His Secrecy

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Chapter 8

I was like a fool lying on the bed looking on the ceiling of my bedroom, I couldn't sleep, I am thinking of him, we smooched in his sofa and I ended up agreeing to have dinner with him. It's been 2 hours ago when I left Jayden's penthouse and I felt like I am missing him already, knowing that he was just a step away from me. He's not leaving my mind, his handsome face and the things we did earlier kept on coming back, his lips on mine, his soft lips, his playful tongue in my mouth. I like the way he looked at me with admiration, that gorgeous tantalizing eyes. I feel safe with his muscular body. I think I am falling for him for the first time, no it's the second time I fell for a guy in our first meeting and it's happening again.

I looked on my phone, I had 27 missed calls and 10 messages from Zac. Candice and Janna also sent me some texts but I didn't receive any messages from my manager, she didn't even reply back to my messages. She didn't seem worried about me, feels like she's comfortable that I am with Jayden. Sometimes, I do not understand her behavior, as a strict manager, she always interferes whenever there were men involve around me. But with Jayden? Seemed like she has nothing to say, or is she really changing this time like giving me more freedom? ughh I wish. I cuddled my pillow and close my eyes trying to get a good sleep.

I woke up with the smell of brewed coffee, I am sure Janna and the maid were already preparing breakfast. It’s going to be a good day for sure and that pleases me, my phone rang, and it’s unknown number, I didn’t remember I exchange numbers with Jayden, but part of me got excited so I immediately answer my phone.


“Hi Gia!” A different voice coming from the other line.

“Did I wake you up?” He added. I was surprised and tried to hide disappointment, he wasn’t Jayden.

“Oh Hi! I just.... got off the bed.”

“I see, um, I just wana make sure you’re alright, after what happened last night.”

“Ow... I’m sorry about last night Michael. But I’m totally fine, thanks.”

“Good to hear, I just got worried you know, umm....” I could hear him chuckled then he added saying.

“Umm, are you and Jayden have a thing? Is he your boyfriend now?” I was suddenly stunned, I didn’t know how or what to say to him. I also thought, why am I feeling worried? I didn’t know what kind of relationship I have with Jayden after last night. Michael is a good guy and I don’t want him to get hurt but I don’t want him to expect more from me other than friendship.

“He’s not my boyfriend.” My answered and I could hear him sighed on the other line.

“Gia, you know I’m dying to get your attention for so long, I hope you’ll grant my invitation this time?” He said with a low and pleading voice. My heart starts beating faster. I think I already knew what he wanted.

“I’d like to invite you for a dinner Gia.” I knew it. Michael has been asking me to go out but I always reject him, but with Jayden I didn’t even think twice. I’m being unfair, am I?

“Alright, we can go out tomorrow, are you free?” I told him. “I mean I can’t today, so how about tomorrow is that okay?”

“Are you serious? I’m totally okay whenever you’re available.” He said excitingly.

“Okay, so see you tomorrow?” I muttered him.

“You made my day love, I’ll pick you at 7 PM tomorrow.” He joyously answered me as if he won a lottery.

“No problem Mike, see you tomorrow bye.” I responded and he also said goodbye. I dropped off the call and lay down on the bed again. Thinking of what will happen, later today I will have dinner with Jayden and tomorrow dinner with Michael with that thought I abruptly sat down on the bed what the heck just happened? I let out an exasperated sigh as I run a hand through my messy hair. I heard a knock and Janna poke her head on my door.

“Can I come in?” Janna murmured with a cheeky grin on her face. I just nodded and walked towards my bed.

“So what happened?”

“Jayden and Michael ask me to go out with them. Today with Jayden, tomorrow with Michael.”

“What? You’re so in demand girl!” Janna said with cordial smile replacing the smug one from before. “I’m glad you accepted Michael’s invitation too, knowing that he’s been asking you many times.” She added.

“I know.” I sighed heavily.

“Well, that’s fair enough. Let’s go! breakfast is ready.” We both stroll out of my bedroom.

After eating heavy breakfast Janna laid out my schedules for today, photoshoot for the Cosmo magazine cover. I went to my office room and opened my laptop, when Zac and Candice strolled in.

“Care to share?” Zac said with a raised eyebrow and arms folded on his chest.

“We’ve been calling and texting you girl, but you’re not answering us. What happened?” Candice said sitting on the couch.

“Why are you here?” I lazily asked them with a tired tone and no expression.

“That’s exactly why we’re here, look at your face sweetheart, you didn’t get enough sleep. Did you?” Zac pointing his finger on my face. “Janna called me earlier and it seemed that she was right, you’re like a zombie.” Gosh I looked myself on the mirror, do I have eyebags? I have a photoshoot later.

