Her Alpha Mate

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Every year, all the packs from the North and South territories come together to reestablish their . This year, it was going to be held in the Night Moon pack. As the daughter of a fellow Alpha and next in line, it is Ruby's duty to be present at the meeting. What happens when she finds her mate who is also not at all trilled to meet her but doesn't want to let her go?

Romance / Drama
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Cracks In Trees

Ruby's pov.

I grunted as I slammed my foot into Flint's chest, sending him flying backwards and slamming into a tree, hard. I cringed at the sound and watched as he dropped to the forest floor in a panting mess.

I adjusted my ponytail as it had come loose during our fight. I walked towards him and stretched my hand for him to grasp as i pulled him off the floor. "Sorry, I'm just really stressed out. " He looked at me raising an eyebrow, "that doesn't mean you should take it out on me". I winced.

I realize that there was a crack in the tree. I robbed my hand over my face and growled." Maybe a run will take the edge off". He still offered kindly. But i suppose he has to, considering the scary Alpha vibe I give off. So he said.

I looked into his warm brown eyes and taught of chocolate chip cookies which made my stomach growl. He was so understanding. Well he had to be since he was my best friend. Now I feel bad for injuring him. "Yeah... thanks for understanding."

Immediately those words left my lips, i broke out into a full sprint, going deeper into the woods, away from other fighting wolves. I stepped behind a big tree and remove all my clothes and folded it into a neat pile by the foot of the tree. I didn't exactly like walking around the pack naked. I shifted into my white wolf and ran deeper into the forest. My wolf, Raine, wanted to hunt so i just left her to it.

She sniffed the air and crouched low, ready to attack the innocent rabbit coming our way. There was a deer a few hundred meters away but i had no time. I had to pack and rest before tomorrow's trip. I listened to the heartbeat of the rabbit a few feet away from me and Raine planed to make her presence known now.

Raine hadn't spoken to me throughout our hunt. She jumped out of her hiding place, startling the poor rabbit. She bared her teeth at the animal then sunk her fangs into its tender flesh. A satisfied growl rippled through her as the coppery substance touched her tongue.

After eating, she ran towards a nearby stream and took a drink. After her thirst had been quenched, we hurried back to the tree and shifted back. Then I put on my clothes and started the short trek to the pack house.

Ever since my father, the Alpha,told me about our trip my wolf has been very restless. I'm guessing that we are going to meet our mate who is from another pack. But that would only mean that he was either an Alpha like me or a Beta, since alphas and betas are to be present at the meeting. Or he could be a normal wolf from the Night Moon pack.

I walked in through the back door of the pack house. I stopped by the fridge to pour myself a cup of milk because milk has always helped calm my nerves and put me to sleep when ever I had sleepless nights.

I hurried by the dining room before 'mom' could call out to me. I recently started avoiding all pack gatherings . I couldn't tell my dad that the reason I have been skipping breakfast, lunch and dinner for the past two weeks was because my ex-boyfriend had found his mate and it made me sad, angry and jealous everytime i saw them together. Now, imagine the three of us eating on the same table. I could easily snap her neck if i really wanted to and no one would be able to stop me but i would be severely punished by my dad. Killing a pack member without a fair trial is highly frowned upon. Daughter or not, the rules applies to everyone.

As I stepped into my room, I placed my drink on my dresser after taking a gulp from it then walked into my closet to get my black nike duffle bag. I started with my lingerie first, in case my bag somehow opened in front of other Alpha's, I didn't plan on flashing them anything considering the fact that I had a very soft spot for nice and expensive lingerie .

Then i picked two pairs of jeans, two biker shorts, three leggings, a few sports bra, a few shirts and my nike trainers.

I gulped down my remaining milk then put my phone on charge. I walked into my bathroom and took off my clothes and stood in front of the mirror. I looked at my scars, not battle scars but self inflicted scars which ran across my belly in fine lines.

"Come here, my brave princess" my mother would call as she ran after my 6 year old self. I would giggle and run faster, well... as fast as my tiny legs could carry me because I knew she was holding back for me. She always held back.... all for me. For my sake, and for the wellbeing of my little brother who no one knew existed until the day my father killed her.

I entered the shower and waited for the water to turn warm then stepped under the water watching it flow down the drain along with my tears . I washed all the dirt, soil and dried leaves from my hair, body and nails. I was still on the edge so i ran a bath for myself.

I opened the tap and ran a bubble bath for my self. When the water was three-quarter way filled, i sank into the tub and let the hot water soothe my aching muscles.

When the water was beginning to turn cold, I got out then dried myself off then wrapped the big fluffy towel around myself. I walked out of the bathroom and into the closet in search of clothes. I picked one of my mom's old top with a pair of shorts. I combed through my damp hair and left it to dry.

I climbed into bed after turning off the light, opening my window and set an alarm for 5am. I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep with a smile on my face and the taught of meeting my faceless and very nameless mate.


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