My Past With My Best friends brother

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Lucy and Jenny have been best friend since forever but what will happen when Lucy goes away with Jenny’s family.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter one: Lucy I didn’t know

This chapter will be short but hopefully the next will be longer. And for sure more episodes will be so don’t worry about that. This episode may be boring but you get to learn the background of Lucy who’s the main character.

Hi I’m Lucy and my life’s kinda crazy. So it all started back on the last day of school when I met with Jenny and her brother Noah’s .

So it the graduation day. Me and Jenny were graduating this year. Noah had already graduated last year but he was there to support me and Jenny. Jenny was brave she could get on the stage and no care what anyone thought because she was really popular and the girl that every guy wanted and then there was me the shy girl that no guy actually wants. AND we had to walk up with our parents luckily for Jenny she has them. My dad had an affair with my mum when I was two, so my dad moved across the world and stopped talking to us, then my mum killed herself. I miss her more and more every day but I could care less about my dad anymore. I hate him and I always have, he’s the reason she’s gone and will never get to see the light of day again.

“You’ll be fine Lucy, I promise” Jenny said calmly

“That’s the thing—” I said before

“Jenny could you come up now” spoke our professor

“I won’t” I whimpered as she walked towards the stage

“I’ll be there on the front row” said Noah kindly

“—could you come up with me” I replied with hesitantly.

“Yea but what about your parent” Noah pointed out parents as he responded to me.

“Lucy, your up now” out proffesor said

“Please I’ll explain after” I had said to him in a rush

“Sure” He said with a grin on his face

I got up on stage, I thought deeply about what to say the night before and I stuttered before I could say anything
“ hi everyone, I’m Lucy obviously. I can’t thank certain people enough like Jenny and Noah . Even though Noah won’t understand why I mentioned him and Jenny instead of my mum and dad. I’ll explain it now... when I was two my dad was having and affair and stop all contact with me and my mum which drove her to kill herself... I didn’t exactly want to talk about that but Noah was asking why he had to walk me up and I guess it story of relevant. Me not knowing my dad and not having my mum anymore has drove me insane so I’ve found it incredibly hard to deal with and it’s hard focusing in school and so I had Jenny here to help me through all of it and and I have no family as my mum was disowned for being with my dad and getting pregnant before marriage so I have no family left which no one knows and I’ve been crashing at hotels and friends houses for years now which has made me want to study that much harder in school because it gets me away from the mess of a family I have.” I gave my speech and walked of of stage back towards Noah in tears
“Lucy I didn’t know” Noah said in a sincere voice
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