My Past With My Best friends brother

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Chapter eight: Moving in

The next morning i woke up to Noah slightly shaking me.

"What" i said with a sleep voice

"We're going out it 11"

"ok, but just so we're clear, we are over"

"Why, i love you Lucy"

"You left me there, for another boy to call an ambulance to get me and he had to look after me because my so called Boyfriend just ran" My vision became blury. i hated every second of this argument with Noah but i cant forgive him, he saw me hurting and just ran off leaving me on the floor crying of pain to the point that a boy i had just met a few days ago had to help me and stay with me at the hospital. i hated Noah for that and i will hate for for a long time. he will have to eork so hard for my forgiveness

i got up and dressed in the bathroom into a black cropped top and some black denim shorts and white converse.

"So where are we off to"i put on a fake happy face and walked out to the car. i recived a message fom Noah

NOAH: Please listen to this. i never ment for you to get hurt and i didnt know that yu got hurt that badly that you needed the hospital or i would have helped. But i only ran because instead of waiting for me to talk to your dad you ran to another boy for help. I Love You Lucy

ME:Trust me i hear you, but i only went to him because he was the first person i came across and he was concerened for me. I love you too but i need time to think about it and did you really think k I was going to wait there for you to tell my dad that mum killed herself because of him.

NOAH: I’m sorry. Xx

5 weeks later. we were back in England. Me and Caden got close before i left so i had his number and said he could visit whenever he wants. Me and Noah made up and are dating again.
"Hey Baby" Noahs voice broke the silence in my head
"Hey!" i turned around to face him
"I missed you"he wrapped his arms around my waist which still gave me butterflies in my stomach
"i was only out of town for two days" i left to go and talk to a fashion design as it was the carier i wanted i wanted when i grew up.
“ still too long” he kissed me. "Anyway, glad you got back in time for tomorow" he said
"Yea wouldn't want my 18th birthday away from you and jen and tomorow im going to go and look at an apartment to stay at" i sa with a smile painted on my face "And, alone..." when i say that the smile slowly fades and he just nods
"If that's what you want" he said and we spent the whole day just watching netflix. and we fell asleep

the next morning i woke up at 10:45 to Jenny.
"Happy 18th hun." she shouted
"Thank you jen" i got up and hugged her. "At 12 i have to leave i have an hour to drive to an apartment that i want to stay at so ill arrive at about one, ill stay for an hour or two and ill drive back so ill be home by 4"
"Aww, my babys all grown up" she jokes around
"I have to go and get ready, tell Noah to as well and get yourself ready to. im buying breakfast" i say as i walk into my bathroom and get in the shower. i them apply some mascara and put on a black crop top and some grey sweatpants. i walk out and get the others in the car and we drive to our favourite cafe a ew minuets away. when we finish i pay and we leave and go back to their's. "Ok, its 11:45 and i need to change and sort myself out quick so ill see you in a few." i walk back to my room and decide i will wear. a white crop top with black denim jeans and some black heals making sure to bring trainers to drive in and i put my hair in a tight pony tail and put a bit of make up on. i say my goodbyes and leave the house. i drove for almost an hour before i arrived i rang the buzzer
"Who is it?" a femals voice says but she didnt seem to pleased
"Lucy" i stated. it took a few minuets before i got another respons
"Ok, im coming down" she buzzed opening the door and i stood in the hall.
"You better be important.My boyfriend made me come down here so he could sort himself out, thats why im letting you in. What d you want with my boyfriend anyway" she pointed oyut the my but she didnt seem to like me at all but we arrived at the room and she opened the door and walked in.
"You must be lucy" The boys said to which i just nodded "Well that’s nicole, I'm assuming you want to be shown around. so Nicole ill show her around heres 10 go get yourself something from down the road" he handed her some money
"Oh, yay" she said with a smile before she left the room.
"Ok, ill give you the tour and im your roomate Samual but you can call me sam" he says and i just nodded and he showd me around "Ok, ill leave you to think about it, oh and we have a great view" he pointed to the window
"I don't need to think about it. I absolutly love this apartment and this area. I'd love to live here if your alright with that"
"Yea im fine with that. so you can move in anytime from tomorow" he says
"I need to get out of the area that im living in and hopefully ill leave my boyfriend there to. i hate saying it cos he's alright but he treas my like a kid and he thinks i dont know about him cheating. so would i be able to move in tomorow"
"Yea, thats fine. ill sort your room out and see you tomorow" he says
"Bye" i leave and get in my car and arrive back at jenny. when i got in i ran up to jenny.
"Hey, do you want to see my apartment tomorow" i ask
"I'm also moving in tomorrow" as those words leave my mouth all the excitement left Jenny’s face and I was hit with a rush of anxiety.

i woke up at 11:15 and got in the shower and got into some black denim shorts and a black vest top that was tucked into my shorts and black vans. I went to Jenny’s room and woke her up it was 12:25 now and she was ready bye 1:45 and we got in my car. Noah was at an interview so he couldn’t come. Me and Jenny drove and I told her about my roommate. I buzzed in and Nicole answered the door again.
“Ugh, you again.”
“Umm..hi Nicole” I said
“Lucy, hi. Do you need help unpacking your car.” Samuel offered.
“That would be brilliant thanks” me, Jenny and Samuel unpacked my car while Nicole just watched. When we finished I introduced Jenny and Nicole left.
“Jenny you can stay tonight because Noah’s coming down in the morning and you can go back with him” she agreed and we went to bed.
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