in this room were all drooling and looking on her stunningly gorgeous face and body. My barbie surely gets all the attention in the world.

Part of me hates it because I knew all men were tracing every inch of her body especially when she’s in a runway wearing only lingerie. Every men were trying to get her in their own ways like what this Michael was doing right at this moment, singing his composed song for my barbie. I dragged Adi on the other side where she could hear me clearly because all the people here were screaming Michael’s name. He’s singing a song dedicated to Gia.

“What the hell is Michael and his minions doing here Adi?” I said with a serious tone.

“What’s your problem Jay? Of course they're here to perform!!!” Adi irritatingly said to my face.

“I mean why not Jonas Brothers? Arianna Grande? we can even pay Beyonce, why them??”

“Jay I know our company can invite a guest even the most paid singer in the world but what can I do? Michael offered himself for free, that’s because of Gia, isn’t that sweet?” she added and I rolled my eyes, looking on the direction of my barbie. She was focus on watching the band. I went to the bar side and asked for another glass of vodka.

When they were done performing I saw Michael approaching my barbie, I immediately finished my drink and walked towards her table. I saw them both hugged and that Michael kissed my barbie’s hand she introduced me and Adi to him and we shook hands. He asked Gia if what’s her plan after this party, so I took the chance to interrupt them, my barbie was about to answer him but I grabbed her hand and looked on Michael and said.

“Oh I’m sorry to say but Gia and I have plans after this, infact we are leaving now, so please excuse us.” I hold Gia's hand tightly and we head out the building. Leaving all the people inside stunned and puzzled, then I saw Gia's manager blocking her bodyguards from following us and I smirked.

I almost dragged Gia to the parking lot where my car was parked and when we reached my car she abruptly removed her hand from my grip. She looked at me with a question in her eyes as if puzzled by the things that is happening so sudden.

"What are you doing Jayden?" she asked curiously.

"Relax barbie." I answered her opening my car door for her.

"Get in" I told her smiling. She did not move an inch instead facing me with her arms crossed on her chest and questioned me.

"What are you planning? And where are you taking me Mr. Collins?" she asked and I chuckled. I did not answer her rather I grabbed both of her shoulders and helped her hopped in the car.

"Jayden!!!" she continue muttering.

I went to the driver's seat and looked on her frowned face and smiled at her. I hold her hand I could see her cheeks were getting red.

"Barbie, relax, I'm not gonna hurt you." She looked on our holding hands before gazing on my face.

"Why are you calling me barbie?" she asked me with an innocent look.

"Simply because you are my doll." I replied to her.

"A doll?" she said almost screaming. "I am not a toy! and is that how you see me?" she added with an arched brow.

"That's not what I meant and it's not what you think okay?"

"Look Mr. Collins, I am not the kind of girl you think I am, so I suggest........" I did not let her finish what she was about to say because I crashed my lips to her.


I am saying something when he kissed my lips, feels like my world stopped all of a sudden like I couldn't do anything. I wanted to get out of his arms and his presumptuous lips but part of my brain says that I like what he was doing to me. His lips to mine kept on sending electricity all over my body. Then I found myself replying to his kisses, our tongue battles, his hand tracing my bare back making me shudder. It was six years ago when Liam first kissed me and I feel like I am kissing the same person and that thought made me wanted him more.

We were both panting when we broke the kiss. I could feel my blushed cheeks and I couldn't look at him I was overwhelmed with what just happened to us. He kissed me, Jayden Collins kissed me.

"You're so cute when you blushed." he said as if he was teasing me. Then he started the car's engine, we were both quiet the whole journey and I realized that we were heading to the direction of my penthouse building. I was looking outside the car's window when he spoke to me.

"Barbie are you free for dinner tomorrow?" he asked while his eyes focus on the road, a moment of silence before I answered him.

"Are you asking me to go out with you like a date?" I responded him still looking outside the window. I didn't want to see his reaction and I am trying to keep myself out in an awkward situation, trying to be cool.

"Big yes my barbie." I looked on him only to find a cocky smile on his face. So he's really asking me for a date, is he really serious? We arrived in front my building, Jayden got out of the car and he opened the car door for me, unaware that he already given his car key for the valet parking. We got inside the building and the people were all looking at us some employees were bowing and greeting us a good evening I smiled at them and looked at Jayden with no single expression on his face he led me to the elevator with a hand on my back, Jayden pressed the button of the highest floor, 29th floor of my penthouse suite. Is this guy one of my stalkers? How does he know where I lived? and what else does he know about me? Do I need to start to worry? But why didn't I even feel frightened with this guy? and it seemed like it was the opposite of what I am feeling when I am with him? why do I feel safe? not even a single panic over him.

