My Past With My Best friends brother

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Chapter Seven: Why'd You Leave

Its was 7:30 and me and Noah decided we would start to head to the entrance of where we were staying

I look Noah in his eyes and his locked on mine as well " is it too late to turn back" i waited for an answer

"Lucy is that you" i turned to see a mad who i could only guess was my father.

i heard a whisper in my ear "yea, i think so"

i turn to face Noah. i took his hand in mine


"Hunny, i've missed you and your mother"

"NEVER, call me that again. you lost your privilege to call me 'Hunny' went you left"

"i'm sorry"

"why'd you leave us"

"your mother was 17 when she got pregnant and i was fine until you turn two and then i released that i wasn't ready to look after you for the rest of my life. But your mother has done a wonderful job" he never broke eye contact. i was the first to break

"Have you replaces mum"

"i do have a wife. but i will always love your mother. tell her to text me when shes ready" as those words left his mouth. i whispered to Noah to tell dad about mum, tears rolled down both my cheeks and i ran untill i saw a afmiliar face of one of the boys at the pool earlier that day and without thinking i ran and hugged him as he hugged me back. e didnt say anything for a few minuets

"So...are you going to tell me why your like this, and i dont think i caught you name"

"i'm Lucy Ash"

"Caden King. so whats gotten you all upset"

"My dad" i hugged him again and sobbed into his chest holding him close to my body

"You too go in a argument then?" he asked as he held me back

"yea, I've gotten through 15 years without him however my mum only lasted a few months before she got tired and ended it all"

"im so sorry to hear that"

"Just hold me until Noah come"

"is that Noah" i looked behind me too see Noah looking at us just before he turned to look away and ran

"NOAH" i cried running after him. i tripped over and i saw Noah look back at me before he turned and ran again. i assume that what Caden saw as well because he looks in Noah direction watching him run away the Caden an towards me

"hey Lucy you alright?" i heard the concern in his voice

"..n..not an ambulance..please" i said in excruciating pain


we waited about half an hour for the ambulance to get here and Caden got in with me after letting his parents know where he'd be. it was about half 9 when we arrived at the hospital. i was taken to the emergency room for an X-ray. Caden was sent to the waiting room while i got X-rayed

"Anyone one here for Lucy ash" the nurse called out to Caden

"Yea, is she alright?"

"come this way, if you look where i'm pointing you can see she has a slight fracture in her right shoulder and has broke her right leg as well" she explained while pointing at my X-ray

"OK, thank you"

"ill leave you too alone" the nurse said

it was about quarter to 11 now and i only just got a call from Jenny


"obviously not there"

"cut the crap"

"i'm fine but i'm not coming back for a about a week we're here for another two and a half so it'll be fine"

i hung up the phone and looked back at Caden

"Thank you, you don't have to stay here any longer" i looked towards him

"I'm not leaving you here"

{1 week later}

today was the day i got let out of the hospital. Caden spent every night here. he went home every day to get himself clothes. i didn't need any because i had to use the Hospital gowns that were provided

"miss ash, you are free to leave. if you go to reception you just need to fill out a form for dispatch" the nurse explained as she put my right arm up in a new sling and gave me a few more so i can change it and told us they were washable so we didn't need many. she also passed me two crutches because i can support myself with one in my left hand for my weight and when my fracture gets better i can use the other for extra support

"thank you" Me and Caden both said

we walked to reception and Caden helped me fill out the forms and he called his mum to pick us up.

"hiya Cade and you must be Lucy" his mum said

"that's me. Anyway thank you for getting us and letting Caden satay there with me"

"That's fine sweetie"

we drove back and Caden walked me to my caravan. and knocked on it, jenny answered and stepped out the caravan then screamed at Caden for letting this happen to me

"Jenny, i wasn't him. it was my so called boyfriend over there"

"Don't blame what this pervert has done to you on my brother"

"i'm telling you the truth... i meant iwth my and i ran and asked Noah t..t..tell my dad about mum and i saw C..Caden and i ran up to h..h..him and h..h..hugged him b..because he was the first person i knew that i..i..i had seen and your b.. brother spotted me and he ran so i ran a...after him and fell and he looked at me and just left me t..there" i said between my cries

"you really are a two faced---"

"come on you BOTH need to calm down" Caden interrupted me

Cade was walking with me to the park a bit away from the caravan i was staying in and he gently put hi arm around me trying not to hurt me

"to believe i thought Noah cared about me" i cried into cadens shoulder

"he probably does. hes probably just hurt not that he rally has a reason to be"

we sat there for an hour before we walked back to where i was staying and he knocked on the door and Noah answered it this time and stepped outside

"What do you want" Noah asked

"You know i'm meant to be staying here, right?"

"Your were but then you left for a week"

"You think that was my choice, that i stay in the hospital, because trust me i didn't"

"Fine come in"

"Caden, thank you. Ill test you in a bit" i hugged him goodbye

i walked into the caravan and saw jenny crying to her mother

"Thought you were left with Caden" she walked up to me

"No i couldn't leave you, you've been my everything since i as so young"

"I'm sorry Lucy"

"its fine" i held out my good arm for her to come and hug me

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