“Gia girl, what happened with Jayden? Did he not let you sleep?” Candice said and a crooked smile dancing on her lips.

“Nothing happened okay. I was just overwhelmed.”

“Nothing happened? Okay?? But why are you acting like that?” Zac said and I’m sure he could sensed something. Since I couldn’t escape from all of their interrogations better to spill them.

“I think I need your help guys.” I looked at them seriously and sat straight on my chair. Zac sat down next to Candice.

“Alright babe we’re all ears.” Zac groaned and placed a hand under his chin. Candice gesture attentively on her seat.

“Well Jayden and Michael ask me out and I both said yes to them.” The two looked shocked and Candice put a hand to cover her mouth from screaming.

“That’s actually not surprising, but what surprises me is that what made you say yes to Michael? I mean he’s been asking you for quite awhile.” Zac said widening his eyes.

“And with Jayden? That’s too fast sweetheart I think I’m losing our bet.” He chuckled. Not worrying that he might lose one of his favorite property to me.

“Well something happened last night and I think I left Michael hanging, I kinda felt guilty so...” Candice suddenly cut me off and continue what I was about to say.

“So? You felt guilty that’s why you’re goin on a date with him?”

“Michael is a good guy, beside I also want to apologize to him for what happened.” I added shrugging my shoulders.

“And what exactly happened last night Gia?” Zac asked.

I cleared my throat, “Everything happened so fast, I was talking to Michael when Jayden suddenly dragged me out of the venue. He brought me home, then he invited me for a coffee since he happens to be my neighbor and...” I did not finish what I was about to say because both them were shouting on me.

“What???!!!” They both screamed not even bothering their super loud voice because they were aware that the whole building was a sound proof.

“Neighbor? Seriously? Zac with a shocked face and eyebrows furrow.

“You heard me right. And not to mention, he’s the owner of this building too.” I added with a blank expression. The two gossipers simultaneously sit down my couch.

“Now I know why you’re acting weird Gia girl.” Candice muttered.

“You have to help me guys, I have dinner date with Jayden later, and tomorrow with Michael.”

“And look at you? You’re like a zombie, I think you need to rest first you look tired babe.” Zac groaned with worried voice.

“I’ve never seen you stress like this Gia girl, what these men did to you?” Candice added with a radiant grinned on her face. They both looked at each other. I let out a heavy sighed when Janna came in the room.

“Did you guys figure it out?” Janna muttered and they all laughed. Janna gazed was on me. “Reminding you for your photoshoot today. You still have time to rest Gia, they move the schedule from 2PM to 4.”

“Oh that’s good news sweetie, alright then we’ll give you time to nap hottie.” Zac said and motioned everyone to go out my room.

“Bye Gia girl.” Candice wave a hand. I smiled at them and watched all of them disappeared. I was locked up inside my office room in absolute panic at the prospect of having an actual date with a guy as perfect as Jayden Collins. I’ve never dated my entire life and I’m totally rusty.

After a two hour siesta I think I’ve gained a bit energy than when I woke up this morning. I got ready for the photoshoot, I met Margaret and Adi on the set and it all went well, it was so nice to work with new people, they were all amazing. Then I went home after all the schedules laid on me for today.

That night, I was staring at my wardrobe, thinking what to wear, trying all the clothes that hanged on my open massive cabinet. I want to look glamorous but not too much. Looking on the stack of clothes I finally decided to wear the Bardot off-shoulder peach dress with my Jimmy Choo suede heels. I just put a light make-up and sprayed my fave mist. I went down and received a message on my phone.

Unknown: “Hi barbie, I’ll be waiting for you down in the parking.”

That’s so ungentleman of him. Why didn’t he just wait for me since I’m like a step away. Then another text pings my phone.

Unknown: I’m sorry barbie, I don’t want people to see us together since it’s going to be an issue for sure and I want a peaceful date with you.”

Wow! He’s really worried now? But he wasn’t yesterday when he dragged me all the way here. But anyway he still has the point. I grabbed my purse and hopped in the elevator. When I reached the basement parking lot, I saw him leaning on his car looking dashing with his outfit. He eyes twinkle as he meet my gaze followed by a radiant smile.

“Your so beautiful barbie.” He said opening the car door for me.

“You look beautiful too.” I groaned looking him on the eye. When we both settled in the car I manage to ask him.

“So, where are we going?” He looked at me starting the engine and answered.

“Somewhere we can be alone.” He said igniting the engine and drove fast in an instant.

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