The elevator dings and the metal doors opened we got out and he hold my hand walking to my unit. We stood in front of my door for a moment and he finally spoke to me.

"I'm waiting for your answer barbie. Are you free for tomorrow's dinner?"

I looked up to him and said, "I actually have lots of questions to ask you Mr. Collins." He chuckled,

"Oh I think it's going to be a long conversation. So how about I invite you for a coffee now?" He said winking an eye on me.

"We can continue in my suite." He added and pointing his finger in the other door in that floor, following his gazed I muttered myself. "What the heck!!!! He is my neighbor, the fucking owner of this whole building." I was a bit confused now, more queries were coming on my mind and I really wanted answers from him, so his invitation for a coffee wasn't a bad idea I guess.

"Okay! Let me get change, I'll be at your door in 15 minutes." I said looking on my watch and it was not that really late at night it's only 9 PM. He smiled at me, that smile is making me melt, he's really handsome. I tried to hide my giggle so I turned my back on him and pressed the key to unlocked my door.

"See you later barbie."

One more glanced at him. "Alright, see yah." then I entered my room. I immediately went to my walk-in closet and looked for some clothes, I am suddenly feeling disconcerted, I didn't know what to wear, choosing what to wear was never a big deal for me, why do I want to look presentable in front of him? I went to my bathroom and washed my face removed my make-up and tied my hair into a messy bun, I wore a black oversized button front shirt dress and my LV slides. Before I went out, I texted Margaret to not worry about me and that I am already in my penthouse.

I am in front of his door when he opened it, his beautiful smile welcomed me, I entered and I was amazed by the interior design of his suite, all in black and gray, all furniture matches the color of the ceiling, wall and the floor. Very much like him so magnificent. I have this feeling that I think I have known Jayden for a long time, I didn't know where was this coming from, I am still confused with what's going on between us, things between us seemed like rapidly happened so sudden.

I was busy roaming in his penthouse suite when he handed me a cup of coffee, I sat down on his massive leather sofa and he sat down next to mine, my calm body started to stiffen. My body was reacting too much when he's around me most especially when he's near me. Now that he's wearing casuals, white shirt and black jogger pants. He's so hot, you could see his broad shoulders and chest and his muscles on his fitted shirt. "Get to your senses Gia." I groaned myself.

"Your house is beautiful." I said to calm myself from nervousness.

"You are beautiful." He said to me winking and sipping his coffee, fuck this guy he's so cute and such a flirt. I could feel my hot cheeks.

"Oh, I get used to it." I replied teasing him and he laughed.

I sipped on my cup and put down on the center table and face him. Ready to ask him all my questions. He was looking at me like he was teasing or rather seducing me.

"I don't know but, I have this feeling that you've already known me for a long time, are you a stalker?" I said with a serious tone.

"I mean, your a vogue indeed, but frankly, I don't even know you." I added focusing on his tantalizing eyes.

"What if I am? Are you afraid of me?" He responded and flashed a bright flirty smile.

I raised an eyebrow and muttered, "Do I look like I'm scared of you?" He move a little closer to me. I tried to quiet my pounding heart. He looked deep into my eyes and seemed time stopped. He caressed my cheeks with his hands and ran his thumb over my face. With a little distance I could smell him, his smell was familiar. His musk was sweet and powerful, it warms me.

"Barbie, you can trust me." A sly grinned, playing at the corner of his mouth. "I swear." He added and kissed me on my forehead.

"Why do you wanna date me?"

"Because I want you to know me better." He murmured.

"So you know me better?" I questioned him, I am so fascinated with this man, as if he has a secret hiding from me. I am getting more curious, and the more I learned about him the more I wanted to know so much. He's making me wanting him more and more, and I will definitely do everything to get into his deepest secrets.

He leaned into my ear and whispered. "You don't have idea barbie, I'm dying to be close to you for a long time."

Despite of what he was doing to me losing my sanity sending more electricity down my spine, I still manage to ask him a question. "And why is that?"

"Because you were born to be mine." He whispered in my ear, sending jolts in my body making me tremble.

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